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Hello everyone, AlwaysDREGOL here.

This is my first Blog Post. I've decided to make one now as Project Nexus, my first and only project currently under construction, is receiving some pretty substantial additions, after spending a few days thinking about where to draw a finish line with the base version of this game.

Let's get into the more important changes and additions first.

New Characters!

At the start, I settled on 36 characters in total to be playable in the base game, though I have now decided to raise that number to 40 now. This is for several reasons, but mostly because I had already planned another four characters to be added as Additional Content, and figured that I could add them in now, as the Project is still getting worked on as we speak. I have a pretty clear idea of how these four new characters will work, but I am going to need some time to gather my thoughts and give them the accuracy and attention they deserve. I have been adding and completing movesets on characters at a pretty fast pace lately, so don't be surprised if I take some time to add everyone from now on. The deadline for this project is set to November, so I have given myself plenty of time to finish everything!

New Final Boss!

As you might have read previously on the page, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII was slated to be the Final Boss of Arcade Mode, and was also set to appear as a super special playable character in his own Mode, called Reunion. However, after some thought, I have decided to scrap the idea of having Sephiroth as the final boss of this game. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one being that I ultimately didn't feel like giving this special spot in the game to a character from an already represented series. I want this character to be from a new franchise altogether. And I want it to be someone that is unexpected and that has not been done before in a fighting game.

So who is it going to be then? Time will tell!

Suggestions & Characters

I am curious to know which characters you'd like to see appear in Project Nexus! However, with that being said, I also want you to understand that I may not necessarily take suggestions or requests for additions. I'd love to hear them and perhaps consider them, but ultimately this project is something that is very personal to me and specifically appeals to my tastes in characters and videogames. Nintendo characters are not and may never be part of this project because I don't have a particular attachment to them.

I have a pretty vast and diverse cast of characters right now that I'm very proud of. However, you may or may not have noticed some changes to the cast as I move forward with the project. That's because I tend to change my mind on things very often, so if you see some characters changed or removed, that's normal.

In Conclusion

And that's it for my first Blog! I'm looking forward to keep working and eventually finish this project!

Until next time!