hi, my name's lucas, but you may call me luke. for some reason i like triangles, and therefore my favourite characters in two of my favourite shows are peridot and bill cipher. not had much wikia experience, but i know the coding and stuff.




Copycat: i know what its about



How do I do _____?

How do i fit a child character into a more mature, actiony story?

well, somehow, i have ideas. it's not really that hard, you just need to have creativity. if the other characters (that are not children) swear, make it so they're about to swear but then replace the curse word with some random curse you'd use as a child. ie: Hey! What the f-.. flop?

How do I stop getting cyber bullied?

just block the person cyber bullying you, or just ignore them in a whole.

How do I get a creative mind?

idk. think about most of your ideas in the shower. somehow this increases your mind and your imagination might run wild!

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