• I live in The Wonderful World of Oz
  • My occupation is A HUMAN BEING
  • I am Male

YEAAAAAHAHAAHAHAH! Im SuperLuigi22! You Probably know me by....Nothing, because you have probably Never Heard of Me, but Hey anyways! I love Nintendo, as you can probably tell, and I am weird, as you can also probably tell.

I have some of my own kind of "Series" but ya know. Stuff Happens. Im planning to do a Big Series that I hope will get Popular, but ya know what happens happens.

I like Pizza.....I just had to get that out.

Super Mario Sunshine is my Favorite Game of all time.

Luigi is my favorite Character (As you can probably tell)


I stole my own Bike

I sometimes post on Miiverse, though I check it quite frequently.

Click here to see something amazing.

I have favorite Users: TKThunder, LumoshiSoupy (Yeah none of these are actually my friends but I said favorite Users not friends so SHUSHERS)

Im a part of the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U era

And yeah. Basically it. So go to my CONTRIBUTIONS and see what I have got. I got some mazin' stuff. LANDMASTER SOLVES EVERYTHING        GO CHECK OUT MA GAME, PUFF CRUSADERS                IVE NEVER OWNED A SANIC GAME (UNLESS YOU COUNT M&S) 


Super Smash Bros. Havoc

Kirby's Dream Land 3D


Skip and Sqak

New Super Mario Bros. Omega

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