Hey everyone, I'm doing research for a crossover project that is aimed at both hardcore Nintendo fans and newcomers to their numerous franchises, and so I want to appeal to everyone. As such, I wanted to see which series make people the most excited, as I want to focus on those. While this may be a bit of a biased sample size on Fantendo, I'm also asking many friends, many of whom are not major Nintendo fans, to try and see which series are loved the most and which are more relevant and such. I'd ask that below, you rank your five most liked Nintendo series in order. For example:

  1. Mario
  2. Zelda
  3. Pikmin
  4. Pokémon
  5. Metroid

The order they are ranked is important, with 1 being you favourite. I haven't seen anything like this recently that weas structured; I'm going to compile answers together to create an "objective" ranking. Thanks for participating.

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