Arend Arend 3 January 2016

Birthday + Backup blog

So I decided very late I'm making this blog. It's my birthday today. I got a full sack of various licorice, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush for the Wii U, and some comic books.

Also, I have told this earlier in some places (I don't think many noticed), but yesterday, I set up second Tumblr blog called arendbackup because I'm pretty sure Tumblr wouldn't give me my original account back (they wouldn't even let me make a new one using my normal email so I had to create a new email too). I'm still trying to follow the guys I followed on my old account and this blog still got three followers (my previous one had over 100). So, if you got a Tumblr blog, you can follow me and I'll try to follow you back.

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Arend Arend 1 January 2016

Tumbr account terminated + Raising awareness about clickbait links

Today, my Tumblr got terminated while I was writing a rant about clickbait links I constantly see when searching through the splatoon tag. I opened some of the sites to get references, so I think it's connected.

So I'll raise awareness about these posts. Non-Tumblrites, beware.

Basically, if you don't know what I'm talking about (or never had this problem on Tumblr), just go to Try to find a post that is relevant to Splatoon.

Basically, these link posts make browsing through Tumblr near impossible, because they're everywhere. The tags that are added have nothing to do with the link itself and are added just because they're popular tags (ensuring the posters that someone will see millions of them). …

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Arend Arend 24 December 2015

Custom back-to-top and go-to-bottom links for your monobook.js

For those five out there that use Monobook, I've created a javascript code (based on another javascript code) that adds top and bottom arrow links to your personal bar (the one with the preferences and logout links). With these, you can easily skip to the top or bottom of the page with a simple click.

Simply go to your personal monobook.js page and paste this code while editing:

It doesn't appear to work on the overall js page, but seemingly fine on the personal one, so that's why I made this blog post.

Also, to the Wikia skin users: no, I don't have a working code for the Wikia skin yet.

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Arend Arend 15 December 2015

KINDA back

Hey guys, I've now moved into a new house. Unfortunately, the internet here is currently not all too great: we currently have a modem, which doesn't reach very far, so I cannot do much internet things in my new room, where my computer is now located. At this moment, I'm using my iPad.

Hopefully, my pc will have internet by this Thursday, but I'm not certain about that either.

Anyway, how are things going on here?

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Arend Arend 3 December 2015

Upcoming Moving Hiatus

Next friday, on December 11, I will be moving. And since we won't have Internet in the weekend after the 11th, there will likely be no way I can be on anything internet-related at all. I also think I won't be very active before December 11 either since I'll be needing to pack my stuff.

Which is why I'm telling you all of this a week beforehand.

So yeah, next week's gonna be a busy week for me.

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