• Coral0excess

    It's Coming

    July 21, 2020 by Coral0excess

    S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0

    What would you like in this new DLC?

    w̷̢̛͓̥͇̩̥̹̭̙̲̦̞̰͕͗̉̾͋͗͋̅h̴̨̹͚̀͑͊̓̏̂͒͊̐̽͝ạ̸̤̠̩̟͉͕̘̮̫̉͆́̐̑͆̏͂̅̈́̇̽̍͌̊ͅẗ̵̞͗̽̒̋̕ are your expectations?

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  • Coral0excess

    Give Away Blog!

    July 10, 2020 by Coral0excess

    Hi Everyone !

    I got this idea of a Give Away blog.

    Most of us have some (nearly) abandoned projects and I think it could be a good idea to create a blog when we can post a project that we are willing to give to someone else. The easiest way: Just post a link and a little description (logo is a plus)

    Maybe your old project will inspire someone who could give it a new life :D

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  • Coral0excess

    Hey Fantenders!

    I am just released my last project, Heirs to the Wrath/Super Ultra Arcade Edition and like last time I will need your fashion designer skills!

    It's easy, you choose a character here (EDIT: except a girl, only guys from now, sorry):

    And you draw him/her a new outfits and send it to me! This time there is a theme: Tropical Beach Party!

    The drawing can be just a sketch, you can even send me a picture of outfit you would like to see on the fighter if you want!

    Here are some examples from previous submissions:

    I can guarantee to take every submission (only 4 girls and 4 guys will have a new outfits) but I can try :D

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  • Coral0excess

    Please don't forget me!

    November 14, 2019 by Coral0excess

    Hi Guys!

    Long time no see, I just want to say that I am taking a break from Fantendo, I've already started my break months ago but here's why.

    This last month, I was feeling like I was changing, I don't know if it's for the best, but suddenly I didn't have much interests for fangames, don't get me wrong I will always support this place for all the creativity represented here, but maybe it's just not my thing anymore.

    I want to put my mind and my art for something bigger, I am working on a webcomic, and if you are curious I would be happy to show it to you once started :)

    And my projects?

    End of Time?! is on the thin ice, I want to create this game but in the same time and don't have any motivation to put in it. I created a (still in construction…

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  • Coral0excess

    The Reveal !

    October 8, 2019 by Coral0excess

    For the ones that follow my projects, you may have heard of End of Time?! and you also may have seen some new arts from the roster.

    But now I am happy to show you all the roster of the game in ONE interstellar picture! That was a lot of works but also really fun to do! I was trying my best to honor this little community that is Fantendo.

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