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Dk64rules Dk64rules 4 November 2018

I'm returning for a little bit + New Story

Hi! In case you don't know me, I have been a user here since 2009 and made a bunch of stuff, most of which you can find here, before leaving a few years ago to focus on college work and whatnot. As might be expected, I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and I'm super freakin hyped to get back into the community.

Contrary to the reasons I originally left, the reason I've decided to come back for a while is also because of college work. I realized recently, in going into planning my senior thesis project, that I don't really have an outlet with which to practice things like writing, story planning, receiving public feedback, etc., which I will need to make my thesis (I'm planning on developing a game) as best as it can be. That's when I originally consid…

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Dk64rules Dk64rules 10 January 2017

I made an actual game thing

hey friendos, it's been a while

so this past semester in my game design class at college, we had to put together a small individual project for the final. my project was received pretty well so I decided to complete the initial concept (basically I had to cut some smaller ideas to make the project deadline) and share it for free on

it's an Unreal Engine 4 game, and I honestly don't have a freaking clue on specs, it's not really optimized or anything, so sorry in advance if you find that you can't run it, but if you want to try it, you can download here:

I had a lot of fun learning UE4 and 3D modeling from pretty much zero prior experience. I hope to continue making more little projects like this…

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Dk64rules Dk64rules 12 July 2016

births for days

It's 's, 's, and my own birthday today!

This may be the wiki's most popular birthday-day, if I'm remembering correctly (Or at least it was until we all basically left)

Hooray I'm 19 fucking years old

Is it illegal for me to be on here yet

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Dk64rules Dk64rules 10 April 2016

Art Improvement Blog

Hey all! I'm in a transitional phase right now with developing The LXIV Saga for the future (including a possibility of writing an actual novel), and not-so-coincidentally, the characters' designs have been great for art practice. Also, I've learned so much about drawing and form and what-have-you over the past few months, so it just didn't seem right to not bring my very first original characters up to speed.

Anyway, here's a progression for Amy Cerato:

Of course, this blog isn't just for me. Post some art improvements of your own, if you've got 'em! It doesn't have to be a huge leap or anything; small successes are sometimes greater! I look forward to seeing them. :D

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Dk64rules Dk64rules 15 January 2016

Rewriting The LXIV Saga

If you began to read my newest story, The LXIV Saga, or were excited for it but never got around to looking at what came out already, or have no idea what it is but are already intrigued, or you just clicked on this blog and want me to get to the point, I have refined my idea for the story, and as such the chapters that did go up are going to be replaced, starting with the first one today.

I also did what I should have done in the first place and created an outline of the entire plot, so after this I don't think another major rewrite will be happening, which is good. Specifically in terms of changes in a broad sense, I added much more action-y scenes, several new supporting characters, and expanded upon symbolism and theming, but that stuff…

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