Character Biggest Fear Favorite Food Favorite Drink Favorite Candy Favorite Pizza Topping Favorite App Favorite Movie Favorite Video Games Favorite Board Games
Mario Being rejected by Peach Spaghetti Coke Gummi Pizza Mushrooms Facebook Wreck-It Ralph A Hat in Time Super Mario Level Up!
Donkey Kong King K. Rool Bananas Banana Smoothies Banana Laffy Taffy Banana Peppers Banana Kong Planet of the Apes Rampage Bananagrams
Link Cuccos Fried Chicken Sinks Rock Candy Pineapples Pokemon GO The Star Wars Of Animated Features: Princess Mononoke Skyrim Talisman
Samus Running out of battery Sushi Caramel Frappucino Jolly Ranchers Shellfish Modern Combat 5 Star Wars: A New Hope Halo 3 Space Cadets
Yoshi The police Fried Eggs V8 Splash Fruit Snacks Avocados Angry Birds The Good Dinosaur Lego Jurassic Park Apples to Apples
Kirby Never eating again Everything Tomato Juice All Candies Everything Crossy Road E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial Slime Rancher Candy Land
Fox Hunters Scrambled Eggs Eggnog Twix Egg Fox News Fantastic Mr. Fox Crash Bandicoot Outfoxed!
Pikachu Mimikyu Ketchup Icee Tootsie Roll Tomato Sauce Pokemon Quest Detective Pikachu Yo-Kai Watch Pokemon Master Trainer
Luigi Ghosts Tortellini Monster Energy Reese's Pieces Ghost Peppers Kik Ghostbusters Resident Evil 2 Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters!
Ness Shots Chicken Nuggets Capri Sun Baby Ruth Meatballs Hub G Mobile The Lego Movie Battlegrounds Connect 4
Captain Falcon Losing in a race Babyback Ribs Red Bull Jawbreakers Barbecue Sauce Jetpack Joyride Cars 3 Rocket League Battleship
Jigglypuff Losing her homemade slime Gummy Bears Strawberry Milk Gummy Bears Gummy Bears  Gacha Life Sing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Surprise Slides
Peach Blood Peaches Peach Tea Starbursts Peach Slices Instagram Pride and Prejudice Rhythm Heaven Say Anything
Daisy Losing in any sport Burgers Root Beer Root Beer Gummis Chorizo Snapchat Wonder Woman Dark Souls GloomHaven
Bowser Bowser Jr. using his credit card Steak Hot Chocolate Hotheads Pepperoni Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Godzilla God of War King of Tokyo
Ice Climbers The desert Happy Meals Ice Cold Water Ice Breakers Ice YouTube Kids Titanic Steep Ice Cool
Sheik Doing a face reveal Ramen Rock Star Rice Candy Shrimp Fruit Ninja Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Sushi Go!
Zelda Spiders Tea and Buscuits Milk Tea Jellybeans Alfredo Sauce Tik Tok Howl's Moving Castle Undertale Magic The Gathering
Dr. Mario Messing up on a surgery Apples Red Wine Caramel Apple Lollipop Broccoli Medical Dictionary Doctor Strange Surgeon Simulator Operation
Pichu Clowns Ketchup Packets Pepsi Fun Dip Cherry Tomatoes Word Story The Secret Life of Pets Garry's Mod Dixit
Falco Crashing in a plane Salmon Nectar Swedish Fish Salmon Twitter Alfred Hitchencock's The Birds Flight Simulator Planes
Marth Failing a math exam Kimchi Boba Hi-Chew Crayfish Fire Emblem Heroes Lord of the Rings Pokemon Sword and Shield Dominion
Lucina Losing her father Waffles Boba But Without The Boba Pocky Anchovies Wattpad Your Name Tomb Raider Risk
Young Link Losing in Fortnite Chicken Tenders Lon Lon Milk Butterfingers No Toppings Fortnite Avengers Fortnite Fortnite Monopoly
Ganondorf Getting scammed Pork Ribs Corona Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bits Akinator The Star Wars Saga Continues: The Empire Strikes Back Uncharted 3 Twilight Imperium
Mewtwo Being outsmarted Toast Cappuccino Smarties Smoked Guta Tetris Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Tetris Chess
Roy Losing Louina Curry Apple Cider Sour Patch Kids Tabasco Sauce Crunchyroll The Princess Bride Kingdom Hearts Carcassonne
Mr. Game & Watch Having his game unplugged Club Sandwiches Oil Licorice Black Olives Typoman Popeye Cuphead Telestrations
Meta Knight Having his mask taken off Tacos Tequila Pico Jalapenos Turbo VPN Coco Fire Emblem Awakening Uno
Pit Books Macaroni Milk Golden Oreos Mozzarella Google Hangouts Angels in the Outfield Pokemon White Scrabble
Dark Pit Not being considered cool Oreos Chocolate Milk Oreos Brie Hooked Chat Stories The Nightmare Before Christmas Pokemon Black Fact or Crap
Zero Suit Samus Getting her coffee served cold Energy Bars Caramel Frappucino Almond Joy Almonds Facebook Messenger Star Wars: A New Hope Alien Isolation Race for the Galaxy
Wario Losing all his money Garlic Bud Light Bean Boozled Garlic Lucky Day Shrek Payday 2 Monopoly
Snake Mongooses Snakes Vemon Gummy Snakes Snakes Mission: Impossible Snakes and Ladders
Ike Any length unit Lasagna Ale Mike and Ike Sausage Clash Of Clans Braveheart Monster Hunter Stratego
Pokemon Trainer Losing a Pokemon battle Jelly-Filled Donuts Fresh Water Rare Candy Rare Candy MyBoy GBA Emulator Pokemon: The First Movie Pokemon Snap Pokemon Card Game
Diddy Kong King K. Rool Baby Bananas Danimals Banana Hard Candy Banana Chips Temple Run King Kong Sniper Elite 3 My First Bananagrams
Lucas The dark French Fries Apple Juice Milk Duds Onions Geometry Dash Shazam! Super Mario Maker 2 Who is it?
Sonic Himself Chili Dogs Powerade Chaos Emeralds Chili Peppers Real Racing 3 Need for Speed Any Sonic Game Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Course
King Dedede Going on a diet Meat Dr. Pepper Any Taffy Turkey Doordash Heavyweights Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic Pie Face
Olimar Starvation Fruits Carrot Juice Candy Fruits Carrots Reddit The Secret World of Arrietty Little Nightmares Space Alert
Lucario Ninjas Curly Fries Green Tea Hershey's Kisses Parmesan Garfield Kart Kung Fu Panda Street Fighter 2 Onitama
R.O.B. Being robbed Electricity Battery Acid Pez Nuts and Bolts World Of Tanks Wall-E Portal Robo Rally
Toon Link Erasers Tater Tots Grandma's Soup Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Pesto Z Moji Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Oceanhorn Munchkin
Wolf Traps Sheep Blood Chocolate Crickets Goat Cheese Netflix Wolf Children Red Dead Redemption 2 One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Villager The FBI Pears Kool-Aid Dum-Dums The Soul Of The Innocent Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Jumanji Bloodborne Blood Rage
Megaman Computer viruses Circuits Lemonade Lemonheads Lemons Web Toon Back to the Future Xenoblade Chronicles Code Master
Wii Fit Trainer Calories Salad Green Tea Smoothie Mentos Rosemary Calorie Counter Any Documentary Film Wii Sports Any Educational Game
Rosalina Mice Starfruits Cranberry Juice Konpeito Rose Pedals Beauty Cam Guardians of the Galaxy Star Wars Battlefront 2 Star Realms
Little Mac Kittens Big Macs Egg Yolks Dubble Bubble Mac 'n' Cheese Home Workout Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Arms Jenga
Greninja Chefs Shrimp Pond Water Gummy Frogs Frog Legs Run Aquaman Any Naruto Fighting Game Takenoko
Mii Fighter The Boogeyman Cereal Tap Water Cereal With Sugar Added Cereal For All Stars The Emoji Movie Streetpass Mii Plaza The Game of Life
Palutena Scissors Yogurt Anything From Starbucks Godiva Gyro Meat Candy Crush Clash of the Titans Any Final Fantasy Game Santorini
Pac-Man Pizza cutters Yellow Orbs Round-Up Yellow Dots Blue Ghosts White Dots Pac-Man Pixels Pong Perfection
Robin Any fanfiction site Carrots Almond Milk

Valentine's Candy

Whitebait Amazon Kindle Harry Potter Rome: Total War Yu-Gi-Oh
Shulk Country music Onion Rings 7-Up Crunchie Honey Ham OkCupid Minions Fallout 4 Andriod Netrunner
Bowser Jr. Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Popcorn Chicken Mountain Dew Dots Ricotta Meme Generator Monsters, Inc. Mario Kart 8 Sorry
Duck Hunt Chocolate Roasted Duck Dirty Water From Bowls Peeps Duck Dog Town Lady and the Tramp Nintendogs Soggy Doggy
Ryu Heights Teriyaki Chicken Sake Hello Panda Rice 7-Minute Workout The Karate Kid Tekken 7 Tokaido
Cloud The Sun Cotton Candy Sunny D Cotton Candy Chocobo Slices SoundCloud The Matrix Doki Doki Literature Club Sea of Clouds
Corrin Shoes Dragonfruits Corn Juice Candy Corn Sweet Corn Blender How to Train Your Dragon 2 DragonQuest Dungeons and Dragons
Inkling Water Apple Slices Ink Gummy Sharks Squid Roblox The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Roblox Splat Attack!
Ridley Anime Other Smash Characters Cran-Grape Samus's Parents Eggplant Minecraft Alien Minecraft Legendary Encounters
Joker All the girls on Valentines Day Bento Coffee Valentine's Chocolate Coffee Jewel Thief The Dark Night Any Anime Dating Sim Love Letter
Simon Hell Beef Jerky Literally Any Beer Snickers Black Beans Holy Bible Gladiator Ghost 'n' Goblins One Night Ultimate Vampire


Doritos Peanut Butter Moo'd Smoothie Milky Way Black Beans Holy Bible Alvin and the Chipmunks Ghost 'n' Goblins One Night Ultimate Vampire
King K. Rool The dentist Diddy Kong Gatorade Gatorade Chews Artichoke Hearts Where's My Water Pirates of the Caribbean Sea of Thieves Jamaica
Isabelle Furries Dog Food Dirty Water From Bowls Twizzlers Bell Peppers Pet World: My Animal Hospital Zootopia Tomodachi Life The Dog Game
Inciniroar Dogs Cat Food Dirty Water From Bowls Kit-Kat Italian Sweet Peppers Talking Tom Garfield: The Movie UFC 3 Exploding Kittens
Piranha Plant Hedge clippers Mario Rain M&M's Basil Plants vs. Zombies Little Shop of Horrors Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Zen Garden
Dark Samus Germs Granola Bars Hand Sanitizer Mini Hand Sanitizer Disinfectant Wipes Space Shooter Galaxy Attack Aliens Dead Space Hedbanz
Chrom Slow wi-fi Roasted Bears Iced Tea Three Musketeers Orange Peels Google Chrome Finding Nemo Mount and Blade Warband The Sellers of Catan
Ken Dolls Pizza Heineken Ring Pops Chicken Masala Barbie Fashion Closet Frozen WWE 2K 18 Barbie Uno
Banjo and Kazooie A 50,000 piece jigsaw puzzle Puzzle Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles
Hero Being mistaken for a girl Slime Hero Realms

Where I Got Them From

Smash Characters and their favorite THINGS

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