FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 4 August 2020

It's About Time

It's about time that I leave Fantendo behind and pursue better things to do. I've accomplished everything that I've wanted to do since joining this wiki. It has been a long journey, one that helped me experience heaven and hell somehow simultaneously and one that's taught me many good things to remember forever and bad things that I'm still trying to unlearn. Here's a list of reasons why I'm leaving because I'm honestly too fucking tired at the moment (and probably won't be in the mood ever) to arrange everything into a professional and heartfelt essay:

  • Pursuing a career is what I should've been investing time into for a while now.
  • I'm 21 years old and feel like I should be hanging out with people closer to my age.
  • I'd like to write more matu…
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FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 28 July 2020

What've You Been Listening To? (Mid-2020 Edition)

Post whatever songs and artists you've been listening to lately, use this site if you use Spotify and want knowledge on what you've been listening to as of late. This is probably going to be the last time I make one of these blogs before I leave the wiki so go all out my friends whether it's standard music, video game music, a remix, a mashup, etc. Do not self-advertise with music you've made yourself

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FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 22 July 2020

The Free Response Game 2k20

What've I done...

The rules are that someone posts a noun (or proper noun) down below, maybe something that you think will garner attention. Then in the replies to that comment, people will respond with their opinions. Keep it clean everyone, so no NSFW posts (or related) and try to avoid sensitive topics. The point here is to have civil, but fun, interaction.

And yes, this is a sequel to Lumoshi's original free response game.


  • FuchsiaPanacea: Air conditioners.
    Way too loud for my liking.
    They're pretty COOL

To prevent spam, don't respond to things you have no opinion on. Try not to kickstart a bunch of threads in quick succession, either.

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FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 7 July 2020

Stepping down

In light of recent events that have happened, and to combat my own personal struggles, I have decided to step down from my status as bureaucrat on this wiki. Recently I've been too distressed and too frustrated to be of any real help lately towards the wiki and the administrative team and I don't think my contributions have been enough to let me maintain my role. While I will still remain on the wiki as an average user, I would like to focus on getting my mental health fixed and making my pains easier to swallow.

This is not an overreaction to today's big blog, just to make things clear. I have been wanting to step down for a while now and my inability to respond to that blog or help out whatsoever is the straw that broke the camel's back f…

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FuchsiaPanacea FuchsiaPanacea 21 June 2020

The One Criticism Blog

You know how all those constructive criticism blogs fall flat on their face? Here's another one, inspired by a blog that came out recently that everyone knew was immediately going to fall apart again.

Here's a different take on it though. All you have to do is give ONE CRITICISM, no matter how big or small, to the person that's commented. And if you have no criticism for them, tell them you don't have a problem with them. The criticism can range from their behavior to how they write their stories to stuff that bothers you generally. If the OP chooses to, they can respond to the criticism that gathers up whether they agree or disagree. Everyone should be as polite as possible. Do not give out more than ONE CRITICISM.

To prevent redundancy, if…

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