• Dyrandu

    Earthbound Beginnings

    June 14, 2015 by Dyrandu

    Also there's a new game that was revealed during the World Championships called Blastball, it's a 3 vs 3 shooter-esque game where you're aiming to knock a giant soccerball into a goal. It'll probably get a formal announcement later so whenever that happens I'll update this blog with that trailer.

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  • Dyrandu

    So I'm Making A Blog

    April 8, 2015 by Dyrandu

    And since I almost never make blogs, normally that means that it's something important that I have to say, right?


    nah I'm just a trend-following loser sorry to get your hopes up people

    Anyways comment or something and I will maybe possibly give some opinions of honesty on you because that has never been done before definitely?

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  • Dyrandu


    February 5, 2015 by Dyrandu


    Earlier today I noticed that my computer charger was starting to break near the tips... And now it's not even working at all anymore, so I'm gonna have to buy a new one. (My sister used to have a backup but nobody seems to know where it is, so...)

    Anyways I'd just thought I'd make this to say that I'm probably gonna be a lot less active on this site until we get a new charger, which hopefully shouldn't take too long.

    EDIT: Just ordered the new charger through Amazon. It should take just a few days to come in.

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  • Dyrandu

    Sketch Requests

    September 26, 2014 by Dyrandu

    Might as well follow what everyone else is doing; besides, it'd be a nice way to get back into digital art.

    Anyways, as you'd expect from a blog like this, I'm going to be taking art requests as well. And unlike the last time I did this, about half a year ago, I'll actually get these done on time. Speaking of half a year ago, if you guys requested for something back then I finally got them done!

    I managed to get these done at school :P I don't have access to the same programs at school that I do at home though, so you can expect my other sketches to be my normal style. Anyways, try to keep your requests nice and simple, and only 1 request per person (I might change the number later depending on my mood and how quick I get the drawi…

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  • Dyrandu

    Smash Leak Stream

    September 11, 2014 by Dyrandu

    Don't worry if you are avoiding spoilers! There's nothing new here that we didn't know about from the ESRB Leak.

    I talked a little bit about this on another blog, but I felt this warranted it's own discussion.

    With Smash 3DS coming out in just 2 to 3 days, some folks have gotten their hands on an early copy of the game, unlocking a bunch of characters we hadn't known about and essentially 200 percent confirming the leak (even though most have believed that from back when Shulk was confirmed). We get a look at new characters that are unlockable. While Lucina is unlockable (currently the only unlockable that has been officially revealed so far), we also get confirmation that Wario, Mr. Game and Watch, Dark Pit (who actually does use the Dark P…

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