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  • Project GUNSLINGER: an action adventure game featuring dungeons, weapon play, and puzzle solving. What's new here is that players use gunplay to solve a lot of the puzzles.
  • Project PLANT: play as a plant lady able to switch play styles on the fly to overpower the machine menace threatening the world in an action adventure overworld game. However, it seems that isn't everything there is to the situation.
  • Project NETWORK: take control of an object programmed to search for malicious programs. An OS is spreading malicious viruses throughout the network, and the only way to stop it is to get to the core of the OS.

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World of Animals II: Building an Era


Stone Age -> Teachings -> Survival/Construction/Art/Military/Ideology

Stone Age Party Members

These are individuals hand picked by mc's Caretaker to help them in guiding the civilization. Each are very smart compared to the rest of the population, and are tasked with teaching the citizens. Each teacher, however, has their own ideal to promote.

  • Survival - Gidere, the teacher of Survival and lord of the land. Gidere believes that it is necessary for the people of the civilization to grow into their own warriors and learn how to survive out there. Gidere is a sabertooth tiger, and wields a hand-crafted spear (long stick with an arrow-shaped rock at the end), this dealing stabbing damage. He may not be too great at wearing down enemies, but he wields debuffing spells as well as some light healing. He's one of the only teachers capable of poisoning, and wields Water.
WOASlash WOAStab WOASmash WOALightning WOAWind WOAWater WOAFire WOALight WOADark
Res Nrm Wek Nrm Nrm Res Wek Nrm Nrm
  • Construction
WOASlash WOAStab WOASmash WOALightning WOAWind WOAWater WOAFire WOALight WOADark
Wek Nrm Nrm Nrm Res Res Wek Nrm Nrm
  • Art - Arrivar, the teacher of Art and master of dance. Arrivar is a peacock dressed unusually well for the period. He values expression, creativity, and beauty. In battle, he wields a dagger that deals slashing damage, though isn't terribly remarkable for his fighting power. Instead, as a dancer, he values buffing and agility.
WOASlash WOAStab WOASmash WOALightning WOAWind WOAWater WOAFire WOALight WOADark
Nrm Nrm Nrm Res Wek Wek Nrm Res Nrm
  • Military
WOASlash WOAStab WOASmash WOALightning WOAWind WOAWater WOAFire WOALight WOADark
Nrm Wek Nrm Res Wek Nrm Nrm Nrm Res
  • Ideology
WOASlash WOAStab WOASmash WOALightning WOAWind WOAWater WOAFire WOALight WOADark
Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Res Wek


WOASlash WOAStab WOASmash WOALightning WOAWind WOAWater WOAFire WOALight WOADark
Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm Nrm

Kirby: Hand in Hand

A community project utilizing the world of Kirby. In it, a mysterious, spider-like creature seems to've invaded. This creature is called Parting, and it appears intent on splitting the whole of Popstar into pieces. She is seemingly able to sever friendships and relationships, rendering them villainous against each other. Now, it's Kirby's goal to search Dreamland for a means of stopping her.


The story begins with Kirby sleeping on a patch of glass. However, some ruckus nearby stirs him awake. Confused, he looks over, only to see several Waddle Dees running around, playing tag and otherwise playing together. Kirby grins, and rushes towards the Dees. They happily accept him, and he begins playing with them. The camera then zooms out, and goes into space. In space, there's a great big, spider-shaped ship. It zooms into the ship, and within is a strange figure.

She wears a raggedy, red and blue dress, has a somewhat humanoid upper half (though it's covered in black hair) topped with a red and blue headdress. Her lower half appears to be that of a spider, boasting black fuzz and 8 thin legs. She's looking through a telescope onto Popstar, before she steps away, looking fairly saddened. In a huff, she walks over to the back of the ship, and opens up a drawer in it.

Within the drawer is a set of scissors with a purple handle and black blades. She grabs them, and walks back towards the telescope, and looks back at the Waddle Dees playing with Kirby. As they play around, she grabs some of her hairs, and stretches them out. They suddenly glow purple, as she brings the scissors down to the hair. She snips one of the hairs, and one of the Waddle Dees suddenly stops in place, grabbing at their chest. Confused, the other Waddle Dees and Kirby come to him, worried.

Suddenly, the Waddle Dee looks up with a mean expression. Then, he roughly shoves one of the Waddle Dees away, before pointing and "laughing," the other Waddle Dees and Kirby upset at this behavior. Meanwhile, the spider lady snips through more hairs, and more Waddle Dees begin to look less and less friendly. Soon, Kirby's the only one left looking horrified while the Waddle Dees around him are all bullying each other.

At this point, the spider lady has one strand of hair in hand, and she goes down to snip it. However, upon bringing the blades down on it, her scissors suddenly fly out of her hands. She's confused, but still holds onto the hair as she scrambles for the scissors. She picks them up and then tries to snip the hair again, though her scissors are repelled again. She keeps trying, but then grows annoyed and just leaves the scissors. Now, she looks through the telescope again and scans over Popstar.

She sees a couple of sword knights dueling, before shaking each other's hands. She sees Dynablade tending to her young. She sees Whispy Woods providing food for the wildlife in his woods. And she sees a Vividria painting while a Waddle Doo poses for her. She seems visibly frustrated at all of these kind acts, and then retakes her scissors. Her ship lowers itself, and now Kirby can see the massive, spider-like ship overhead. It extends its legs, and pins them into Popstar, keeping her in place.

Kirby turns back towards the mean Waddle Dees, and then back to the spaceship, determining that it must be involved with this mean-stuff. So, he decides to find a means of stopping this guy.


Kirby: Hand in Hand is a game that plays sort of like Amazing Mirror. Unlike that though, where you have to explore a map in order to open up the final passageway to the end world, here, players can take multiple passageways to the end. Worlds are represented as sprawling areas Kirby can explore, and they can be interconnected with other worlds. As players explore these worlds, they may find that they can take multiple passageways to the end world, Parting's ship. These passageways may or may not take players through all the world, though diligent players will be able to explore each and every possible passage, branch, and crevice.


Now that the basic story's been set up, it's time to set up a few basic rules.

  1. I have the right to remove content at my discretion.
  2. If you're to add, you must add to either Worlds, Enemies, Midbosses, Bosses, Abilities, or Collectibles. You'll have to follow the lead of what's put in each section at the start (pictures will be optional). More requirements will be provided under each header.
  3. You'll be expected to meet the requirements within a week of submitting your idea. If you don't, your progress will be stricken from the article.
  4. Aside from Collectibles, explicit references to memes will be stricken on arrival.
  5. Additions should be, at most, E10+. Any that branch into T territory will be stricken on arrival.


These are where abilities, either existing or new, are placed. Moves will need at least three ground moves (for example, one press of the button, mashing the button, dash attack), and at least three air moves (for example, one press of the button in the air, one press of the button downwards, one press of the button upwards).

Tank Kirby
Tank Kirby
Created by Somebody495
Oh no! Kirby's gotten his hands on some dangerous tech! Now, with all the powers of a tank, Kirby's able to unleash all sorts of mayhem, blasting foes with explosive blasts and machinegun fire. No one will know safety when they meet Tank Kirby!
Special Abilities
While on treads, Kirby doesn't react to ice, meaning he goes over them without worrying about slipping.
Cannon Lob
Kirby goes into a standstill, and launches a cannonball in an arc forwards. The cannonball will explode on contact, exploding like a bomb.
Enemy Ammunition
B (near enemy)
If an enemy is nearby, he slams the head of the cannon upon them, catching them in the cannon. He's stuck in a standstill while the enemy is in his cannon's grip.
Enemy Launch
Enemy Ammunition + up/down/forwards/backwards
With an enemy in the cannon, Kirby swings the cannon in either direction, launching the enemy in one of the four inputted directions.
Enemy Explosion
Enemy Ammunition + B
With an enemy in the cannon, Kirby fires the enemy further, the enemy having physics equivalent to a cannonball. Once the enemy touches someone, it'll explode. Depending on the enemy, they may not explode against certain elements, whereas normal cannonballs will.
Machine Gun Strike
Dash + B
Kirby suddenly curls up, his pink flesh completely hidden as the cannon seems to clamp down on the treads, before the cannon launches machine gun fire forwards, dealing rapid, minimal damage to whoever's in front of him.
Homing Strike
B + Down
While crouching, Kirby spins around, deploying a searchlight a short distance around himself. If an enemy is caught by the light, they'll get a cursor on them. After spinning around, Kirby deploys a number of missiles equal to however many enemies he scanned, before the missiles fly to the targeted enemies.
Cannon Fire
B (in air)
In the air, Kirby aims his cannon forwards, and launches a cannonball forwards, with enough force to send him backwards a bit. The cannonball will eventually react to gravity, and fall down.
Machine Gun Spray
B (in air) + Down
Kirby reorients himself downwards, pointing his cannon at the ground. He then fires rapid machine gun fire downwards, dealing minimal damage to whoever's in the path of his cannon.
Machine Gun Spiral
B (in air) + Dash
When in the air, Kirby spins around in 360 degrees, firing machine gun bullets in 8 directions (upwards, upper-forwards, forwards, downwards-forwards, downwards, downwards-backwards, backwards, upper-backwards).
Cannonball Lob
B (in air) + Up
Kirby points his cannon upwards, and fires, launching a cannonball that flies upwards. It'll then fall downwards. It gains less forwards momentum, but has great verticality.

Fire Kirby
Now that Kirby's sucked up something hot, he can now produce searing flames. Donning a flaming cap, he can either produce flaming plumes from his mouth, and cover his whole body in flames.
Special Abilities
The flames Kirby produces are able to burn up certain field objects, and melt ice blocks.
Fire Spit
Kirby goes into a standstill, and belches out a small cloud of fire, burning up whoever's in front of him.
Fire Breath
Hold B
Kirby goes into a standstill, and unleashes a stream of fire from its mouth, producing a steady, damaging stream that lingers a few paces ahead of Kirby.
Angling Fire Breath
Fire Breath + Up/Down
While breathing fire, Kirby can change the angle of his breath by aiming upwards or downwards, igniting those in either of those paths.
Fire Breath + Backwards
After bringing the fire breath towards himself, Kirby is suddenly engulfed in flame, producing a powerful plume of fire around himself.
Dash + B
Kirby's suddenly surrounded in fire, and then he rockets forwards, blazing through enemies that happen to be in his way.
Spinning Fire Breath
B (in air)
While airborne, Kirby spins around vertically, like a wheel. Those that are too close will get seared.
Rolling Flame Wheel
Spinning Fire Breath + Near Ground
If Kirby's spinning the fire breath around while near the ground, he'll suddenly roll forwards, the fire he produces almost functioning as a wheel, barreling through foes.
Dash + B (in air)
Similar to the ground variation, Kirby becomes covered in fire, rocketing forwards. When done in the air, Kirby doesn't lose any verticality.


The worlds are the areas in Kirby: Hand in Hand that players will have to explore in order to reach their goal. If you're to submit a world, you'll have to first say the name (and then give a brief description describing the aesthetic and general layout), then describe a few obstacles seen here, describe a few puzzles seen here, a few enemies that are here, any midbosses present, at least one boss that's here, collectibles hidden in here, and then describe the other worlds the world you submit is connected to. It's recommended that the enemies/midbosses/bosses/collectibles/worlds you want associated with your world be set up in the other sections prior to you submitting said world.

Other users are able to add to worlds other users submit.

  • Friendly Fields Created by Somebody495- Some very green greens, this is the world players start in, and a world that opens up to many other worlds. It is a fairly easy world, brandishing a woods aesthetic, yet despite being fairly easy, there are quite a few things hidden here.
    • Obstacles - Spikes, Pits
    • Puzzles - Grass hiding stuff that players can cut, Flammable trees
    • Enemies - Waddle Dee, Hot Head
    • Midbosses
    • Bosses - Welcoming Woods
    • Collectibles
    • Connected Worlds - Acquainted Aqua
  • Acquainted Aqua Created by Somebody495- A cavern predominantly ruled by water. Water is everywhere, making maneuvering a little tough. The layout is fairly vertical. Here, players will be expected to careful move about the water, through the maze-like caverns, and reach their various goals.
    • Obstacles - Strong Water Currents, Stalactites that fall down from above , Rock falls
    • Puzzles - Water Mazes (complete with currents pushing players to prevent them from going back a branch), Darkness, Natural Mazes
    • Enemies - Waddle Dee, Blipper
    • Midbosses
    • Bosses - Isolated Man O' War
    • Collectibles - Ocean Spray Can
    • Connected Worlds - Friendly Fields


Enemies are creatures seen going around various parts of various worlds. They tend to be harmful towards Kirby in some way, shape or form. If you submit an enemy, you must put their name, offer a brief description detailing their behavior, and explain what ability they give, if any at all.

Image Name Description Ability
TBA Waddle Dee The peach and vanilla colored, round, cuddly creatures are often seen palling around Popstar, doing whatever they want. They hardly tend to be harmful to Kirby, and more often are just in the way. NA
TBA Blipper A red and yellow fish-like creature shown wearing goggles. These things swim around water areas, and tend to stick to one path. NA
TBA Hot Head A fiery orange creature with a plume of flame upon his head. These creatures typically waddle around aimlessly. However, if Kirby comes in range, it rears up and, either unleashes a breath of flame, or spits forth a ball of fire from long ranges. Fire


Midbosses are the hardy enemies Kirby frequently encounters. These enemies are tougher than most, and require Kirby to beat them in order to suck up their ability. In order for a midboss to be submitted, players will need to present a name, a brief description describing them and describing the various attacks they use, as well as state what abilities they offer upon being beaten.

Image Name Description Ability
TBA Shnowser Tank
Created by Somebody495
A tank boasting four, thick legs, each bearing a bit of tread, while the turret on top of the structure wields yellow beady eyes, and a long turret. The Shnowser Tank is a fairly large, fairly slow creature that cycles between rolling around the field towards foes, to using the legs to propel itself. When it isn't using its body to try and strike Kirby, it may hang back and lob bombs at him via the turret, deploy homing missiles, or even firing its machine gun, requiring players to avoid advancing plumes of dirt on the ground, representing where the fire strikes. Tank


These are the creatures you face at key points in the worlds they appear in. They may be guarding some collectible or guarding some path forwards. When you submit a boss, you need to fill in the name, description, world, and reward (image is optional). The world they appear in needs to be an existing world, and the reward must describe the reward in fairly limited detail (passage to a world, passage to part of the current world, or a specific collectible). As for the description, they usually consist of a description of the boss room, the physical appearance of the boss, as well as the attacks the boss can do. While optional, boss descriptions may contain a second phase, or even other phases. If other phases are introduced, players should describe approximately when the boss enters that phase, and what's different about the phase. Differences may include a change in the arena, a change in the pattern, new moves, a new element added to the fight, or some combination of them.

Image Name Description World Reward
TBA Welcoming Woods
Created by Somebody495
Within Friendly Fields, there is a mighty tree, seeking to guard the forest and its inhabitants, that boasts a friendly face, and is even seeing tossing out hearts to make friends. However, ever since Parting invaded, it's begun being unfriendly, tossing out its hearts for nefarious purposes. In battle, Welcoming Woods is on the far right side. For the first half of the fight, he shakes around his leaves, causing harmful apples and gordos to fall seemingly at random around, the objects capable of harming Kirby. He also unleashes puffs of wind at the player, spitting out what look like Kirby's air bullets. It's also seen producing roots that stand near the lowermost part of his trunks, before thrusting his roots forwards, intent on dashing through Kirby. When knocked down to half health, a cutscene plays, showing Woods look around, scanning for something. Then, it seems to spy something, before spitting a few heart-shaped projectile off screen. Now, on top of its normal attacks, one of three creatures will spawn, leading to another attack. A giant Como will spawn at the upper, center part of the screen, before spitting out a few bullets that, after landing on a surface, produce medium-sized webs that damage Kirby if he's too close. Then there's Pon & Con, who lie in the background, and occasionally make hand motions. When they do, fairly large foxes and raccoons will run across the screen, from left to right, requiring Kirby to jump over them. Then there's Captain Stitch, a giant gordo, witch floats around the middle of the screen, producing spikes in a cross-shaped direction. Friendly FIelds Passage
TBA Isolated Man o' War
Created by Somebody495
Deep within Acquainted Aqua, there's a small cavern, where the lower half is covered in water, while the upper half is air Kirby can jump through, three thin platforms suspended just above the waterline. Upon entering, a bunch of bubbles form at the center of the pool, when a jellyfish about a sixth of the room's size erupts from the ground, boasting a ring of eyes around its head. It remains contained to the water, its globular head often treading the surface of the water, completely vulnerable. However, frequently its long tentacles will reach up out of the water. The tentacles will either angle themselves below Kirby and lunge up to him, get up near Kirby and swipe at him, or the jellyfish will bring the stingers close to its body, before aiming them each and lunging them towards Kirby, launching 3-5 tentacles in succession. After taking out half the creature's health, it turns red and growls, poisonous bubbles emanating from the tips of its tentacles. Now it has its normal attacks, as well as a few additional ones. Sometimes, the tips of the tentacles will hang near Kirby before squirting out a cloud of poison, sometimes it holds all of its tentacles overhead before spewing several poisonous drops towards Kirby, and sometimes it holds its tentacles at the very bottom of the pool, each underneath the platforms, before the tips of the tentacles spew poisonous bubbles that travel upwards, spitting out each at varying times. Acquainted Aqua Passage


  • Ocean Spray Can
    • Type: Spray Can
    • A Spray Can that's filled with the color of the sea. When sprayed on Kirby, he'd look just like the ocean.


Fire Emblem: Parallel Homes

Fire Emblem: Parallel Homes is the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series, and a tactical RPG that follows the tale of two different travelers from two different kingdoms. Throughout the story, the two people will be free to make choices that change the story, either benefiting their side or the other, or harming their side or the other. The ultimate goal is to make one side achieve their goal instead of the other.


Parallel Homes takes place on the continent of Synelle, a land bearing primarily two kingdoms, with stretches of unaligned villages, each either breeding lawlessness and malice, or being victims. At one edge is the kingdom of Ytori, and at the other is the kingdom of Mythal. Legends spread about the continent about a fallen dragon, who bears powers unlike any other, and the rulers of each kingdom decide that they know what's better for the continent, so they've been seeking out any and all knowledge on this dragon before the other can.

The chapters are divided amongst the two kingdoms. One for Ytori, and one for Mythal.

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