FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 28 April 2020

Predicting the Future: The 2020s

What do you predict the 2020s are gonna give us, as far as the world of media is concerned? You can discuss what you're expecting in regards to gaming, movies, music, etc. No political stuff please.

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FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 28 April 2020

Apr 28 2k20 Updates

I said I should probably make updates more frequently on the last update blog...

Hey everyone, I want to apologize for steadily becoming more and more inactive lately. Granted I'm still around plenty and check in every day, but things haven't been the best for me and it's been impacting how I use my time on the wiki. I'm not about to make a gorgeously huge blog like last time, so take a list instead for the updates:

  • I joined a new Discord server to make new friends and have new experiences outside of Fantendo, which I've found moderate success at doing so far. Now with two servers to focus on, my attention span on here has been (unintentionally) cut in half. I'll try to elevate this issue, but I can't really promise anything (for the followi…
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FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 24 March 2020

2020 Spring Showcase - Feedback

Hey everyone! As the official presentation dates of the 2020 Spring Showcase are over and done with, I'd like to ask from active participants what they liked about this particular showcase and/or what they didn't like about it. I'd also like to hear thoughts on when the next one should be hosted and whether they found working on their presentations to be fun or exhausting. I'm asking these questions so that I can use your feedback to make the next showcase.

If you weren't an active participant of this showcase but would still like to partake in the blog, feel free to leave feedback, especially if you cancelled your presentation or if you participated in showcases before.

Reminder: I did say that the official presentation dates are over with,…

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FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 14 March 2020

Reminder Blog: 2020 Spring Showcase

ATTENTION FOLLOWING USERS! If your name is among the following:

  • DoodleFox
  • IncarnateParanoia
  • Darth Phazon
  • El Guac
  • SharkLord1954
  • Erictom333
  • SaltyJohn5
  • Heronimbus
  • KirbiMiroir
  • TechnoTigzon
  • .peachfuz
  • TheWikiOddish
  • Dorothy Nightingale
  • Thepuddlecat
  • Homdertalia
  • Karate-Chan
  • Samtendo09
  • ViVyper
  • TheFazDude
  • ShadicMCGS
  • Coral0excess

IT'S TIME TO PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE SHOWCASE! You can find it here. If you're not on this list but you wanna sign up, head here and express interest.

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FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 6 March 2020

Current thoughts on the Nintendo Switch?

We're approximately three years into the Nintendo Switch's life cycle. What are your current thoughts on it? Like, what do you think of the hardware itself, what do you think of its controller, its library of games, and all that jazz.

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