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  • Bleak Moonlight

    Resignation, again

    November 4, 2017 by Bleak Moonlight

    Hey guys, hate to be the bringer of bad news and since leaving blogs have seemed to be in abundance recently, I held off on making this. I did do an original draft the other day and a leaving blog was posted a few seconds before I wanted to publish so I put it off lmao. Anyway, I just wanted to tell y'all that I'm resigning from my position of administrator here, due to the fact I don't think I'll ever be in an active state like I've previous been. This year is my final year of college before university, and I need to really focus on my education and studies in a better light. I mean, I've been inactive as hell for ages so I don't think this should really come off as a shock, but I thought this was the best way to address it. 

    Another thing…

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  • Bleak Moonlight

    Good Switch games?

    September 16, 2017 by Bleak Moonlight

    Despite what I’ve said previously about the switch, I’ve caved in and bought one, but I dunno which games are really that good on the console right now. Anyone got any recommendations?

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  • Bleak Moonlight

    College Time

    August 25, 2017 by Bleak Moonlight

    Similar to last year, I'm gonna have to go on the back burner with my activity here. Aside from random visits and holidays, I won't be around at all, sorry y'all. I think I should be back on a permanent basis around May-June time, but can't promise anything. I somehow managed to pull off great results last year so I'm hoping to mimic that and get into university!

    My projects will all be on hiatus during this time and I probably won't be revealing anything new I'm afraid. Regardless, hope everything goes well in my absence!

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  • Bleak Moonlight

    During my showcase presentation I left a small teaser at the end, indicating something called My Bleak Empire.

    So it's time to finally reveal what exactly this project is. This project has been in development since last year, and has been adapted and changed a lot ever since. The game is a fighting game, with some role-playing elements, and features a whole host of characters from different forms of media. Yeah, that combination may sound familiar if you have a good memory, My Bleak Empire is set to be a remake/spiritual successor to the Radioactive series. 

    The game is set to have a lot of different and unique game modes, a colourful and unique roster of characters (even bigger than the original) and a more polished look. Hopefully the fini…

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