So, Mirai Moon (tbc) made a new template (found here) that if allowed by the community will replace our old character infobox (found there). It's got the same default colors, most of the original headers, and can smoothly replace every single template on the wiki that uses Template:Character-infobox with just a few clicks and some purges. In the event where someone wants to use the original template, it would be held at Template:Character-infobox/classic. However, I want to know the community's thoughts on this minor change before letting it happen, so I made a strawpoll.

There is no real deadline- once I do have enough votes leaning on yes and it outweighs the "nos" by a fair portion, I'll just change the template to reflect the popular opinion. Or I'll just do nothing at all if there isn't enough support for it. EDIT: Enough votes have been tallied and I don't see any more coming along, the default character infobox is now replaced. You can always find the original here, though.

Feel free to leave feedback about how Jake can improve his template on its talk page, which has a lot of notes from him already on what the template covers and how it changes from templates such as the controversial Template:New-CharacterInfobox. I disabled comments because there's no discussion to be had here, really.

If you wish for examples on how the template works, you can find them on the template's page itself.

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