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"This model will be considerably more useful than the first three," asserted Mart, leading the Black Haired Man down a long hallway. Very little light filtered in, silhouetting both of them.
"Can't you get any light in here?" snapped the Black Haired Man.
"I'm sorry, sir," Mart said. "This section of the lab is top secret. The best way to make people ignore it is to leave the lights off and pretend it's under construction."
"Whatever you say, Mart, as long as you've really made what I ordered you to," the Black Haired Man grumbled.

Before Mart could respond, the Black Haired Man's face contorted into a hideous smile. They had reached the end of the tunnel, and the Black Haired Man saw the thing Mart had been working on for the past year and a half.

The robot stood lifeless against the wall. Its face-plate was open, revealing a mass of wires and switches. Mart closed the face plate and flipped a switch. The robot's eyes flickered to life.
"Metal Locked v4 at your service. How may I assist you?"

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