aka Dry Bones, FireSalamence

  • I live in a volcano
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is dying of anger
  • I am a gay angry dragon
  • Drybones157

    Well as title says i finally returned after 6 rough months of absence, and this time it's for real, i can finally start making articles and drawing.

    Thank you all for your moral support! Oh yeah, I'm making a new account...

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  • Drybones157

    Requests closed!

    already got 20 requests

    hey guys!

    considering last time was a success and a failure at the same time, i decided to go ahead and reopen requests, sort that i'm making a monthly series thing where you know, you request me something and i'll draw it, hopefully computer doesn't crash this time

    and because everyone else is doing that i'm jumping into the bandwagon too

    rules are the same though i removed some so let's go ahead

    • No Backgrounds (The images must be simple and transparent, or the background could be a solid color if you'd like, but no backgrounds. I can do some small hazards, like a car or a house, but i am not experienced with trees, so an artwork is preferable.)
    • No porn, gore, any kind of fetishes (Again, do not get me wr…

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  • Drybones157

    Drawing Request Blog

    November 27, 2017 by Drybones157


    I'm sorry for suddenly cancelling requests out like this, my computer has been screwing me up lately and deleted most of my applications, including photoshop, in where i retouch the drawings. I am truly sorry for the inconveniences and i apologize to everyone who hasn't gotten their request drawn out yet, i'm still sorry.

    I hope i can compensate you on something :<

    Sorry, it's just that i got too many requests t odo, so i am closing them. However, don't worry, i still need to draw the pending ones i have left, thanks for your understanding :>

    As title says, i'm making a blog in where you request me something and i'll draw it.

    Basically, art requests are open for me, and i want to practice some more with drawing itself, and c…

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  • Drybones157

    Finally Back!

    November 18, 2017 by Drybones157

    Sorry for all the stuff i wrote on my last blog, but that i'm still sinking, i could still pace and float on the sea, and thanks to my strong hope and faith, i can finally return

    thank you so much, i've missed you so much :c

    also, for MegaExal, in my past blog it seems that you want to work on my Sonic Heroes 2 game, and i concede my permission to you, you can now work on it as i don't really have much plans for it, so good luck

    I'm very glad to see all of you guys again!

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  • Drybones157

    My leaving blog

    October 31, 2017 by Drybones157

    well during those 2 months of absence i'm p sure everyone forgot about me but here i am

    i'm in a horrible crisis, and i still can't afford internet so i'll stop going to the cyber internet, meaning you won't see me anymore.

    so, goodbye. those eight months that i spent my time here were amazing, thank you guys for that.

    see ya!

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