CrunchTime420 CrunchTime420 25 days ago

I was Pyra's GF while underage

from late 2019 to early 2020 i was in a romantic and sexual relationship with ValkyriePyra. I was 16 (birthday november 19th) at the start of the relationship and she was 20. (birthday august 1st)

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CrunchTime420 CrunchTime420 29 January

G3 Supercard Sign-Ups

Rich Asshole Entrepneur Andre Calypso Sr has poured his money into a cross planetary cultural exchange between Huxxabu and Earth. Gathering the best fighters from Earth and Huxxabu! With 3 Galvan Artefacts attached to the Galactic Trio Belts up for grabs, teams from across the galaxy have gathered to fight in the...

Thanks to Helena for making this excellent logo!

1. When signing up a team include a team name, names of the 3 members and a short bio of about 1 or 2 sentences. Just enough to get across why theyve teamed up, why they want the belts and how they're gonna get em.

2. It's not first come first serve! I will be taking on any teams I choose and skipping over others as I see fit. Please keep this in mind if you're not picked, or think t…

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CrunchTime420 CrunchTime420 22 November 2018

Happy Start Your Own Nation Day!

"Fuck America" - Danny Antonucci, 2004 I think? Idk

Today, on November 22th in the year of our lord DinoTendies 2018 we celebrate the ability to start our own nations, free from the tyranny of not being able to piss in public fountains and also to give ourselves cool titles. We also stan Big Boss because Mother Base was just a micronation lets be real

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CrunchTime420 CrunchTime420 25 October 2018

Favourite Blog on Fantendo?

You heard me, what's your favourite blog on Fantendo?

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CrunchTime420 CrunchTime420 23 October 2018

How much do the Admins earn?

Was just curious, how much do you get paid for your service on Fantendo.Fandom.Com?

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