aka puddl, the politest of cats

  • I live in a society
  • I was born on October 19
  • I am kinda hungry doe


hey why not check out the only half-decent thing i've ever made during my time on the wiki

Hey there, I’m puddl :) You’ve probably stumbled across my username and decided to click on my userpage. Sadly I’m no longer regularly working on Fantendo projects, just perhaps stopping by occasionally to use my userspace for random personal projects and work on something if I feel a random motivational urge of creativity.

I like video games and music. My favorite games/series are Pokémon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Mario, Splatoon, Minecraft and Skyrim. My favorite Pokémon is Luxray. My favorite artists are Lemon Demon, Muse, Jack Stauber, Mother Mother, Tally Hall, The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club. Also I swear quite a lot so if that offends you, sorry.

My DMs are always open at puddl#1650 if you would like to have a chat. However, please keep these things in mind:

  • Please don’t use my DMs to vent about your problems. As much as I'd like to help it’s very unlikely I'll actually be able to unfortunately and I can barely support myself mentally let alone other people.
  • Art requests will be ignored. Sorry but I probably won't be able to do them due to most likely being pre-occupied with my own art or real life stuff.
  • I’d personally prefer it if you didn’t send a message that’s just “Hi” or “Hello”. While it’s nice to talk, I find it hard to advance a conversation beyond that.
  • Don't be a dick. If you're trying to start any drama or bring up old shit I've done you'll just be blocked.

I also got a few other places if you want to contact me or friend me or add me up idc:

Nintendo Switch: SW-7043-4106-4245
Nintendo 3DS: 3695-0496-1731
Twitter: @_thepuddlecat_
DeviantArt: ThePuddleCat

If you’re looking for my stuff:

Cool People

Friends I guess? Verified cool people who I sometimes speak to on here or on the Discord. (If you're not on here and you think you should be or vice versa, just ping me a message and I'll sort it out!)

Scarlet (tbc)
Faz (tbc)
Hoola (tbc)
Coral (tbc)
Prince (tbc)
John (tbc)
Guac (tbc)
Crakabo (tbc)
Oddish (tbc)
Muffin (tbc)
Dragoon (tbc)
Shark (tbc)
Plaz (tbc)
Petra (tbc)
Brainz (tbc)
West (tbc)

Cool Projects

These are just some of the projects on this site that have either served as a huge inspiration to me, or are just really cool. Be sure to check them out and leave a nice comment for the creator.

Random Facts About Me

  • My goals for the future include improving my art, learning to drive, and getting a degree in Zoology.
  • I try not to keep grudges with anyone - I believe everyone makes mistakes, especially on the internet. So if we have a dispute, I'll be happy to leave it behind if you are too.
  • I'm socially awkward and anxious and very commonly say stuff I don't really mean by wording my sentences badly. So apologies in advance if I offend you by accident.
  • I'm heteroromantic & asexual, not that that's very important or anything lol.
  • I love cats, and all animals for that matter. Not a furry but... furry characters kinda cute doe
  • I won't judge you for what you enjoy as long as you don't try and force onto me and it's not immoral.
  • IRL I'm a student living in Britain, studying History, Biology and Physics.
Check out this bingo chart if you want to know more random facts about me.


Stuff about me that you probably don't care about.

Flag of the United Kingdom


Asexual flag


Annoying Dog

SSB Mario Series

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series



Twitter bird logo


SSBBIce Climbers
SSBBKing Dedede
Muse The2ndLaw





Images I've used to represent myself over the years. (DD/MM/YY format)


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Type Detail Date
Type 1
Medal Join Fantendo
Join Fantendo
Jun 20, 2018
Type 3
Medal Sysop Approval
Sysop Approval
Super Smash Bros. Aether Jul 23, 2018
Type 3
Medal Sysop Approval
Sysop Approval
Mario Kart: Gold Sep 13, 2018
Type 3
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Pokémon Infinity Nov 30, 2018
Type 3
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Sysop Approval
Draco Duel Jan 29, 2019
Type 2
Medal 5k Edits
5k Edits
Apr 17, 2020
Type 3
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Draco Duel 2 Apr 25, 2020
Type 3
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Mario Kart: Platinum May 2, 2020
Type 3
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Sysop Approval
Puddle's Super Smash Bros. May 10, 2020

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