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Hello Fantendo! AlwaysDREGOL here, creator of the Project Nexus page! In this Blog Post, I'll go over some updates for the game, which is slowly but surely approaching completion! Let's get to it.

The Roster is complete!

Finally, I have added every playable character you can find in the base game! The latest addition took a while, but it's a very special one. Wolverine, of the X-Men, enters the Nexus! Because he does not originally hail from a videogame, he is in quite a particular spot. His design, however, pays great homage to a lot of his appearances within the realm of videogames, and he is especially modeled after his appearances in the Marvel VS Capcom series, going from X-Men : Children of the Atom and all the way to Marvel VS Capcom 3 : Fate of Two Worlds. Does this mean other non-videogame characters will join? Maybe, maybe not! But the focus of the Project is videogames, always. So my efforts will mostly go towards videogame characters.

Guybrush and Wolverine's movesets are still work in progress, but they'll be finished soon. After that, I will dedicate myself to build the Arcade and Story modes. Speaking of which .. a major threat from the multiverse has joined the battle as the Final Boss of Project Nexus, and her name is Sarah Kerrigan, from the StarCraft series!

Kerrigan joins as the Final Boss!

Sarah Kerrigan, the Final Boss of Project Nexus.

So why her? Who is Kerrigan?

As I looked for a character who would fit the role of final boss in my project, a few names kept showing up. Of those, Kerrigan was the most interesting one. She has a menacing, evil presence, and she's powerful enough to pose a threat to every single character I have on the roster! That, combined with her status as an intergalactic threat, makes her a perfect fit for Project Nexus. She will be the main antagonist of the story, and every character will face her as the final boss at the end of their Arcade route. She is also going to be playable in her own, special mode!

More Updates!

Once I'll be done with the characters and Story mode, I'll go over the main page and do some touch-ups. I plan to add Controls and go further into detail on the already present modes. I'll also be updating the images I added and make some new ones. Additionally, expect some small changes to already existing characters. A section for Quotes will be added, as well as their unique Arcade route.

As for stages .. I am currently unsure of how to go about them. I don't want to drag the development of this Project for an eternity and I also don't want to add so many different pages on this wiki for my project alone. I do believe that the quality of the Project would greatly benefit from having individual pages for each stage, which would allow me to go into detail and add Music Tracks, Cameos and Easter Eggs for each stage. Also because I feel like some of the stages I added need a bit of an explanation as to how they work.

Assists have also been on my mind for a bit, and I am still not sure whether I'll add them or not. As you can see, there are still many things I need to sort out. I'd like to have your opinion on these!

In Conclusion

Thanks to everyone who is following and enjoying this Project! As always, I love hearing suggestions for which characters you'd like to see added. As all the base game characters have been added, everyone who will join from now on will be a DLC character!

Until next time!