• AStranger195

    Sorry for wasting your time here... Also, I'm not that great on writing. UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

    I learned about fanon wikis on April 2014. I created terrible ones in Fantendo and Video Game Fanon Wiki (and Fanon Wiki). I used the company name "Regnarts" that link to my user page back then. Some examples were Nintendo 128 and Mario 128. Check the history. (However, on Fanon Wiki, I used the company name "MasGaling" (which I still use).) On December 2014, I got interest again in fanon. I wanted to start over so I went to find an another wiki... that's how starting December I got more active on Game Ideas Wiki. I re-used MasGaling but stated on my company page that it is a different one, a different "universe". If you want to know more, check the …

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