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Coral0excess Coral0excess 13 April

Fan15: Interview with Fantendo Founder! 15 years ago what was up?

Hey y'all!

It's time for your Fantendo History lesson - PART 6!

This time, we won't talk about OC but the Fantendo Founder and Unten creator, . As the wiki is celebrating its 15th anniversary, it was fitting to know how does it feels about that!

Coral: Hey Plumber! Big fan here, few years ago I really dove into the history of Fantendo and I found it fascinating. I wrote my own Fantendo History Course  lol, would you like to see it?

P: Of course.

C: Link to the Fantendo History Doc

Plumber: Yes, there are a few things I’d like to clarify. My MarioWiki user page was just Plumber, not The Plumber. Although I do like that name. It came from Mario being a Plumber. I’ve never worked in plumbing, but I did go to work in US politics a bit. So I’ve still…

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Coral0excess Coral0excess 21 January

"Guess Who?" Community Characters Edition

Hey y'all!

It's time for your Fantendo History lesson - PART 5! Yes we are back!

A few years after the opening of Fantendo, things didn't get as smooth as they should have been. , the founder of the wiki, was already pretty absent, and old users started to call it the "End of Fantendo". It changed with the Nintendo 3DS. Despite no significant proof that the console release relaunched Fantendo, it is undeniable that 2011 was a year of renewal for the wiki (that will be only outclassed in 2015).

The community got stronger than ever with the creation of the first Fantendoverse but also bigger community events including the one we will talk about here: The Community Character Creation. This event consisted of a collective creative effort to design…

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Coral0excess Coral0excess 5 January

New Admin? Me?

Hi everyone,

It's something that I had in heart since a couple months now. Until now, I was afraid to ask, I'm not the more sociable user here, I'm not even on the Discord group but I want to try and give my candidature as an admin on the Fantendo Wiki.

Why me?

  • I have good knowledge in CSS
  • I proved myself to create respected projects like Heirs to the Wrath, End of Time, Paper Peach (game) or Fantendo Smash Land, so I can give good advices to new users and have a good understanding on what a SYSOP approved project should have
  • I know now a lot about this wiki and its culture, I made a Fantendo History article, I participated heavily in the Fantendo Smash Bros. (series) page (with Agent Muffin) and I have an ongoing blog series where I talk about…
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Coral0excess Coral0excess 17 December 2021

Theme Notice Box

Hey guys,

I don't know if someone did that before but since I don't want to spend too much time thinking about if my page will be readable in both Dark and Light themes, I made this Box:

It's easy to use:

Feel free to use it for your pages or to fix it, if you feel we can do better.

ALSO! I'm doing a Fantendo Smash Bros. game now! Go read it!

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Coral0excess Coral0excess 22 October 2021

"Guess Who?" Classic Fantendo Edition (redo)

Hey guys!

It's time for your Fantendo History lesson - PART 1 (again)!

There is that was drawn by with "nearly all of the notable Fantendo protagonists. Even a few antagonists." from the Classic era of Fantendo (or Old Fantendo, or Fantendoverse, or Golden Era). I made a first History post about it (here). BUT as suspected, there were some not really notable OCs added randomly there.

So, after further research, I made a "better" selection with OCs that received at least a little amount of notoriety during the Classic era. Then, I added some colors on it because it's fun and will also help you to recognize them.

It's peak Classic Fantendo, you can recognize the OG mascots here and there. Most of them were first Nintendo Characters recolored, …

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