You may remember my old Pokemon RPG that I got rid of due to people abusing their control over the main character and making silly things happen. Not only that, but they also controlled other characters and ruined it. I reloaded it soon after with more rules. Filet-O-Fish ruined it :(

So here it is! RE-RELOADED!


  1. You comment with a > before it saying what the main character (named Hero) is doing. Example: ">I jump out of bed" or ">I call out Ratty the Ratata".
  2. Don't be silly- well, you can a little, but typing up random things just doesn't work. Random actions will be hidden (such as ">I watch Loony Tunes then jump up and down and dance to funkytown than peel down the wall and throw a pie at the grenade")
  3. You can only control Hero. 1337doom (tbc) controls EVERYTHING ELSE.
  4. Make it rated E by the ESRB- no swearing or questionable or suggestive themes. Violence is fine, as long as it isn't disturbing.

I probably have more rules but whatever. Also, I plan to start a fad- make your own Blog RPGs! (The Charley series is a good example but its not really the same because you control everything)


You are a boy named Hero, and it is your 10th birthday, so your excited to train POKE'MON! You jump out of bed. In the room is a TV, a Nintendo Wii, your bed, and stairs leading downstairs.

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