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  • .arcticbreath

    thank you, goodnight

    August 14, 2019 by .arcticbreath

    nobody has cared about me on this site for a long time. i mean maybe it's always sort of been like that. i'd get those temporary buzzes of recognition or welcome. but from the beginning ive always felt like i joined a friend group far too late, and ive been the one jealous of all the fun everyone else is having with their inside jokes and what not, and those different sub groups, and as a result i do what i can to fit in to hopefully feel the love that everyone else feels.

    but i think it's always been somewhat artificial. my attempts to fit in. because they never really worked, did they? i think year after year i would try to make a big scene just so i would be acknowledged and felt like i was a part of this community at least in some way.


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  • .arcticbreath

    R.I.P. Craptendo

    July 19, 2019 by .arcticbreath

    It's officially down now.

    Goodnight, my sweet baby boy. :'( You did really bad.

    Comment the worst thing that you've ever seen on Craptendo to honor it's shitty legacy.

    And also press F.

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  • .arcticbreath

    yeah this ones sort of like the last one but only hip hop

    and i'll associate an actual artist with it

    not sure how this one will go tbh but let's give it a go. it was fun last time, so...

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  • .arcticbreath

    Hello, Ice here. Just thought I'd address a huge problem that I've been having across multiple platforms, that somehow Fandom staff hasn't fixed, and it's legitimately screwing us over.

    I tried this on two seperate computers, and so I think it's safe to call it a legitimate fact/problem. Two different IP's and ISP's too, so there's no connection between the two.

    You know how when you click on an image on here, a thing pops up, and in order to save it to your computer, you must press the "see full image" button then do "save as"?

    Now, when you click on the "see full size image" link it leads you to a URL, that looks like above. Why is this an issue? As you may notice, it still leads to the wikia domain. And so, if you try to save this to your …

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  • .arcticbreath

    hey everyone ice here, uhh ive had a bit of a rough time lately so im gonna do this to get my mind off of it

    just comment like a sentence, word, or something like that, and I will reply and turn it into an album cover fitting that phrase or word.

    let it commence!

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