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    Hey, so I made some userboxes that will hopefully be useful.

    }} }}

    The lower one can change the pride flag displayed if you use certain keywords or set parameters 1 and 2 separately.

    In the process, I created another template, , which can insert a variety of pride flags recreated as gradients. I imagine this could also be used in character templates and such.

    Some are shown in the swatches below; see the template page for more information. The values listed there are the same ones supported by the userbox.

    I tried to go through the most common flags listed in this Wikipedia gallery, and am now taking requests for more.

    There are some flags that I don't know how to recreate in CSS. For instance, I can't think of a way to position the conic chevro…

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  • AgentMuffin

    I would like content moderator rights to continue to do housekeeping work on various parts of our infrastructure. I want to be able to carry out mass edits, likely involving deleting certain pages and editing protected ones, to fulfill goals including those listed below. This would also decrease the volume of minor housekeeping requests in the Fantendo Discord server, and, in turn, give the full admins greater capacity to focus on their own work.

    If content moderators are also invited to the Fantendo admin Discord server, that would also be useful in that I could ask for clarification on housekeeping policy more directly. Regardless, I am not seeking enhanced influence over unrelated wiki policy decisions.

    With over 4 years spent on Fantendo…

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  • AgentMuffin

    So several users have been posting weird recolors en masse, often of PowerPoint quality in that the entire image is just colorized to a single hue. And then there's another recolor that's the same base image in a different hue. And then another, and another, and it never ends, these recolorists just seem to keep pumping them out and do little to nothing else on Fantendo.

    I'm honestly weirdly impressed by their dedication to this cycle. Kids trying to express their creativity is one thing (albeit insofar as an endless array of pure red Mario enemy recolors can be deemed "creative"), but a lot of these are just hue shifts and I seriously can't imagine why anyone short of a bot would spend their time in this prohibitively restrictive and repetitive …

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  • AgentMuffin

    Any issues with me

    August 27, 2019 by AgentMuffin

    Would prefer this to be more of a critical blog. While I appreciate any compliments, that's not what I'm looking for right here.

    It occurs to me that I've said and done some pretty awful stuff over the course of my time on this site and in its community. It's been long enough that the specifics of a lot of the drama aren't coming to mind, but it still happened and surely had some lasting impact. Anything negative that's stuck with you, anything I should improve on, please share and I'll try to address it.

    I have to go offline for a while after posting this, so please use that time to comment knowing that I won't be able to respond promptly.

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  • AgentMuffin

    I've created a template for "timelines", which are meant to be a chronological type of navbox with a visual element. They can support anywhere from 1 to 100 items. I feel the need to write a blog about this because I spent several hours last night adding said support for 100 potential items, and was questioning my decisions the whole time.

    Template:Nintendo console timeline is an example:

    I haven't seen any comments on this specific timeline since I added it to all of the listed pages, so I'm hoping that means there are no major issues with the template in its current state? That said, please leave any feature requests below. They may be easy or difficult to implement, depending on what parts of the template would be affected by the changes. …

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