• Coral0excess

    Please don't forget me!

    November 14, 2019 by Coral0excess

    Hi Guys!

    Long time no see, I just want to say that I am taking a break from Fantendo, I've already started my break months ago but here's why.

    This last month, I was feeling like I was changing, I don't know if it's for the best, but suddenly I didn't have much interests for fangames, don't get me wrong I will always support this place for all the creativity represented here, but maybe it's just not my thing anymore.

    I want to put my mind and my art for something bigger, I am working on a webcomic, and if you are curious I would be happy to show it to you once started :)

    And my projects?

    End of Time?! is on the thin ice, I want to create this game but in the same time and don't have any motivation to put in it. I created a (still in construction…

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  • Coral0excess

    The Reveal !

    October 8, 2019 by Coral0excess

    For the ones that follow my projects, you may have heard of End of Time?! and you also may have seen some new arts from the roster.

    But now I am happy to show you all the roster of the game in ONE interstellar picture! That was a lot of works but also really fun to do! I was trying my best to honor this little community that is Fantendo.

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  • Coral0excess

    Hi Fantenders!

    So the first DLC of my project is out but I am not here to talk about that :) 

    In the DLC, I want to create new outfits for my fighters and this is where you can help me !

    So here is the game roster:

    What I want you to do it's to take one of this fighter and choose them a new outfit! You don't even have to draw it or anything (even if a drawing is a plus) you can just describe it to me (the best you can) or even just send me pictures of clothes!

    IF it works, I will take two of them and draw them on the chosen fighter! (You will be credited)

    ALSO, if your outfit is really really nice, there is a chance that it will be on the DLC box art :D

    Thank you :D

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  • Coral0excess


    April 27, 2019 by Coral0excess

    Hi everyone,

    I will be your guide for today Coral Direct

    First of all, I want to thank this community to welcome me with such warm! I came here with my little idea of a fighting game without expecting this much enthusiasm not just for my project but also for me as any other user here.

    Fantendo is a great place, we maybe create fake games but we learn and exchange a lot on writing, coding and drawing skills, I never thought myself as an artist but you make me feel like one and I guess this is case for a lot of other users here.

    The biggest surprise will be a the end of this direct so please keep that in mind, it will be CRAZY, I promise. This announcement can change forever how users here will make their future project! Yes it’s that BIG.

    But fir…

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  • Coral0excess

    Hello y'all!

    I need your help to create the story of Heirs to the Wrath and more precisely on who I should focus this story.

    I've just finished to create and draw all the fighters and I need to know if one of them it's a favorite so I could give him a more prominent role. 

    You can all see them HERE with their description and gameplay but also see all their designs HERE

    Once you make a choice, just vote :D

    Thank you, it helps me and it's really appreciated !

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