Been doing blogs lately to get some positive discussion about the Pokemon series, and this is my latest attempt; Obstagoon is one of the biggest things to happen to a Pokemon line since Gen 4, and it got me thinking about a bunch of Pokemon I would love to see get evolutions - if not Sword & Shield, then maybe in the future games of the series.

You can post yours down below if you want, just remember to be civil about it.

My Picks

Before you ask, no, I'm not picking Dunsparce.

  • Ekans/Arbok - As a conceptually perfect Poison-type, I hate to see Arbok get left so far behind in comparison to the rest of the bunch of really viable Poison-types that have gotten some kind of buff. The fake-leak Sword/Shield Pokedex that featured a bunch of new evolutions brought up one for Arbok called Napiat (backwards "taipan", a group of snakes native to Australia that are considered the most venomous in the world), and honestly, I like the sound of that. Imagine, a snake Pokemon (outside of Serperior) that's actually good: moves like Coil, Glare, and Intimidate/Shed Skin as its abilities (because why wouldn't they keep Arbok's two main abilities which are already pretty great?); that's an evolution that needs to happen, especially since out of all the Poison-types, Arbok's arguably the worst of the bunch.
  • Mantine - Now here's an underrated Pokemon that got its own sport in Generation 7, but never a battle buff of any kind. It's strange too - although its abilities are mediocre, it's not short on good moves, a great typing (Water/Flying is always great), a cute prevolution, but in the stat department, it's mediocre at best. I'd love to see Mantine get a future evolution if they ever touch on deep sea or open oceans again - maybe a Mantitan?
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