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Hello people that are reading this. I am YoshiGo99 and you may have seen me on a list of sites, the first site I started at was the Mario Wiki. I found out about this place a while back, probably a year after it was created. I decided to join since I had a few ideas of games in my head. I wanted to share them but I didn't know where, then I thought Fantendo is a good place to share my ideas, in which I did. My company is called Cosmic Koopa Company. I am really good at making 3D artwork but I am not the best.


My favorite pages

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My pages and Finished Games of mine

Artwork for Future Things

Paper Mario: The Magical Orbs (Being worked on)

Click here for tattle log. NOTE: This list isn't a complete list. It will be changed throughout time.

Chapter Locations

  • Chapter 1: ???; Grass/Fields/Fortress
  • Chapter 2: Treasure in the Sandy Ruins; Desert/Ruins/Pyramid
    • Sand-Field Dunes
    • Sandstorm Canyon
    • Sandstone Ruins
  • Chapter 3: ???; Haunted/Ghost House
  • Chapter 4: ???; Island/Jungle/Ruins/Temple
    • Jungle Island
    • Seaside Beach
    • Tropical Tree Jungle
    • Greenleaf Creek
    • Jungle Ruins
  • Chapter 5: Visiting the Koopa Troop; Volcanic/Castle
    • Koopa Path
    • Bowser's Castle
  • Chapter 6: Aboard the Mushroom Express; Train/Stations/Town
    • Mushroom Express
    • Sunset Station
    • Rockwall Way
  • Chapter 7: ???; Snow/Ice/Mountain
    • Snowflake Fields
    • Blizzard Valley
    • Icetop Cliffs
  • Chapter 8: Hot, Hot Volcano; Volcano/Caverns
    • Lava Rock Road
    • Magma Volcano
    • Molten Rock Caverns
  • Chapter 9: X-Nauts Return; Laboratory/Facility
    • X Island
    • Facility Gates
    • X-Naut Fortress
  • Chapter 10: Through the Dark Shadows; ???
  • Others
    • City Showdown Battle Arena (Unlocked after Chapter 5)
    • Pit of 100 Trials

City Showdown Battle Arena

The City Showdown Battle Arena is very similar to the Glitz Pit from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and the Pit of 100 Trials. You fight 30 teams and then the Champion, Brawk Hawk. The City Showdown Battle Arena is completely optional and can be unlocked after Chapter 5. Many of the teams are very strong and difficult to face. The reward that is earned when you become the champion is the Strange Sack. The Strange Sack is a special object that lets you carry a total of 25 Items in the game.



The list of tracks below is the soundtrack of the game.

Mario Kart: Extreme Speed (Being worked on)

New Courses

Cup Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5
Mushroom Cup
Flower Cup
NSMBU Star.png
Star Cup
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Rainbow Road

There will also be retro tracks included. The game will have 6 new battle courses and 6 retro battle courses.

My Signatures

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