I would like content moderator rights to continue to do housekeeping work on various parts of our infrastructure. I want to be able to carry out mass edits, likely involving deleting certain pages and editing protected ones, to fulfill goals including those listed below. This would also decrease the volume of minor housekeeping requests in the Fantendo Discord server, and, in turn, give the full admins greater capacity to focus on their own work.

If content moderators are also invited to the Fantendo admin Discord server, that would also be useful in that I could ask for clarification on housekeeping policy more directly. Regardless, I am not seeking enhanced influence over unrelated wiki policy decisions.

With over 4 years spent on Fantendo, I feel familiar with the wiki's infrastructure overall. I've reviewed our rules and article standards extensively, and have often aspired to improve resources such as those pages, the Featured Articles page, and the Tutorials section. This experience will help me assess pages to flag them for revision or deletion.

I have various plans for Fantendo's infrastructure if I am promoted, including areas of interest that I've discussed at length on the public Fantendo Discord server. My initial goals include:

  • Copyediting MediaWiki messages. There are many custom messages created across the wiki's lifespan, and many are unnecessary or could be worded better. I'll rephrase each message to be as clear and concise as possible, and delete the completely unnecessary ones.
  • Organizing the category tree. While our category system is fine on the article end, the hierarchy (and category page content, while we're at it) could use improvement. Over the past few weeks, I've started working to declutter and formalize at least the first few levels of our category tree, down from the root Fantendo category.
  • Organizing the Project namespace. I will make this part of the wiki more cohesive so that abandoned material is cleaned up or labeled as obsolete, and relevant information is easier to find.

The community moderation hub was originally intended as a campaign promise for this promotion, but I decided I should make it regardless of the result of this blog. I'm mostly happy with the resource now, so I urge everyone on the wiki to use it a few times daily.

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