User Crystal
The User Crystals as they appear in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.
Item Type Crystal
Kind of Item Deity Item
First Appearance Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
Spacial Manipulation
Inflicting states

User Crystals are crystals used by deities like The Fan, The Enemy, The Other and The Threat. The concept of User Crystals debuted in Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!, where Querius steals it from the Fantendo Castle and later it is corrupted, causing the entire world to change. They return with a updated role in the plot of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, marking their first appearance in the New Fantendoverse or in any work since their inception. After the events of Days of Victory, the four main User Crystals are locked up in The Other's watch tower in the Wasteland, where he keeps an eye on them.

User Crystals are generally a universal concept among deities in the Fantendoverse, as it is used to mark creations and feats by them, as well a way to keep order/chaos and keep the balance of the universe stable. Any ascended being (deity) can create one, as well as operate any of the User Crystals that fall into their possession. However, more minor deities generally lack one as they do not see the need for one.


User Crystals are hexagonal crystals, usually colored in the primary color of their user. User Crystals can change over time in appearance, gaining spots or forming protective black skin should they feel in danger. They are generally about a foot tall and are flat across the center crystal, being about three inches wide from the side.

  • The Fan's User Crystal is blue and has a symbol of a star on the center.
  • The Enemy's User Crystal is red and has a symbol of a flame on the center. It features cracks across the sides.
  • The Threat's User Crystal is purple and has a symbol of a crescent moon on the center. It features a growing, sharp rock-like shell.
  • The Other's User Crystal is orange and has a symbol of a comet on the center.
  • The Fool's User Crystal is jet black and has a symbol of a black hole on it. It also features partial checkerboard patterns that are pressed into the crystal.
  • The Co-Op's User Crystal is a conjoined red and blue User Crystal, with a symbol of a dna strand in the center.
  • Zyvoline's User Crystal is a lime-green User Crystal, surrounded by ink-colored intestines. A yin-and-yang symbol can be found dead-center.


User Crystals catalog information and data created by each deity, logging everything they ever have created in their own informational banks. Additionally, User Crystals are used to protect planets and other beings, as well as take over planets by drilling a strand into them. Another use for User Crystals involves inflicting a victim with the user's ambitions across them, causing them to change appearance and personality. Victims often do not remember what happened in this form, although it is not a form of control, just instilling emotions that were already present and maximizing their effects.

Any User Crystals can be activated by any deity, as shown in Days of Victory, which would likely go for demi-gods like The Threat's Top 10 as well. Anything with an Ascended status can utilize and create a User Crystal. However, not all User Crystals are created equal and can only modify what falls under their jurisdiction, which can overlap in the case of The Fan and The Enemy's User Crystals.

Crystal States

Each User Crystal has it's own different Crystal State it can put on a person, as noted above. Crystal States can be cancelled out by inflicting a different Crystal State onto a person or wear off after the victim falls unconscious or gets hit so hard it shocks them out of it.

  • The Fan's User Crystal puts victims in a state of Fanaticism. They become narrow-minded and ignore everything that isn't pertaining to the mission they have their mind set to. They become blind to anything fishy or unusual. In this form, characters receive blue, fast-looking clothing and can sometimes gain blue hair.
  • The Enemy's User Crystal puts victims in a state of Wrath. They become aggressive and willing to destroy anyone that has remotely slighted them in any way, or looks at them in a funny way. However, true friendships and romantic relationships are harder to enrage the victim. In this form, characters receive red and black armor over their clothes and sometimes gain red hair.
  • The Threat's User Crystal puts victims in a state of Threatening. Victims become mindless fighters, swinging weapons with nary a care. They will harm everyone, even friends, although their fighting style is severely weakened. Victims may tease their opponents endlessly. In this form, characters are turned yellow and purple, often gaining purple or yellow hair as well.
  • The Other's User Crystal puts victims in a state of Other-Worldlyness. Victims become quiet and subdued, lost in thought. They also become very sleepy, often taking long naps. Out of all the Crystal Forms, this is generally agreed to be the most worthless, having only a calming function. Victims wear orange, heavy clothing and sometimes gain orange hair.
  • The Fool's User Crystal puts victims in a state of Foolishness. Victims become incredibly silly and outright stupid, disconnected from their surroundings and the people they once knew and loved. They also become passively happy, almost blindingly so. They are enthusiastic and optimistic about everything and do not hold grudges. Victims wear black and white jester clothes and sometimes gain black or white hair.
  • The Co-Op's User Crystal puts victims in a state of DNA Binding. Victims become passive towards their own species and receive and incredible searing pain across their body if they feel aggressive thoughts, it also makes them slightly more aggressive towards other species usually the more different the two species are the more aggressive the victim is. The victim's veins and arteries (if they possess any) glow bright colours across their body and the victim's heartbeat can be heard clearly from a distance, they also are adorned with Multi-coloured robes.
  • Zyvoline's User Crystal puts victims in a state of Zymosis. Their minds become connected with the likes of Zyvoline, who can read their minds even in the afterlife and infect them with a disease that eats away at their minds to break them down unless they comply with the wishes and wants of the deity that echo in their ears. In this form, characters look more exotic and bug-like in nature and slightly more cybernetic in nature, especially with their eyes.


Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!

User Crystals debut in Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!, where Querius manages to steal Plumber's user crystal. Sam accidentally corrupts the User Crystal upon placing it back into it's rightful place, allowing Querius to take over.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

User Crystals are reintroduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as major plot elements. The beginning of the story focuses on capturing The Threat's User Crystal, which The Fan and The Enemy attempt to pass off as their own, although Leah soon learns the truth and is slandered by The Fan and The Enemy to distract from their lie. Towards the end of Act 1, Sam and Rachel, effected by The Fan's own User Crystal, grab The Threat's User Crystal, although Sam puts in the Threat's User Crystal in the wrong place, allowing her access to Kolob and The Fan and The Enemy's creations, although she needs to retake over all the planets they laid claim to through strands.

At the end of Act 2, R. Vogue recovers the Fan and The Enemy's User Crystals and the two deities use them to undo The Threat's work. They are later mentioned in the epilouge, having been taken from the three gods and given to The Other for safekeeping.

The Super Fantendo Show

They are set to reappear, but their current purpose is unknown.



  • User Crystals are a nod to Wikia's Contributions feature, drawing parallels of the deities to Fantendo Users.

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