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Whoa what, Athena Hawkins is returning with the ever-popular critically acclaimed "Console Analysis" blog series! If you have zero idea what I'm talking about, click here to read the first issue! But rather than doing Nintendo, which we've finished with their library analysis, we're doing Sega now! Because Fantendo totally gives a damn about them! (clearly)

So let's review Sega's consoles now, alright? We'll be covering home consoles and handhelds all over again, from the SG-1000 and Master System all the way to the Sega Dreamcast, covering more obscure platforms in-between. I don't believe this series will be as long as the Switch's, given Sega hasn't made systems like these in a long time, so they don't have as much to look at. You can discuss anything about the system I ask you to look at, from the hardware to the controller to its entire library- analysis whatever you want and be completely honest with how you feel about the system as a whole.

You're looking over Sega's first two consoles, the SG-1000 and Master System. What do you think of the systems themselves, their components and accessories, and their libraries as a whole?

Remember that it's always fine to agree or disagree on anything with anybody when it comes to these blogs. Don't feel afraid to express your opinion. However, if you are factually wrong about something or if you have displayed... a questionable opinion, then you will need to prepare for the comments that might ask about it. Try to keep things civil, everyone!

The Console Analysis Series
by Athena Hawkins (tbc)
#1: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) · #2: Nintendo GameBoy · #3: Super NES (SNES) · #4: Nintendo 64 (N64) · #5: GameBoy Color (GBC) · #6: GameBoy Advance (GBA) · #7: Nintendo GameCube (GCN) · #Joke: Virtual Boy · #8: Nintendo DS (DS) · #9: Nintendo Wii (Wii) · #10: Nintendo 3DS (3DS) · #11: Nintendo Wii U (U) · #12: Nintendo Switch · Nintendo Library Analysis · #13: Master System & SG-1000 · #14: The Genesis Collection · #15: Game Gear & Sega Nomad · #16: Sega Saturn · #17: Sega Dreamcast
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