sandbox: box full of sand

deep space jamboree

  • quirky little party game featuring a cast of entirely original characters, set in a massive space arena floating a good few light years away
  • several gameplay modes
    • ”board jam”: virtual board game-styled gameplay reminiscent of mario party involving minigames and dice rolls
    • ”symphony jam”
    • ”elementary jam”: detective game where each player is assigned a random role in one of a few murder mystery scenarios: detective must determine who the killer is
    • ”squadron jam”
  • lowkey an excuse to throw some older ideas for characters into an actual game for a change

chiaroscuro base characters

  • mario
  • peach
  • bowser
  • princess bowser
  • yoshi
  • toadsworth
  • luigi
  • daisy
  • wario
  • waluigi
  • birdo
  • donkey kong
  • diddy kong
  • bowser jr
  • pauline
  • nabbit
  • captain toad
  • toadette
  • kamek
  • petey piranha
  • king boo
  • king k rool
  • rosalina
  • lubba
  • tatanga
  • fawful
  • antasma
  • geno

ghost-themed metroidvania

finian felicis is finally getting his own game binches!!

  • adventure game taking place in what’s effectively a large gloomy purgatory turned into a string of villages and unexplored depths
  • learning different spells unlocks new paths and areas to explore the world

super smosh games brothers

MarioLuigiPeachBowserDry BowserBowser Jr.RosalinaNabbitPiranha PlantDonkey KongDiddy KongDixie KongKing K. RoolYoshiKamekWarioCaptain SyrupDr. MarioPaper MarioForeman SpikeLinkToon LinkZeldaSheikGanondorfLanaSkull KidSamusDark SamusZero Suit SamusRidleyKirbyKing DededeMeta KnightDark Meta KnightBandanna DeeMarxDaroachPikachuPichuJigglypuffMewtwoScizorGrovyleLucario

ReuniclusGreninjaIncineroar Fox Falco Wolf Krystal Ness Lucas Masked Man Giegue Captain Falcon Black ShadowChibi-RoboMr. Game & WatchIce ClimbersPitPalutenaDark PitViridiMarthCaedaHectorIkeRobinCorrin OlimarStarfyChorus KidsR.O.B.VillagerIsabelleTom Nook Isaac ShulkRexLittle MacCaptain RainbowWii Fit TrainerDuck HuntInklingAgent 8JibanyanDr. CoyleSukaponDemilleSonicMega ManPac-ManSnakeSimonBayonettaBombermanVivi OrnitierJokerDrawn HeroShovel KnightSteveThe KnightParty PhilPrimid

Mii Fighter

Character Description

Party Phil


Character Description

Lucky Veridian
Lean, Green, Low Self-Esteem

Lucky is the unassuming main protagonist of our story, an awkward, often jittery feline with an ironic bout of bad luck. The poor guy is fully convinced he’s cursed for life in some way; his background provides certain justification. Long ago, a run-in with a clan of mysterious sorcerers left him with an untamed power—to manipulate shadows with his palms—that he never wanted. When the sorcerers return to the island, however, Lucky finds himself wielding this magic for the first time, to assist newfound ally Myortia in ejecting them from his island.

Lucky’s about as balanced as characters in this game get, as his stats are fairly in the middle all around. The only defining quirk he possesses in terms of stats is hat his Luck stat flat-out does not exist, and he cannot get critical hits. Lucky can pull off some basic claw-based attacks and maneuvers, but most of his learnset revolves around his ability to control and wield shadows, using them in attacks in a variety of different ways.

  • Health: 10
  • Attack: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Aerial: 5
  • Luck: 0
  • Confidence: 0
Dusk Claws
Lucky lashes out with extracted claws, scratching enemies. Dusk Claws are utilized in a variety of different techniques: it’s an up-close physical slash attack that is also utilized in Dusk Dash and Dusk Uppercut. Can be upgraded to Piercing Dusk, which ups the power of the Dusk Claws by a margin.
Sombre Bullet
Lucky emits a shadow-infused burst of energy deep within his soul, firing it from his hand. The projectile flies straight forward in a bulletlike fashion to strike an enemy. The spell can be upgraded with the help of another sorcerer to Sombre Burst, increasing its power and hitbox. Another upgrade transforms it into Sombre Shriek, maximizing its already high power and adding a spooky aesthetic to the spell.
Twisted Dive
Lucky dives directly downwards, landing on the ground with such force that a shockwave of darkness surrounds him on impact, dealing damage. The attack can be used to break through weak floors. An upgrade transforms it into Twisted Crash, powering the attack up and increasing its versatility.
Fading Void
Allows Lucky to teleport himself a meager distance through shadows. Doing this requires setting a destination and “fading” through the shadows to move to said destination. The technique can’t be used soon after its used initially, due to how much energy needs to be exerted to perform it, so it’s typically saved for emergency situations. Lucky can also use Black Puddle to fade to the location of the puddle, which requires more precision but allows for more distance.
Black Puddle
Lucky releases an inky blast of darkness to strike the earth, forming a "puddle" of shadows where the blast lands. This puddle will slow down enemies and deal periodic damage while they tread through it. The puddle disappears after 15 seconds, and only one puddle can be on the ground at a time. The puddle can be gotten rid of early, however.
Ringing Howl
Lucky runs a claw over his signature bell, releasing an ear-splitting noise that sends a shadowy sound wave forward. The sound wave deals moderate damage and, if the enemy is struck with the full force of the attack, stuns them briefly. Has a 10 second cooldown.
Stygian Outburst
Lucky clasps his hands together, and a large burst of dark energy erupts from the ground in front of him, engulfing opponents who are trapped in the blast zone. Deals a good amount of damage, but requires getting up-close to actually hit opponents. Has a 13 second cooldown.
Character Description

Myortia Zavarell
Snarking Dark Sorceress

Myortia Zavarell is a brash sorceress from Omnitopia, once a respected mage of the Omnis Clan, now excommunicated and exiled from her former allies. She snuck aboard the Omnis ships headed to the Quadrasera Isle to attempt to sabotage the cult of sorcerers. When she meets Lucky, a fellow (if less experienced) erebokinetic, she enlists the hesitant feline to help her with her cause, in exchange for saving his island and teaching him how to wield his dark magic competently.

Myortia acts as Lucky’s magical superior, as she’s, in technical terms, the most powerful of the four characters through her attacks. Though she has little reliable close-up attack potential, her attacks have great range and hit hard at the best times. Her agility is bested by Lucky’s, however, as she’s not incredibly graceful, and isn’t the most reliable character for platforming.

  • Health: 10
  • Attack: 7
  • Agility: 2
  • Aerial: 2
  • Luck: 4
  • Recklessness: 10
Twilight Orb
Myortia fires an orb-shaped burst of dark energy, which floats forward and deals damage upon contact. The projectile does more damage than Lucky's Sombre Bullet, but it moves at a slower rate, meaning there’s less of a guarantee it’ll land. Twilight Spark is the first upgrade of this attack, which is slightly faster and more powerful, and Twilight’s Wrath slows the spell down again slightly, but massively ups the damage output.
Fade Away
Myortia fades into the shadows for a split second, bypassing damage. The fade can be used to dodge attacks and move through obstacles without a scratch, but can only be activated for a brief period of time. Upgrades include Fade Dash, which allows Myortia to travel a decent distance through the fade, and Faded Ascension, which propels Myortia upwards in the fade.
Matter Flail
A small, dark orb of energy appears next to Myortia, moving around her quickly. The orb damages everything within a small radius of Myortia, but disappears after dealing enough damage. Upgrading it turns it into Matterstar, which doesn’t increase its speed or damage, but, rather, allows Myortia to stop moving briefly to control its directional path freely.
Black Thorns
Myortia waves a hand at the ground, and thorns, manipulated out of dangerous shadows burst from the Earth, piercing opponents from below. The thorns remain on the battlefield doing damage, and remain for 10 seconds: the attack cannot be used again until they disappear.
Vitalistic Chant
Myortia utters an ancient Omnis spell, as dark energy builds up around her. If she completes the spell (which takes 5 seconds), the magic around her manifests into an energized aura, boosting her attack power and speed for the next 15 seconds. When the aura disappears, or if the spell is interrupted, it cannot be used before a 9 second cooldown.
Sucker Pound
Myortia braces herself for attack, shadows building up in her palms. If Myortia is struck by an enemy while bracing herself, she lashes out with a black tentacle-like lash of dark magic, dealing great damage and knocking the enemy back.
Abyssal Void
Myortia charges up and slams the ground with a clenched fist, and a large blackhole begins to form in the ground, building size and intensity over time. The void attracts enemies to its core, dealing sizable damage if the opponent is in its radius—large damage if they are in its core. If interrupted or used, the attack has a 25 second cooldown.
Character Description

Karis Nyjahh
Sharp Mind, Sharper Claws

Karis Nyjahh is Lucky's best friend, a violet feline striving to open his own café. He met Lucky at a young age, and, through all of his friend’s struggles, he’s remained attached to the hip to him that entire time. Before Lucky met Myortia, Karis was the only one who understood Lucky and was able to help him feel at ease during moments of stress or anxiety, meaning his absence during the first half of the adventure is jarring to the green feline. When he and Sytha reunite with him after he and Myortia return from Omnitopia, however, he’s fiercely determined to remain by his side until his island is safe.

Karis plays similarly to Lucky in terms of health and attack stats, but the similarities fizzle out after that. Karis, like Lucky, attacks with his claws, but, with no magic to utilize, scratching is the focal point of his attacks, and he has several intricate combos he can pull off with his claws. Karis is the fastest character, but he also has the lowest jump of the characters: to make up for this, Karis’s claws allow him to dig up items underground, or scale certain walls or trees.

*Karis is unlocked as a playable character after defeating Omnitroid for the first time. His Health and Attack stats are weighted based on the progress of Lucky and Myortia’s values on those respective stats: the values can be upgraded from there if necessary.

  • Health: 10*
  • Attack: 5*
  • Agility: 7
  • Aerial: 1
  • Luck: 2
  • Hopefulness: 10
Fury Claw
Karis scratches at his enemies with his claws, dealing damage. When the claws are extracted, it also allows him to scale specific tall structures for a brief distance, allowing him to access new areas. If he trains under Shonyen, he can upgrade this ability to Rapier Claw, increasing the range and speed of his attacks greatly.
Pouncing Slash
Karis leaps forward, pouncing on whatever enemy is within scratching distance. If he lands the attack, he slashes at the opponent he makes contact with, dealing damage./small>
Karis digs at whatever ground is at his feet. This has different effects depending on the terrain—while this will likely do nothing to hard surfaces, Karis can dig small holes in dirt or sand, potentially uncovering hidden items. He can also get rid of larger dirt piles by digging them up, revealing whatever is underneath.
Karis braces himself, clashing his extracted claws together. While Karis is left entirely immobile for a few seconds while using this technique, pulling it off successfully (without being damaged) results in his attack doubling temporarily. This effect lasts for 10 seconds, with a 13 second cooldown.
Slash Tornado
Karis flies into a frenzy, slashing rapidly while spinning. This technique deals great damage if it lands properly, but is hard to make the most out of due to its range. The attack has a 9 second cooldown.
Magna Slash
Karis reels back, and slashes forward forcefully, cutting down whatever is in front of him. The attack does great damage, but takes very precise placement, as Karis cannot move while charging it up. Regardless of if it lands or not, the technique has a 10 second cooldown.
Character Description

Sytha Nyjahh
Sister Assister

Sytha Nyjahh is Karis's mature older sister, the owner of the home that the two and Lucky live in. She got to know Lucky after the misfortuned feline moved in with her family, and is incredibly supportive of her friend as a result of getting to know him. While she isn’t as understanding of Lucky’s insecurities as Karis, she is, at the very least, willing to try. She doesn’t consider herself a masterful fighter, but has trained with a bō staff in the past, and utilizes it when she is obligated to combat others.

Sytha's stats are, more or less, slightly more balanced than other playable characters, though she’s certainly got her strengths and weaknesses. Her agility is mostly prominent in the air than on the ground, as she isn’t the fastest character on ground, but she has the highest jumps out of all four of the characters. Her combat, like Karis, is up-close, but, instead of claws, she utilizes her trusty bō staff, which has more range than Karis's class, but is less powerful.

*Sytha is unlocked as a playable character after defeating Omnitroid for the first time. Her Health and Attack stats are weighted based on the progress of Lucky and Myortia’s values on those respective stats: the values can be upgraded from there if necessary.

  • Health: 10*
  • Attack: 5*
  • Agility: 1
  • Aerial: 6
  • Luck: 2
  • Responsibilities: 10
Staff Jab
Sytha swings her bō staff, smacking enemies with it to deal damage. The staff can be used for other puzzles, such as using it as a handle for a zipline. If she practices her combat with the help of Shonyen, her staff will be upgraded to include a blade at one end, increasing its power and its uses.
Staff Whirl
Sytha spins her staff furiously, smacking opponents with her weapon in a rapid pattern. Deals small chunks of damage over a long period of time.
After performing Staff Whirl, aiming the spinning staff upwards allows Sytha to take off into the air, floating through the air for a brief period. Her direction can be aimed freely using the movement buttons, and opponents above Sytha can be damaged with the staff.
Arcing Staff
Sytha chucks her bō staff in a straight line, as it spins in the air, hitting enemies, before returning to her grasp. If the staff is hit by an enemy in midair, it will fall out of the boomerang arc, and Sytha must retrieve it to continue using it.
Blazing Swing
Sytha charges up an attack with her staff, imbued with a fiery energy, and swings, flames trailing the arc of the staff. The swing deals great damage, and leaves behind a trail of fire to deal extra burn damage to enemies..
Bonfire Bluster
Sytha, using both hands, swings her staff into the ground, and scorched earth erupts from the impact point in a short line, greatly damaging all enemies in its area of effect. The attack is Sytha’s strongest in combat, and has a cooldown of 9 seconds.


  • Pioneers
    • DEFINITELY KEEPING: Bluebeard, Pynamo, Valentine, Fethelda, Shacklebolt
    • NOT SURE: Chrysanthemum, Serpentina, Callum
    • Butterfly-themed replacement for Chrysanthemum
  • NPC that accepts a collectible for money reward + other possible rewards?
    • Rat/mouse/possum
    • Name Idea: Greko



"The desolate kingdom of Hallownest ventures into Super Smash Bros.!"

The Hollow Knight Update is a free downloadable DLC pack, or "update", for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, released worldwide on February 24, 2019. As the unofficial name entails, the DLC update adds a plethora of Hollow Knight-themed content, including a new playable character, stages, assist trophies, items, music, and more, to the base game. The update was released in collaboration and input with Hollow Knight's development team, Team Cherry: development for the content started shortly after the game was ported to the Switch, and the update was released as a separate body from the other paid content being promoted for Ultimate.

Potential spoilers for Hollow Knight await below. If you do not want the game spoiled for you, tread carefully!


The creation of the Hollow Knight content update can be traced back to the release of the game’s port for the Nintendo Switch. Shortly before the port launched, Team Cherry was approached by Nintendo, and they were asked to develop Hollow Knight-themed content for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: according to an interview with head developers Ari Gibson and William Pellen, "the content pack was originally just one character and a few Spirits, and slowly grew into something massive". To prepare to get a feel for the game before deciding what to include in Ultimate, several of the game's developers played through Hollow Knight, where they reportedly had different levels of success; one developer was unaware of several aspects of the game, including the Mantis Lords boss fight.

Many early ideas were thrown around between Sakurai and Team Cherry before the content of the game was decided. They are as followed:

  • One prominent idea was to include more than one playable character as part of the pack: Hornet was initially planned to be an Echo Character of The Knight, with more agility and less power. Unfortunately, the idea was scrapped due to time constraints, and Hornet was one of two Assist Trophies in the pack, along with Grimm.
    • Grimm himself was also briefly considered for playability, but he was scrapped as well: the Grimmchild Emblem item was added to the pack for compensation. During an Ultimate-based interview, William Gellen went more into cut characters: "Yeah, we really wanted more than one playable character. Aside from the main protagonist, the most obvious choice for a second character was Hornet, and, with a little more time, we might’ve gotten her in. That didn’t happen, unfortunately, because we realized we wouldn’t have enough time to finish it. But the other idea was to have Grimm! We wrote out an entire moveset for him, and it would’ve been amazing. Hornet would’ve made more sense, which is why we prioritized her at the time. And then we couldn’t finish her in time either, so we took what we had and made her an Assist Trophy. Grimm became one, as well. It blows, sure, but hey, you win some, you lose some."
  • Several ideas for additional assist trophies were also considered—among them being Quirrel, False Knight, and a Zote assist who would transform into Grey Prince Zote after taking enough hits. During an interview, the Zote idea was mentioned by Ari Gibson: "Oh, yeah, Zote was totally meant to be a third Assist Trophy. He would’ve been a powerful Assist in disguise: he’d flail around for a few seconds doing nothing, but, if he got pummeled, he’d turn into Grey Prince Zote and wreak some serious havoc. Unfortunately, a maximum of two Assists was decided on, and, since we were farther along programming the other two, he had to be scrapped."
  • False Knight was also considered for a boss in World of Light, but was scrapped in favor of the Hollow Knight, who was much more relevant to Hollow Knight's overarching plot.
  • Stage ideas were played around with: Grimm’s Theatre, Black Egg Temple, and The Abyss were all considered for individual ideas, before the transitioning Hallownest Kingdom stage was decided on. White Palace was also briefly a transitioning stage, but was kept static to contrast Hallownest Kingdom. The stages were also touched on in the interview: "Hallownest Kingdom is easily the best part of the update, without a doubt. It’s such a cool idea and I’m so glad we got it into the game. But we had other ideas! Grimm’s arena was one idea, but that kind of went away when Grimm wasn’t being considered for playability anymore. Black Egg Temple would’ve been a neat stage if the Hollow Knight wasn’t being fought in the World of Light. And The Abyss? That almost got put in over the White Palace. It would’ve been neat, but I think we made the right decision. Speaking of which, the White Palace was also almost a transitioning stage like Hallownest Kingdom! Only reason it wasn’t was because it was getting too difficult to design contrasting stage designs for the same stage, and... well, we already had that idea in one stage. So we kept things as simple as we needed them to, and it came out fantastically."
  • Other scrapped ideas include: the Defender's Crest and Joni's Blessing as items, False Knight being considered for a stage boss in Hallownest Kingdom, and several other ideas for spirits that were unimplemented due to time constraints.

New Character: The Knight

Character Description
The Knight ventures forth!

Addition Log

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website was updated with an "Addition Log" regarding the update, a complete list of every addition and/or update released in tandem with the DLC pack. The noted additions are written below.

  • The Knight ventures forth! Hallownest's silent creature of Void is the most recent newcomer to the Smash Bros. arena, wielding nothing but a sharp nail and an armory of strange spells and techniques. The Knight is a powerful but frail fighter, armed with powerful close-up and long-range attacks, while incapable of taking many hits themselves, but their agility allows them to stay within an inch of danger's way!
  • New Stage - Hallownest Kingdom! Players fight on constantly transitioning battlegrounds in different areas of the quirky realm of Hallownest. Whether you’re admiring the verdant scenery of Greenpath, sparring in the City of Tears' rainy central, or avoiding peril in the unsettling Deepnest, there’s always something new to discover in this kingdom of insects!
  • New Stage - White Palace! The mysteriously disappeared remnants of Hallownest's royal grounds, populated by the Pale King's loyal subjects. This massive castle radiates with light, but one mustn’t be blinded by the scenery, if they want to avoid the spikes and buzzsaws! Breathtaking from afar but treacherous to step foot on, utilize the White Palace's hazards to your advantage to defeat your opponents!
  • New Assists!
    • Hornet! Hallownest's self-proclaimed protector, Hornet, is agile and powerful, with her swift battle style, and with quick reflexes to boot! Only the most respected warriors can counter her strikes.
    • Troupe Master Grimm! The cunning leader of the Grimm Troupe strikes the stage with fiery charisma. Grimm’s mastery of fire magic will prove beneficial to whoever summons him, and his enemies should be careful not to get burned.
  • New Items!
    • Fragile Charm! One of three charms with special attributes—will it boost your power, reduce damage you sustain, or attract items to your character? But be careful—take enough damage, and the charm breaks for good!
    • Grimmchild Emblem! Summon a small Grimmchild to follow you around and assist in combat and blaze opponents! The small demon gets more powerful the longer its alive, but opponents can attack it to put it out of commission, so be sure to protect it!
  • New Boss - The Hollow Knight! Born to trap the deadly infection within the walls of the Black Egg Temple, the Hollow Knight, an imperfect Vessel, has broken free of its chains, and can now be fought as part of World of Light.
  • New Spirits! New Spirits of all kinds of unique power have been added to the lineup, based on Hallownest's denizens!
  • New Music! Christopher Larkin's brilliant soundtrack, both in their faithful original variations and in the form of fantastic remastered versions, are here to set the tone of many battles to come!

gladiator’s festival

  • Camyre Leone
  • Myortia
  • Mae Borowski
  • Ralsei
  • Dung Defender
  • Brook
  • Plague Knight
  • Hyness
  • Bunston
  • DeMille
  • Mistress of Weird
  • Zenyatta
  • Maxwell
  • Revali
  • Marceline
  • Breloom
  • Peacock
  • Reten
  • Dr. Coyle
  • Amaterasu
  • Doraemon
  • Primid
  • Kiva Glaive
  • The Judge
  • Party Phil


Bowser SSBUltimate.png
PiranhaPlant SSBUltimate.png
Piranha Plant
Yoshi SSBUltimate.png
Zelda SSBL.png
KingDedede SSBUltimate.png
King Dedede
KSA Zan Partizanne model.png
Zan Partizanne
Incineroar SSBU.png
Robin SSBUltimate (Female).png
Ridley SSBU.png
Ness SSBUltimate.png
Isabelle SSBUltimate.png
Mr. Game & Watch SSBL.png
Mr. Game & Watch
Wolf SSBU.png
Shovel Knight
The Knight


Night in the Woods: Daybreak is a single-player narrative-based adventure game, and a sequel to the critically acclaimed 2017 title, Night in the Woods. Developed once again by indie company Infinite Fall, Daybreak is an indirect continuation of the first title, featuring a mostly new cast of characters and a new setting, but telling a story that connects to the first title. Daybreak also puts a more prominent focus on gameplay, as the developers were dissatisfied with the lack of attention towards it in the original, compared to the focus on the narrative.

In a similar vein to the original, the player controls a character navigating an expansive overworld, while bonding with certain characters or completing daily objectives for others. The game’s overworld, Bright Harbor, is noted for being much more explorative and expansive than Possum Springs in the first game, with more people to talk to, more objectives to complete, and more areas to explore outside of the main town. Other notable tweaks between the first game and Daybreak include more extensive, varied sidequests, the ability for the player character to romance certain other NPCs, an on-the-go cell phone replacing the computer from the first game, and a story with a greater focus on the supernatural moments compared to the original’s story.

TheFoxyRiolu/Sandbox, chronologically, takes place three years after the original Night in the Woods, and is primarily set in a new location, Bright Harbor (a large port city mentioned in the first game). The game stars Clover, a 20-something woman who begins to adjust to her new life in the port town after running away from her hometown for initially unknown reasons. However, as she starts to befriend some of the denizens and make herself at home, she is forced to confront her own emotions, and the reason why she left home in the first place, all the while investigating a string of mysterious killings that spring up when she arrives in town.

The game is set to release on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch on October 31, 2020.


Daybreak, as stated above, takes place three years after the first Night in the Woods game, this time starring a 24 year-old zoomorphic mouse named Clover, who leaves her childhood hometown, Markinsville, to move to a port town called Bright Harbor, where she moves in with her Uncle Oakley to start a new life. However, as she deals with her own homesickness and issues with self-worth, she mistakenly becomes involved in a string of murders in her neighborhood, and is labeled a suspect by the Bright Harbor police.

TheFoxyRiolu/Sandbox is generally very loyal to the gameplay of its predecessor

Plot Synopsis



Important Items



Unsung Hero

  • Music-themed platformer with RPG elements, heavily inspired by Super Paper Mario.
  • Takes place in a kingdom called Singdom of Musiana, the story is simplistic, following a young, aspiring musician’s apprentice named Note, who is tasked with recovering the music sheets of an ancient song that is said to protect the Singdom from danger.
  • The basic combat focuses on “instruments”, weapons with up to two different inputs based around real-life instruments. Some instruments are given as gifts, but most are either bought or found hidden away in levels.
    • Bongos: Rapid-fire weapon that does little damage with one input, but multiple inputs can rack up large amounts of damage.
    • Kazoo: Silly-sounding instrument that does low damage
    • Triangle: Small percussion instruments that sends out triangular-shaped sound days in a fixed direction

super mario title

  • released in 2019, a second mario switch title akin to a fusion of 64's mission based gameplay and odyssey's open feeling.
  • tentative lore idea: the queen of fire, a corrupted peach from an alternate/parallel universe (called the meteor realm) in which mario failed to rescue peach from bowser's wedding, longs to take over the pure kingdom and bring her counterpart to her dimension to help rule (as she has long since overthrown and exiled bowser and the rest of the koopa troop).
  • she kidnaps peach in the middle of a quarrel between mario and bowser when the latter comes to the mushroom kingdom
  • an open-world mission based platformer adventure with two concurrent stories to play through:
    • side 1: mario and bowser, with the help of a new companion, a telekinetic fire creature from the meteor realm named everal, goes on a quest to collect sun stars, energy-filled vessels that can power a portal to the meteor realm.
    • side 2: peach, alongside a rebellious toad from the meteor realm, make a grandiose escape from the fire queen's castle, and go on the run.
  • a good chunk of the levels are dedicated to basic platforming (mario), while the remaining levels are beat-em-ups, similar to the end of the final boss battle in mario odyssey.
  • everal can be accessed in either stages for different purposes: he can reveal hidden objects in the mario levels, and can move blockades and give bowser brief boosts in power in the bowser levels. he's a short, lizard-like creature who the queen of fire brought through the portal as part of her army, but he escaped as an act of rebellion and was left behind with mario and bowser when peach was kidnapped.
    • both characters:
      • Lavafrost Peak: similar to the fire/ice themed galaxies in galaxy 1 and 2, the level consists of a mountainous plain in which half of the area is themed after fire and lava, while the other is themed around ice and the cold. the area is inhabited by two species, Maggletoras and Shiverives, who are at war over territory.

pokémon radiant rainbow

My FINAL attempt at a successful Pokémon game: I want to combine the best elements of both Spectrum and the planned version of Spiral to make an awesome “ROM-hack style” type of Pokémon game.

  • Takes place in a new region called Pandunne.
  • Along with a choice of starters from the Alola region, you receive a Poipole as your “main story starter”.
  • A good chunk of the story involves Poipole being on the run from the Ultra Recon Soldiers, a squadron of Ultra Space inhabitants who want Poipole for an unknown reason. Poipole bumps into you at the beginning of the game and joins your team to battle the first trainer of the game, a Recon Grunt.
  • The entire National Pokédex, from Generations 1-7, is available for capture, in exchange for a lack of Fakémon.
  • There are also more than 75 “Ultra Alternates” to existing Pokémon: alternate forms of existing Pokémon that were genetically modified and tested on after being captured and taken for experimentation by Ultra Space scientists. Most aren’t available in the wild, but are recruitable through other methods.
  • ”Gym System” is replaced by a Guild System similar to the one in Spectrum: partake in a trial, fight a Pandunian Guardian (similar to a Totem Pokémon), and finish the trial by fighting the Guild Master. There are 10 Guilds in Pandunne overall.
  • Three “rivals”: two of them originated as characters in Spectrum (Joshua and Nicolas), and the third, Leigha, is brand new. Note that Spectrum is basically completely disconnected from this game lore-wise, but many elements from Spectrum carry over to Radiant Rainbow, including a similar region theme, locations, some of the characters, and the Guild idea.
    • Six of the ten Guilds focus on one type, while the other four have a theming of two types.
      • Fighting / Psychic (Clamore)
      • Fire / Water (Eva)
      • Bug / Grass (Forrest)
      • Electric / Steel (Voltaire)
      • Dark (Athena)
      • Ground (Desiree)
      • Normal (Simon)
      • Fairy (Roman)
      • Ghost (Seamus)
      • Poison (Mallory)
  • GUILD LEADERS (in no particular order)
    • Eva: Leader of the Steam Guild of ?????. A hardworking chef who perfected her craft in Kalos, she now runs her own guild that doubles as a popular restaurant. Eva specializes in Fire and Water-type Pokémon.
      • Her initial trial involves takings orders in her restaurant, acting as a waiter and battling the five customers you take orders from. It’s very memorization-based, as the recipes are usually randomized. After the fifth order is taken, loud rumbling can be heard outside, and you go out to find the Pandunian Guardian: Guardian Snorlax. Despite not being a Fire or Water-type Pokémon, when it calls for help, it summons either a Castform that uses Sunny Day or Rain Dance (as the Snorlax knows both Thunder and Solar Beam), or a Flareon with Will-o-Wisp, Sand-Attack, Heal Bell, and Flame Wheel.
      • After the player defeats the Guardian Snorlax, it faints in front of the restaurant, falling asleep. Eva congratulates the player on defeating the Guardian, stating that there’s only one more challenge: to defeat her in a battle.
      • Her team of four consists of Flareon, Vaporeon, Delphox, and Samurott. Upon defeat, she gifts the player the Steam Emblem, as well as TM55 Scald.
        • Upon a rematch, her team is Milotic, Magmortar, Salazzle, Jellicent, Delphox, and Samurott.
    • Clamore: Leader of the “Muscle Guild”, later renamed the Focus Guild, of ?????. Prior to the player coming to ????? for the city’s Guild Challenge, Clamore’s father, Reinhart, was the leader of the Guild. However, he announces his retirement, and announces that Clamore will succeed him as leader. While she is grateful for the role, she also doubts her ability as a Guildmaster, as her family has had a history of brawn over brain, while she believes a mixture of both allows success. She’s soft-spoken and more peaceful than her brawny family, but she’s determined to get her point across when she realizes she has to lead the Guild her way. The guild is both the Guild and a Fighting Dojo of sorts, and many Black Belts (and, later, Psychics) are shown to be there.
      • Initially, her trial is a carbon copy of her father’s formula, as her father oversees her first opponent. The first part of the trial involves three back-to-back battles with four Black Belts to prove the player’s worth. Clamore is shown to be constantly messing up the trial according to her father, such as healing the player’s Pokémon after the first battle. Her father starts to get fed up, and, after the third battle, decides to take over to show her how a “real Guildmaster” fights, prompting a battle between the player and Reinhart. The player wins, however, and Clamore storms off to Blossom Mountain.
      • The player follows her into the deepest cavern of the mountain’s lower segment, in which she apologizes to the player and explains that she doesn’t want to do the trial her father’s way anymore, but make it her own: allow it to focus on both brain and brawn, instead of just one. She decides to go out to the city again to apologize to her father: however, as the two exit, a Guardian-like Pokémon attacks: Guardian Beheeyem. With its Special Attack and Special Defense boosted, the Beheeyem is an offensive monster, and it summons Espeons (who use Helping Hand) and Mr. Mimes (who use Reflect, Light Screen, and Follow Me to divert attention from the Beheeyem). When the Guardian Beheeyem is defeated, Clamore quickly congratulates the player while rushing out of the cave to prevent any more Pokémon from coming to attack: however, she bumps into her family outside, who also chased after her when she left the Guild. Reinhart apologizes for getting in the way of his daughter’s trial, and promises he’ll stay out of the way if it makes her happy. The two reconcile, and they return to the Guild. However, Clamore messages the player on their RotomDex, saying that the Guild will close temporarily so she can revamp it how she wants it. She thanks the player for their help, and promises that they’ll be her first opponent when the Guild reopens.
      • Shortly after the player returns from Ultra Space for the second time, she messages the player again, stating that the Guild has reopened, and she’s waiting for them. When they return, they find that the Guild has received an overhaul in design, and Clamore is waiting for them. She puts them up to the test again, this time having them take part in two single battles (one against a Black Belt, one against a Psychic), and one more battle against her father as a surprise. Finally, she heals the player’s Pokémon, gives them the chance to stock up on items, and the two finally fight.
      • Her team of five consists of Hitmontop, Claydol, Passimian, Oranguru, and Gallade. Upon defeat, she will gift the player the Focus Emblem, as well as TM04 Calm Mind.
        • During the rematch, her team consists of Alakazam, Machamp, Passimian, Oranguru, Medicham, and Gallade.
    • Desiree (Ground) (Lv. 18)
      • Mudbray, Sandile, Hippopotas
    • Voltaire (Electric/Steel) (Lv. 25)
      • Pikachu, Pawniard, Klink, Magneton
    • Mallory (Poison) (Lv. 33)
      • Croagunk, Vileplume, Arbok, Salazzle
    • Eva (Fire/Water) (Lv. 40)
      • Flareon, Vaporeon, Samurott, Delphox
    • Seamus (Ghost) (Lv. 44)
      • Haunter, Lampent, Trevenant, Dusclops, Mimikyu
    • Roman (Fairy) (Lv. 52)
      • Azumarill, Slurpuff, Klefki, Ribombee, Florges
    • Clamore (Fighting/Psychic) (Lv. 54)
      • Hitmontop, Claydol, Passimian, Oranguru, and Gallade
    • Simon (Normal) (Lv. 60)
      • Porygon-Z, Komala, Lopunny, Ambipom, Snorlax
    • Vanessa (Grass/Bug) (Lv. 66)
      • Breloom, Butterfree, Whismicott, Vespiquen, Tsareena, Volcarona
    • Athena (Dark) (Lv. 75)
      • Drapion, Cacturne, Sharpedo, Sableye, Bisharp, Hydreigon
  • The player is able to travel to Ultra Space throughout the game: they travel there three times as part of the story before a final confrontation in the dimension. After the player becomes Champion, they can go back to Ultra Space at will to re-explore previously explored areas.
  • The player is gifted a Pandunian Sinnoh starter after the first gym badge: the Ice-type Turtwig, the Poison-type Chimchar, or the Electric-type Piplup.
  • The Elite 4 consists of:
    • Cirrus, of the Hurricane Chamber
    • Wyles, of the Legend Chamber
    • Titania, of the Metallic Chamber
    • Ignatius, of the Rockslide Chamber
    • Aurora, the Champion, who utilizes a mixed team (though several of her Pokémon share a type, Ice).

ultra alternates

Alternate Forms of Pokemon that were recovered from Ultra Space, taken by scientists of Ultra Megalopolis for experimentation. Since then, few have grown accustomed to Earth, and many are in hiding. Now referred to as Pandunian Forms by scientists of the region.

  • Pandunian Voltorb: Psychic/Steel-type based on a magic 8 ball. Evolves into Electrode, which is a magic 8 ball with a pool stick through it. Brutal.
  • Pandunian Lapras: Fire/Rock-type that basically has a volcano on its back, and also it lives in lava-based climates.
  • Pandunian Slugma: Poison/Rock-type, made of a gooey candy-like substance instead of lava. Evolves into Pandunian Magcargo, complete with a rock candy shell.
  • Pandunian Aipom: Psychic-type, it’s hand is basically completely detached from its body. Has a few physical psychic moves to compensate. Evolves into Pandunian Ambipom, who’s Psychic/Fighting.
  • Pandunian Meditite: Psychic/Ghost type based on a typical magician. Evolves into Pandunian Medicham, who’s pretty similar in that regard.
  • Pandunian Wailmer: pure Flying type that resembles a hot air balloon. Evolves into Pandunian Wailord, which resembles a blimp.
  • Pandunian Gible: Water/Dragon type that’s actually, y’know, a shark. Evolves into Pandunian Gabite and than Pandunian Garchomp: gets increasingly ferocious as it continues.
  • Pandunian Riolu (Hooded): Grass/Fighting-type with a “forest guardian” theme. More of a Physical Attacker than Special. Pandunian Lucario carries a leaf scythe.
  • Pandunian Riolu (Anubis): Ground/Ghost-type, a more obvious pick for a regional form for the line, based on a pharaoh. More of a Special Attacker than Physical. Similar theme for Pandunian Lucario.
  • Pandunian Lillipup: Ice/Normal-type, sort of a snow dog theme? Bulky with a solid speed, theme carries over to evolution.
  • Pandunian Yamask: Ghost/Fairy-type that is basically Zehyrian Yamask from Spectrum. Same goes for Cofagrigus.
  • Pandunian Carbink: Rock/Ghost Obsidian Carbink with shadowy protruding claws. Apparently this change is beneficial, as it helped the species fend off its main predator, Sableye.
  • Pandunian Bounsweet: Fire/Grass-type based on spicy peppers. More of a Special attacker now. Tsareena is as spicy as ever.

Pokémon - Sectors

An original Pokémon project that is basically, “What if Pokemon basically replace humans entirely in an alternate universe where they are the dominant species?” Civilization exists, all thanks to a bunch of Pokes.

  • The entire continent is known as “Vazic”: Vazic is split into 18 regions known as “Sectors”, each one based around a certain type.
    • Normal Sector (Neo Poké City): A bustling city surrounded by several smaller towns: the largest, most diverse population.
    • Grass Sector: A lush prairie with meadows, plains, small towns, and a forest filled with wildlife. One of the most peaceful Sectors.
    • Fire Sector: A series of small village surrounding volcanoes and lava spires: very hot climate, basically Lentimas Town mixed with Reversal Mountain.
    • Water Sector: Mostly made up of beaches and oceans, but the most notable landmark is a large waterfall.
    • Electric Sector: Almost entirely an industrialized city run by a powerful generator: very advanced technology.
  • The world is relatively peaceful until a group forms from the shadows of several Sectors, known as the Umbrals, who want to overthrow the Sector leaders and turn all of Vazic into one big Dark Sector.



  • Amélie (Audino): The medic of the group, if that weren’t totally obvious. Works at a Normal Sector hospital normally, but joined the Azure Foundation at the recommendation of Leonardo, a coworker. Klutzy and sweet, probably a mom. Vaguely Kalosian accent.
  • Araceli (Hawlucha) (Ink): A veteran police officer at the Fighting Sector, and one of the first characters to join the Azure Foundation. She has been a well-respected officer and fighter for several years, and she’s currently training a younger recruit, a Cubchoo named Snowball. Despite her small stature and brash, unfiltered personality, she’s a fierce opponent in battle.
  • Aria (Mawile): A child prodigy of sorts: at 14 years old, her high IQ and abilities as a tactician has made her a household name in dungeon exploration in the Steel Sector: however, recently, she’s been doing exploring in the Ground Sector, having found an ally in a Gliscor, Scorpius. Intelligent, but humble about it, and generally strict for a child.
  • Bailey (Butterfree): A florist from the Bug Sector, he’s a sensitive soul who doesn’t realize he’s actually pretty strong. The flower shop he works at is called Flytrap Greenhouse, ironically run by a Carnivine, and he’s well-liked. Spreads kindness like a disease.
  • Bonnie (Azumarill):
  • Buster (Ambipom): A seasoned singer and performer from the Normal Sector, things go awry for him when an Umbral attack ends with a building collapse, which fatally damages his tails. An engineer who was rescued by Buster, however, feels indebted, and manufactures a set of robotic Ambipom tails as a thank-you. Flamboyant and expressive, and particularly easy to talk to.
  • Cobalt (Lucario): The main character, a determined Lucario who was once a senator of the Fighting Sector, as well as a consultant for the mayor of Neo Poké City: however, he resigned due to receiving backlash for his idea of fending off Umbrals from Vazic: to form a team of Pokémon from around the globe to fight a common enemy. He’s usually serious and polite, but he loosens up around good friends and can have a good time when forced to. Possible inferiority complex.
  • Cynder (Infernape): A younger Infernape that Cobalt treats as an apprentice of sorts. Born in the Fire Sector, Cynder wanted to make the most of her fighting capabilities, and Cobalt took her under his wing to train in battle. She’s hotheaded and quick to make reckless decisions, but she’s fierce about protecting her friends.
  • Esmerelda (Ribombee) (Sam)
  • Felicity (Salazzle)
  • Felix (Mimikyu)
  • Gemini (Sableye)
  • Hawthorne (Torterra) (Tiger)
  • Juliette (Gothitelle) (Sam)
  • Lana (Raichu)
  • Lavente (Mismagius) (Pyro)
  • Leonardo (Alakazam): Cobalt’s “roommate” of sorts, an Alakazam who was college pals with him back in the day. Formerly the Psychic Sector’s Captain in Engineering, he was fired amidst immense controversy involving the Dark Sector, and exiled himself from the Sector, living with Cobalt as he works at a Normal Sector hospital to get his career back on track. He’s a giant nerd with shades of nervous wreck, who’s incredibly smart, but is more into playing card games than challenging himself further like most other Psychic types. Probably has a crush on Cobalt.
  • Marilyn (Delphox)
  • Pahili (Rhyperior) (Sam)
  • Quinn (Ampharos)
  • Réy (Krookodile)
  • Ryder (Breloom)
  • Salem (Malamar) (Sam): A pessimistic Malamar who was recruited during a diplomatic mission in the Dark Sector: claims to have no ties to the Umbrals, but wants to prove that his Sector isn’t entirely made of terrible people, despite being a spineless Pokémon who usually works only if it benefits him in the long run. Anti-social and not at all an optimist, but is quite expressive and overly emotional at times.
  • Samson (Gengar)
  • Scorpius (Gliscor)
  • Sylvia (Froslass)
  • Umbra (Zoroark): Female Zoroark, who grew up on her own in the dangerous atmosphere of the Dark Sector, only protected by the safe havens of crime-free guilds. However, she was urged by a guild member to escape before the Umbrals got to her first, and she managed to escape to the nearby Ghost Sector shortly before the guild was ransacked by Umbrals. Acts antisocial and unintentionally edgy sometimes, but she’s got a good heart, and her abilities make her invaluable to the team.
  • Vari (Kecleon)
  • Victoire (Vespiquen)
  • Yarrow (Decidueye)


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