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    It's been a long while since I did a blog since I'm barely active but I decided to do another one because fun. A year and almost a month ago I did a drawing challenge blog where you draw your OC as the opposite gender .  A few people has expressed interest so I'm bringing it back! But wait... as I was typing this I suddenly thought why not add another challenge as well. Genderswap and Young OCs challenge are now in one blog! Those two were pretty fun and the results are just splendid! By having both of these challenges, I mean two separate challenges in one.

    Also when you submit your drawings, add them to the gallery in their respective challenge, please. Nothing against posting them in comments, just makes adding them into the gallery much…

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    Dear Fricks and frickers,

    I made a poll about what the next Draw OC Challenge should be and you guys picked Mario Party 2 costumes and then I made a poll about THAT.

    The poll was basically which land that you want your OC to start off on this grand adventure and by that I mean which costume from what land do you want to draw your character in. So  which land was voted the most? I'll tell you in this here challenge...

    Before that, I will mention that after the end of this month maybe, a new poll will be made continuing the MP2 costume thing. Anyway...

    The challenge:

    Draw your OCs if they visited...

    So incase you're wondering, wtf does Mario and his crew wear at Pirate Land? Here's the short answer in the form of an image:

    Of course your usual rul…

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  • Dr. Drebbles

    ...Or Genderswap or genderbent or whatever. 

    The challenge is basically:

    Draw your OCs if they were the opposite gender!

    Rules from the last blog are applied here:

    • No due date
    • Draw as many as you want. Go wild!!!
    • Have fun!

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  • Dr. Drebbles

    Inspired by ' drawing challenge blog, I thought I might as well do one myself. 

    What's the challenge you ask: 

    Draw your OC when then were younger!

    I'm talking when they were children, toddlers, or even infants. Post your drawing in the comments below. I will also try to do this challenge! There aren't any winners or losers, but I would love to see what you came up with. Have fun!

    EDIT: You can draw as many younger versions of your OCs as you want. GO WILD!

    EDIT: A gallery had been added for displaying the drawings of those who participated.

    EDIT: I have set up a poll.

    |'s Collection of Cubs}}

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  • Dr. Drebbles

    I can't believe I turn 18 on this day. I love y'all and uhh... I just love you guys alright. Also a birthday shout out to Shadow Inferno! I hope you have a great birthday Inferno and I hope y'all have a great day as well. :>

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