Athena Hawkins Athena Hawkins 4 November 2019


Looks like today's my 21st birthday! It's been a long, interesting road for me, that's probably the best way I can describe it. Not sure where the future will take me from here but hey it's probably gonna be an exciting and fulfilling one. Here's hoping! Thank you all so much for everything you've done for me, whether you were being here for me or talking sense into me, or both. I've had my good times, bad times, and better times here, and I've learned a lot of life lessons that I'm gonna carry with me into the future. And I hope to keep having fresh new experiences for as long as I'm here.

Usually on days like these, I like to post a dozen paragraphs or something like that. But on this day, I think it's more important if I spend more time …

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Athena Hawkins Athena Hawkins 17 October 2019

The newest FANDOM schemes

This looks to be the end for article comments, message walls, and forums on FANDOM, at least in their current form. Discuss.

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Athena Hawkins Athena Hawkins 15 October 2019

Your Ideal Pokémon Experience?

It seems that the opinions of the Pokémon series on this site are very varied, with some outright loving it and protecting it any way they can (in addition to respecting most of Game Freak's decisions in recent years) and others having a seething hatred for it that stems from either slow gameplay or the many controversial changes that happened to the series since X & Y. So with this blog, I ask you- what would be your ideal Pokémon game? Here's some questions to get your brains thinking:

  1. What would you change about the overworld formula as it stands?
  2. What would you change about the battle formula as it stands?
  3. What features would you introduce to the series, bring back, or remove?
  4. What're your stances on Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Dynamaxing, etc.?
  5. If…
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Athena Hawkins Athena Hawkins 13 October 2019

Message from Mirai Moon (Jake)

As he cannot post a blog himself bc he requested a ban a while back, I'm posting this for him with his permission:

Hey everyone,
The last few days I have been reflecting on my mental state, and realized that I have been significantly more aggressive and negative over these past few months than I should have been. I've long suffered from depression, and this all came to a head a few days ago when I just completely fell into despair for a little while. I made a pathetic blog post requesting that I be blocked indefinitely, and this is something I regret doing (with a clearer head, I now realize I should have just asked an admin to ban me for a few days). If possible, could that blog post please be deleted if it hasn't already? (which I took car…
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Athena Hawkins Athena Hawkins 7 October 2019

Best Comebacks

Think the last blog but with a more positive attitude in mind. What do you think were gaming's biggest comebacks? What game series did you think were never going to improve again or become good and out of nowhere they made a return to glory? This can also apply to movies, books, music, whatever.

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