• Crimson the Fandraxonian

    Hi,  Yes, I'm aware that I'm sockpuppeting.  But I can't do anything about it, I forgot my Athena password and my Gmail has a reall strong password that I forgot too.  My PC is probably dead now, please put my admin account on hiatus until I get a newer computer.  I czn't access Windows 10, that's how bad it is.

    People who joined the Showcase, I'm reminding you all to finish your preparations soon.  If I can't host the showcase on time, then I'll have Jake take over (if he wants).

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  • Crimson the Fandraxonian

    remember when indigo made a bad jokes blog

    i'm going to do this too and you guys are the star of the show

    • this blog is probably too random for you guys.  so random that it might get you hoppin mad
    • once we had creamy chicken soup.  the one and only soupy bowl
    • guess how much dough i had in my cupboard.  enough to make a dozen muffins. B/ ((to be taken out of context))
    • yknow i think i prefer danny rice to white rice.  i'm sorry but recolors don't really produce flavor #fknrekt
    • did you know that i'm only making five jokes on this blog, i couldn't eve n try
    • mario the movie was quite a bad one.  good job 1993
    • bean is tasty.  oh not that bean, i meant cold andchilibean, sorry kmm lel
    • fuzzy is p foxy if you ask me
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  • Crimson the Fandraxonian

    I got punished again for another two days, but I'm back full force...only to leave the house later today but that's besides my point.  What did I miss?

    Also, I have my own tumblr now! I might not post much on it but I figured I would give it a third go and this is my final attempt at being at tumblr. Complete with a reblog and a music playlist that everyone is supposed to hate.

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  • Crimson the Fandraxonian

    Well it looks like I'm making another challenge.  God darn it.

    I figured that I would leave something interesting to do whilst I'm away from the wiki.  The challenge is to create a fighting game based around a rather infamous series by this point: Sonic the Hedgehog.  Why Sonic the Hedgehog?  I'm not answering that.


    • You must have at least eight characters in your game total.
      • Try for some original character picks!
    • Your gameplay style for your game can be of any kind, including being a clone gameplay style of another game.  Do not rip off the exact aspects of other fighting games though.
    • Place a bit of effort and time into your project.  By that I mean don't rush.  You have until Monday to finish your project, so you don't need to make your …
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  • Crimson the Fandraxonian

    EDIT: Congrats to Espio for winning the finals!  Knuckles was in second place, Blaze followed up in third, and whatever afterwards.

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