10 Things Missing In Super Mario Maker 2-1

10 Things Missing In Super Mario Maker 2-1

As this video from GameXplain as well as other previewers has pointed out, Super Mario Maker 2 is missing some of the features of the original that made it whacky and reminiscent of the original Mario Paint series. For example

  • As we all knew, Costumes are completely gone, making the Super Mario Bros. style much more boring
  • Weird Mario has been completely removed other than one cameo; he can no longer be activated randomly OR on purpose
  • The Fly Swatting Minigame has been removed
  • The Title Screen no longer has special animations based on the day of the week nor special easter eggs for tapping the letters of the logo
  • The Big Mario power-up no longer applies a CRT filter nor does it make mustaches appear on enemies
  • Special death noises no longer appear

These changes, along with what seem to be negative changes to the UI and limited functionality in some modes, have dampened my hype for the game, although I still plan to pick it up. What do you all think?

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