aka Scrimmy

  • I live in gamer town usa
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is loving my girlfriend
  • I am god of chaos

Hey hi hello there I'm TirAmysu, but you can call me Amy,  Atomic, or Ams. Also my apologies in advance if I say or do something completely stupid. I tend to do that a lot. I'm not really here all that much but if you have any questions or you want me to draw something for you, just ask. I don't bite, I promise.

Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day/night.

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Old Ideas

  • Elemental Chaos - Two siblings have to collect the 8 elemental orbs and their guardians before the dark empress revives herself and plunges their world into eternal torment.
  • Townfall - An action game where you turn into monsters and destroy helpless civilizations to reclaim your land.
  • Pokémon Shimmer and Shine - Basically the average Pokémon game. (not entirly sure if i'm gonna end up doing this uhh)

By the Way I Have a Webcomic!!

Evic poster redo

It's very not good but if you feel like validating my existence click here

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