Hi everyone,

I will be your guide for today Coral Direct

First of all, I want to thank this community to welcome me with such warm! I came here with my little idea of a fighting game without expecting this much enthusiasm not just for my project but also for me as any other user here.

Fantendo is a great place, we maybe create fake games but we learn and exchange a lot on writing, coding and drawing skills, I never thought myself as an artist but you make me feel like one and I guess this is case for a lot of other users here.

The biggest surprise will be a the end of this direct so please keep that in mind, it will be CRAZY, I promise. This announcement can change forever how users here will make their future project! Yes it’s that BIG.

But first let’s launch the Coral Direct with our first announcement. You can ask me whatever comes to your mind in the comments, I will answer !

1st announcement: HEIRS TO THE WRATH – BOX ART

As fan of digital illustration and fighting games, I had the big privilege to meet my friend, ArtauEXO. He worked for some project at Toei Animation, known for being the studio behind Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon (yes it’s real). So go follow him!

So it’s with a great honor that he draw for me the box art of HEIRS TO THE WRATH :

Heirs to the Wrath.png

As you can see, the users-favorite Elek-Trode is here, following her success in the previous poll.

2nd announcement: PAPER PEACH

Few of you may knows but I have another game in construction.

It is a Princess Peach-centric game called Super Princess Peach: The Dark Heart . I was motivated to work on this project which was first started by Fire Scyther but I quickly feel limited by it.

It’s time to say goodbye to

Super Princess Peach Logo.png


To give a warm welcome of my redo of this same project:


Paper Peach will be a Paper Mario (TTYOD style) with Princess Peach as the main protagonist and a lot of apparition from other ladies of the series (and new ones!).

The gameplay will be like TTYOD but with a lot of inspirations from the DS game Super Princess Peach.

Follow a completely new storyline inspired by Magical Girl tropes. Follow Peach as she is forced to save day on her own, watch her evolve from a precious princess to a beautiful and fierce pirate. (Yeah you read it right)


Also Captain Syrup will be there! She will be Princess Peach’s best Frenemy. I hope you like Telma & Louise!

3rd announcement: HEIRS TO THE WRATH – DLC

Before this summer, Heirs to the Wrath will be completed! For now, the only thing left are some game endings and the lists of challenge and unlockables.

It will be a great day for me when I will finish what I started here BUT it won’t be the end of HEIRS TO THE WRATH. I, officially, announces FIVE DLCs with new characters, stages, challenges, outfits and, sometimes, new chapter in the Story Mode.

The Next, and first, DLC is:


Discover two new fighters:


The glamorous Leïla from Oman Omanflag.png.


The intimidating Houssem from Morocco Maroc.png !

Stay tuned to see their gameplay and their DEITY form in the next months on the Project Page!

Also special thanks to TechnoTigzon (tbc) who helped me with their creation!

4th announcement: END OF TIME ?!

Lots of things are coming for END OF TIME.

You will have the chance to meet the Judges, the terrible bosses of the games that your agents will have to fight for saving the Fantendo Multiverse!

But for now, we still need one thing: Being coherent!

How can we be coherent with a game mixing up so many other game universes?

With an unique visual style!

Inspired by Persona Q game, here is the first character of the game in the END OF THE TIME style:

EOT-Mothana bg.png

It's Samtendo09 (tbc)'s Madame Mothana from Stolen Worlds

Like it? All others agents and character will have the same make over! Maybe your original character will have one too!


Are you ready y'all? I am sure your are very curious about this BIG surprise.

It’s with a great pride that I launch officially

HEIRS TO THE WRATH – The official website!


This is real guy, the game has a now complete website with all the information about the game, all the stories!

See it like a webcomic, you can now give some of your time to read and discover the story of HEIRS TO THE WRATH with it’s own unique webdesign. Everything is sorted in chapter so you don't have to read all at once, you can read one or two chapter and comes back later :)

Let's do great things together

That’s all guys! I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I do and, most of all, I hope that I give you the envy to help me with my project.

HOW? Let me tell you:

  • Write a review like a pro

Yes, you read it right. I want you to write a review of the HEIRS TO THE WRATH like you are a professional videogame critic (like for IGN or Gamespot), send me this review like you really played it (don't have to be long if you don't feel it) and I will transform it in videogame magazine page!

  • Create fanart

If you want, you can draw your favorite fighter and send it to me I will add it on the website so it can be seen and shared. It's always an honor to see your art!

  • Share the website

Whenever wherever you can! I want to post the website on Reddit /r/Fighters/ to have their opinion on it. Want to help me to share it? :)

  • Find me new music

On the media page of the website, there is a Youtube Playlist , listen to it (or read the text description on the side) and propose me some musics to add on it! I’ve got only six tracks the game needs more !! If you have the talent to create music, Oh well please do one!



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