In light of recent events that have happened, and to combat my own personal struggles, I have decided to step down from my status as bureaucrat on this wiki. Recently I've been too distressed and too frustrated to be of any real help lately towards the wiki and the administrative team and I don't think my contributions have been enough to let me maintain my role. While I will still remain on the wiki as an average user, I would like to focus on getting my mental health fixed and making my pains easier to swallow.

This is not an overreaction to today's big blog, just to make things clear. I have been wanting to step down for a while now and my inability to respond to that blog or help out whatsoever is the straw that broke the camel's back for me personally.

I would like this wiki to do the following things:

  • Please get your bandwagoning behavior under control for fuck's sake
  • Limit your aggressiveness especially towards newer users
  • Work on limiting sexual conversation/content whether on the wiki or on the Discord
    • No NSFW blogs!

For administrators:

  • Be readily available at least once a day if possible, also always check the Fantendo admin chat if you see a notification there
  • Watch your own behavior please and take notes from non-mods if you're doing or saying something stupid
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