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Request a Smogon OU Pokémon team here if you want



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Yummy, a hamburger!


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Hey everyone, my name's TechBreloom, formerly MarioGameChampion, but feel free to call me David (my real name). I don't play many Nintendo games anymore but I'm familiar enough with what I have played to make some fanon and also happen to be a very experienced and dedicated competitive Pokémon player, specifically by Smogon rules. I've been around since around the end of April 2012, and I spent a year or so being a bit of a nuisance and getting on everyone's nerves. But after a bit of an inactivity period in 2014, I returned in January of 2015 under a new username, much more dedicated to being a bit more of a helpful and dedicated member to the community. I started fresh with a new userpage, but that was slightly sloppy and really not too serious, and as I'm trying to reform myself to be a more dedicated and serious person towards the wiki (not to say I probably won't talk or type with proper grammar, spelled out language or capitalization outside of articles, which I do quite a bit) I've decided to go with the current more fresh-looking style that you see here; nothing really original, you've probably seen something like it before on someone else's page, but it looks alright and that's why I'm going with it. Anyways, feel free to look around. Pretty much all my stuff I've ever contributed to the wiki can be found here, whether it's on this page or somewhere in my userpage archive, I'm sure you'll have fun exploring.

If you need to talk to me, your best bet is my talk page, though I do pop on chat a fair bit, so you may see me there. I do go AFK on chat most of the time, so be sure to ping me with any of my ping terms. I've on some other sites and social media and things like that under this name, which you can find somewhere here, but like I said here is your best option because I don't check anywhere else very frequently. I'm sure I'll see you around either way. Thanks for stopping by!

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Most of my stuff is either developed or published by Cogshift Studios, a new company I got around to making.

Also check out my concept exchange, where you can find ideas for games and such that are free to use if you would like that I've ended up scrapping.



  • {{Bulbapedia}} - easily make Bulbapedia links.
  • {{Page Section Link}} - make links to a particular section your/another page. Usable in a custom TOC or something of the sorts.
  • {{Flag25px}} - easily creates flag image based on country inserted in {{{1}}}.
  • {{Instagram}} - userbox to use if you have Instagram.
  • {{WiiUButton}} - display a Wii U button for Control sections and the like
  • {{Co}} - for starting lines with colons, particularly in emoticon comments
  • {{Div}} - very basic <div> box maker.
  • {{Upcoming Project}} - made this ages ago and since then it's been used in hundreds of articles yay
  • {{net}} - ≠
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Many in collaboration with KinglerMaster (tbc).







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I'm a pretty friendly guy nowadays so I don't really have anyone around here that I dislike. If you consider me a friend, add your name to the bulleted list here.

If you want to know what I think of you, request a ranking here, where I'm generally pretty honest but don't usually end up being cruel at all since I like most people anyway.

I don't have a guestbook cuz no one signed my old one and it was kinda embarrasing.

This is where you can find all of my subpages. Feel free to browse throughout them.

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Like I said earlier, contacting me on here is probably your best bet, but I've got some outside accounts that you can always reach me on.

Other Sites/Programs

  • Skype - techbreloom
  • Instagram - @techbreloom
  • Twitter - @techbreloom
  • - @techbreloom
  • Steam - private for now

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Why SGY is the Greatest User on Fantendo

i kind of find it funny when people hate daisy

Daisy4DLC (tbc)

Hey guy I'm a Lemon or Orange
You are a pinapple.
Is that good or bad?
Shy guy yellow (tbc) and Yami no Tenshi (tbc), 2012 orange and lemon awards

I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.


wel"cum" to the ron jeremy appreciation post. in the comments, please post what you like about ron jeremy. thank you!

Coolboy2006 (tbc)

"I Don’t Let My Kids Watch Winnie The Pooh Because I Don’t Want Them Idolizing A Fat Virgin"

i love me (tbc)

On monday, i was trying to brace myself for the fight, fell asleep in homeroom, someone woke me up, knocked down my desk hitting the teacher's foot, and said "I will get you locky"

SuperMaractus (tbc)

“It looks cool”
  • It is bad:
  • Its annoying
  • It often fills a lot more than the whole comment
  • You do this everytime another meme is mentioned...
  • That face is creepy.
  • Ban the guy that uploaded that for beginning the meme in the first place...
  • Its so hard focusing with that picture...
  • The guy that invented the meme thing is an idiot...
  • Why do ALL meme faces look ugly? (Epic face has the best face.)
  • Understand or the sysop will kill you...
Youre Toast

SuperMaractus (tbc) on file:Lolmemes.png

@SM, you need stop with the drugs.
Im too young for drugs (13)
.vectorDestiny (tbc) and SuperMaractus (tbc)

so you want us to join the KKK?
Yeah! Everyone can participate in making pages and everyone can work together about what the game should be about!
Spark01 (tbc) and KoopaKid128 (tbc), after koopakid advertised his company, the krazy koopa krew

i used to be really afraid that if you left a TV off, sid from ice age would crawl out and reveal his nose to just be eyelids for a third, incredibly bloodshot eye. now i'm just afraid of wasps

PabloDePablo (tbc)







  • Get one of my articles sysop approved
  • Get one of my articles featured
  • Complete Fantendo Funfair 2015
  • Complete all of my personal projects announced as of 2016
  • Be elected sysop
  • Learn how to properly make 2D artwork
  • Learn how to properly make 3D artwork
  • Complete a full Pokédex of artwork
  • Get one of my images into the Hall of Fame
  • Participate in a Fantendo Smogon Tournament
  • Win a Fantendo Smogon Tournament

After I complete this list (which I hopefully do by the end of 2017), I hope to reinvolve myself in the community and potentially take some authority as there are some things I wanna get done around here. I feel like I could make a good admin if I could actually stay active for a long period of time and be fully familiar with the community as I was years ago. Once I'm at this state, any future fan games of mine not having to do with the Fantendo community will be created on Neotendo, which I also hope to clean up. My goal for that place is to be more of a fan game hub with a bit more freedom and laid-back standards that Fantendo presents users with, but staying around here and leaving this as a more community-friendly hub. If you have any confusion about these plans, you really won't be affected anyway, but hit up my talk page if you're curious and want any explanation.

Here you can find all my Super Mario Maker levels, in case you haven't spotted them here.

Image Name Description Style ID
KoopaVillage.jpeg Koopa Village A somewhat puzzle-oriented level featuring three fortresses and other sub-areas acting as quarters of the Koopa Troop. SMB3 4554-0000-00A8-7D38