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Greetings, stranger!
The name's "TechnoTIGZON" but you can call me "Tigzon", "Tigz", "Tiz", "Techno" or "Tigzon the TigerStar", if you feel like it. I joined the wiki on June 26, 2014 and used to be known as ShonenSeth, PixelManga, and Tigzon the Tigerox. In real life, I'm just an English-speaking Emirati who loves many things; video games, drawings, anime, TV Shows, and music.

Currently working on a new webcomic project, a science-fiction action comedy I guess.

I don't usually do stuff for Fantendo at the moment, but if you like my stuff and wanna get be friends, feel free to leave a message.

Cool Friends!

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My Stuff!

  • My Workshop - List of work-in-progress projects
  • My Art Gallery - List of original and fan artworks, WIPs, and unfishsed projects.
  • Archives - List of archives from deleted projects

TechnoTIGZON logo design - June 2019 (1).png
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