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  • Clyde1998

    So, the Independence Referendum was last night and the result I dreaded came true.

    • Should Scotland be an independent country?
      • Yes - 1,619,915 (44.70%)
      • No - 2,001,926 (55.30%)
      • Turnout - 3,619,915 (84.59%)

    A late swing to "no" sealed the win for them, but this swing was based on the promise of more power to Scotland. The Labour leader has now distanced himself from this, despite supporting it before the vote.

    The UK Government are set to change the way money is distributed to the countries of the UK - from the current system. This would reduce the Scottish budget by £4bn (£1bn more than the education budget). Scotland is subsidising the rest of the UK by £2.5bn already.

    The next referendum in Scotland is likely to be a UK-wide EU referendum, which …

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  • Clyde1998

    I'm going to have a bit more spare time in the coming months (#IndyRef is almost over). So, I'm thinking about returning to this site on a regular basis.

    Is there any drastic changes to the site rules, or site management that I should know about before deciding whether I should come back?

    Also, is there anything that would need improving on the site that I could help with? - i.e. adding categories to pages, etc.

    - Clyde.

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  • Clyde1998

    Moving Poll.

    October 9, 2010 by Clyde1998

    Right there are many people not wanting to move, so this is a poll on the possibility of moving the wiki. This is basicly a referendum. I'm purposing that we need 60% of voters to say yes for Fantendo to move.

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  • Clyde1998


    August 5, 2010 by Clyde1998

    What do you think of them...?

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  • Clyde1998


    July 24, 2010 by Clyde1998

    Other - Please State, below.

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