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    I'm making Pokémon games, right now I'm on halt in progress but that's just because I need gym leaders and stuff.  So, here's what you can sign up for:

    • One of the twelve gym leaders. :D
    • One of the Elite Four.  Two positions are already taken, however. All elite four positions taken.
    • The leader of the evil organization, or one of his/her cronies.
    • The first four gym leaders have three Pokémon. The next four gym leaders have four Pokémon. The final four have five Pokémon, and so do the Elite Four. When making your team bare this in mind.
    • Also, please choose some brand new Pokémon from the Pokédex, or at least reserve some spots. It's cool to show off new region Pokémon, you know?
    • Water and Poison are already taken as types!

    Ok we can start now ^^

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  • Fandraxono

    So uh some of you might be cursing me for disappearing during the weekend.  Want to know what I do?

    • I take a break from everything bad that's happening on Fantendo, if anything bad IS happening.
    • I play my video games, among them Pokémon Platinum and Pokémon Ruby.
    • I discuss plans with Indigo on whatever.
    • I watch Indigo play Roblox.
    • I sing tunes in my head and try to see if it's good enough for something.
    • I sometimes pet my guinea pigs and if no one has I sweep their...well.  Poop.
    • I try to get rid of my stress.

    Pointless pointless.

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  • Fandraxono

    Avatar Curse

    October 6, 2014 by Fandraxono

    I have a story to tell you guys.  Once upon a time, I was going to change my avatar.  Then the system glitched up and gave me an IP avatar, which I switched to the Yarn Kirby avatar because there was no other option.  Beware this curse, you might be a victim!

    Wikia is working on fixing it, though.

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  • Fandraxono

    25 Facts about Me

    October 5, 2014 by Fandraxono
    1. I have been to half of the United States and have lived on both coasts.
    2. I've been playing Sonic since I was 2 or 3, but have played Pokémon since I was 11. Yet, Pokémon is my favorite series.
    3. I have three brothers. One of them is Indigo Fusionbolt.
    4. I HAVE BROKEN A TOILET. That was when I was young, my OCD pretty much controlled me.
    5. I have OCD, autism, and learning disabilities.
    6. I have two guinea pigs, Elvis and Pecan.
    7. I don't really like the Legend of Zelda. I actually have played LoZ, but I never really liked it. Sorry folks!
    8. I have completed 7th and 8th grade in one year.
    9. Bread is my favorite food group. OF ALL TIME.
    10. My room has teddy bears. Some of them are Bowie, Ashe, and Samantha. They're actually three characters from the BowieQuest …
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  • Fandraxono

    The ear is healing, and I'm back for the most part.  So, what did I miss?

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