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  • I live in Melancholy Hill
  • I was born on November 15
  • My occupation is Art, writing, fanboying
  • I am HEHEHE
  • DoodleFox

    It Is My Birthday

    November 15, 2019 by DoodleFox

    its Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Game Boy Color's 17th birthday today can you believe it? me neither now go play your poker mom game or whatever

    fr it's my 17th bday and it hasn't fully started but i already know its the best. my pals have wished me happy birthdays and loved my presence; it made me feel like i belong! it was pretty neat

    i love this stupid hellhole website, see you in 9 days for my seventh wikiversary

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  • DoodleFox

    DoodleFox Direct: 9-1-2019

    September 2, 2019 by DoodleFox

    Welcome to the first-and-likely-last DoodleFox Direct, a blog I post sometimes that takes you through everything my plump ass is cooking up. Unlike other directs recently, these will focus on things I'm working both on and off-site, so the news won't be limited to Fantendo content that may or may not come out depending on my mood and brain at the time. You can't say I never made an article if I never gave you a release date; that's medium-brain thinking, baby, and that's the level we play on here!

    Now, let the show begin!

    Up first, a surprise project fully revealed! Let's see what's cookin'!

    " the edge of a universe, humming a tune..."

    "For merely dreaming we were snow..."

    Morrigan Aensland sits alone on top of a mountain, relaxed as …

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  • DoodleFox

    Source from Disney themselves.

    "'Acclaimed voice actor and Disney Legend Russi Taylor passed away in Glendale, California, on July 26, 2019. She was 75.

    Through countless effervescent performances, Russi always showed an incredible talent for entertaining and improvisation. While she brought to life an illustrious cast of beloved characters during a career that spanned nearly four decades, Russi is best known as the official voice of Minnie Mouse. She first assumed the role more than 30 years ago and has given voice to Minnie in hundreds of Disney projects—from television, to theme park experiences, animated shorts, and theatrical films—no performance was too tough for Russi’s accomplished take on the divine Miss Minnie Mouse.

    “Minnie Mouse l…

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  • DoodleFox

    Discuss who YOU, a Fantendo USER, would DESPISE if they were INCLUDED in NICKELDEON'S hit new MOBILE app game, Super Brawl UNIVERSE. I need my COMMENTS

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  • DoodleFox

    6th wikiversary

    November 24, 2018 by DoodleFox

    it's my sixth wikiversary. this account i'm on is only like...four years old but my time on the wiki as a whole has been six years of family. started as a gotdamn 10 year old who accidentally made a racist Sugar Rush character in his shitty Wreck-It-Ralph game and ended up making the most ambitious project i've ever done during my time on the wiki. it's been a really fun ride and i'm really glad i got to know some of the friends i've met in my time here, like exo, nimbus, pyro, athena, krex, and crunch

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