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AgentMuffin AgentMuffin 20 March

What are your Fantendo Heritage Games

I'm trying to gather a sense of which pages, particularly fangames, have proven especially memorable and influential to the Fantendo community. You know how the US Library of Congress selects "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant films" for preservation? What's the Fantendo - Nintendo Fanon Wiki equivalent?

Please comment with articles, ideally that you've been active to see progress on, that you think are in some way notable within Fantendo's history. Say, they're a milestone in article creation, or they especially characterize a certain era of the wiki, or you think they convinced a lot of people to join the community, or they're just one of the most memorable works to you.

I hope i'm communicating the request well enough. …

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AgentMuffin AgentMuffin 19 December 2021

mi kama sona e toki pona

Over the past few months, i have been learning and practicing the constructed language .

The language is designed around boiling concepts down to their basic components. This avoids some major issues i have with natural languages: so many words mean the same thing, leaving no clear best way to express myself, and complex terms can be unintuitive to learn and define.

Don't get me wrong, there's still variance in how you can word things in Toki Pona. But with so few words and sentence structures, and a general focus on simplicity, the best diction is much clearer.

Toki Pona is meant to simplify your thoughts and promote positive thinking. Like a heroic version of Newspeak, perhaps. I'm not sure i like this part of its philosophy, but it hasn't …

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AgentMuffin AgentMuffin 10 August 2021


(content warning: transphobia)

Hello this is users and , campaigning to rename the article "Birdo" to "Birdetta" or "Birdie".

As you may know, the character typically called Birdo is a pink, egg-spitting dinosaurian, who was introduced to the Mario franchise in Super Mario Bros. 2. In this game's North American instruction manual, the character is described thusly:

He thinks he is a girl and he spits eggs from his mouth. He’d rather be called “birdetta.“

This aggressively transphobic description has plagued the Mario fandom with decades of unfortunate discourse. It has armed many fans, trying to reach a conclusion on this debate, with a "canon" excuse to dismiss the character as a deluded man. However, the notion of debating her gender in the fir…

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AgentMuffin AgentMuffin 14 April 2021

Birthday 2021

It my :3

I don't have much to say this time, but I think I finally managed to get the existential dread out of the way a couple days early so it's been a good one

Please post any cake-related implements you would like to gift me

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AgentMuffin AgentMuffin 11 March 2021

Cool details in the New Super Mario Bros. series

I've scathed the New Super Mario Bros. series often enough, but that's not to say it brings nothing to the table. I just find these moments too easily overshadowed by the series's issues. So, while acknowledging that this series could be better and these details don't necessarily salvage it, I want to take a more nuanced look at some of the aspects that I think of fondly.

This blog has been rattling around as a draft since November 2019, because I feel iffy about celebrating corporate mediocrity. But, with the 2D Mario games seemingly on a second hiatus, it seems good to reflect and dig for positives, hoping that future games will expand upon them. Besides, if I don't exclusively focus on the silver linings in these games, the negativity will …

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