Rich Asshole Entrepneur Andre Calypso Sr has poured his money into a cross planetary cultural exchange between Huxxabu and Earth. Gathering the best fighters from Earth and Huxxabu! With 3 Galvan Artefacts attached to the Galactic Trio Belts up for grabs, teams from across the galaxy have gathered to fight in the...


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Rules of Engagement

1. When signing up a team include a team name, names of the 3 members and a short bio of about 1 or 2 sentences. Just enough to get across why theyve teamed up, why they want the belts and how they're gonna get em.

2. It's not first come first serve! I will be taking on any teams I choose and skipping over others as I see fit. Please keep this in mind if you're not picked, or think that its full because 10 people have commented.

3. Dont get mad if your guys lose! I'm gonna do my best to make sure no teams come across looking useless but ultimately in a tournament of 10 teams there are gonna be 9 losers. It's just the way it gotta be.

4. 1 team only! You can include supporting characters but only 3 of yours may compete. I am ignoring this rule because it is my story uwu

5. Teams have to be in the Fantendo Multiverse! As this is centered around the fantendoverse it mdoesn't really fit for there to be goons outside of that wheelhouse

The Teams

1. Team CTW - Atlas Bougart, Mafiakara and Maractus Jaq - 3 representatives of Reten's mysterious new taskforce known as CTW. While they haven't seen much action and have never teamed up before their raw power is enough to give the toughest a run for their money! [Crunch]

2. Team Mew-Nya - Rozz Vigilone {and Dresden Doll} Andre Showdown {and Evelyn Evelyn} and Argo De Parka {and Alestrom} - ALLEGEDLY representing an illicit crime organization based in Chicago, these 3 Standing Ripple users are a well oiled machine put together and see the Galactic Trio Championship as their next big score. [Crunch]

3. Team Draugr - Lichess Molybdenum, Egil and The Haded - A self-proclaimed goddess of death with her toothy sidekick has resurrected a woman by the name of Egil have joined the tournament for mysterious reasons, although may or may not be seeking out a host for a powerful spirit in her collection. [Exo]

4. Team Konqrid - Zuneik, Mirod and Imell - A trio of tax collectors working under the space dictatorship known as the Federation. They travel around Federation-led planets to collect the tax put on citizens, and put down any unruly citizens unwilling to pay up. They now take their measly few vacation days earned from years of labor to compete in G3 Supercard! They're all the same species -- Konqrids, whom are four-armed, green, humanoid creatures with massive horns, six eyes and sharp teeth. [Ambri]

5. Team Poppy - Baron Kalykva, Princess Zaranessa and Cathands. A shy pumpkin-headed scarecrow demon, a charismatic lady knight revived from stone petrification, and a litter of fifty-or-so stray cats in a makeshift mech-suit disguised as a person in a trench coat. These three oddities were summoned by a witch to help her overthrow a city in a desolate wasteland, but, realizing they were meant for bigger and better things, instead resolved to steal her magic book and a spacecraft. They discovered the competition and resolved to join in the hopes that the Galvan Artifacts will grant the three their greatest wishes. [.peachfuz]

6. Team Aftermath - Officer Mariana, Bonzi and Antoinette - a trio of various individuals from both sides of the law who have gotten involved in a very screwed up afterlife-based ponzi scheme and have been working together for a while now, regardless of the situations or feuds they go through. they join the tournament to pawn off the championship belt, some hoping for money while others buy their way out of the contract. [Pyra]

7. Team Alpha - Dr. Leah Needlenam (Omega Prime), Dr. Sonny Scythe and I - A group of three scientists from Omega Prime's Twisted Cross. Nobody knows how they got here, but they seem keen on both testing out a new creation and claiming the Galactic Trio Belts for themselves. They aren't openly advertising that they're from Omega Prime to avoid drawing the attention of people from that universe, though, which may cause a bit of confusion among viewers of the event. (Dr. Needlenam in particular keeps getting mistaken for Sarah Auvic, and it's causing a lot of confusion...) [Ink]

8. Team Sundown - Argider, Aritz, Eguzki - A team consisting of two human brothers and their pet dragon. Hailing from a rough-end town, the Zorion brothers lost their parents several years ago, and since then have been split on how to fend for themselves. Team Sundown set out to join the tournament to get their hands on the Galvan artefacts, though their reasons are split. Argider wants to sell the artefacts to get rich quick, while Aritz wants to use the artefacts to figure out better magic. As for Eguzki… she’s the pet, she doesn’t get a say. [Kirbi]

9. Team FANT - Hugo Logia, Zane, Shy Dude - Suspicious of this tournament after the way the Last big one went, FANT has sent 3 of their Operatives to both enter and invesitgate the Supercard. Should they win the Galvan Artefacts will be placed into storage for studying purposes. [Sroo]


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