And in the trash pile it goes



This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (flaming LegendaryIce). Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked.

This warning will expire 1 year after it was issued.

I understand that you were frustrated about the comments made on your blog; however, the comments you have made to Ice both on chat (i.e calling him a "fucking dickhole") and on your own talk page (saying "Fuck off." to a genuine apology) are completely unacceptable.

This is not an additional warning; however, it is against the rules to remove recent warnings from your talk page, even if you're archiving the page. If you remove it again, you will receive another warning. Do I make myself clear?

Crystal Shadow Inferno (talk) 04:57, May 3, 2016 (UTC)

ha ha, awesome! i'm debating as to whether or not i will use it but it's super cool that you did that, thank you! ⿻ kmm - talk

Late bday present

Sorry I didn't give this to you on the day of your bday, i was sightseeing in costa rica for 2 days. Anyways, happy late bday bro, I decided to dtaw kirby hats of the pkmn sun & moon starters sonce ya really like pkmn a ton. Anyways hbd again pal! Infeno Bday Present 2016 by Waffle.jpg

---WereWaffle (talk) 17:54, June 9, 2016 (UTC)

hey shadow,

this is not friday but turthday ^^


Clem789 (talk) 19:01, June 14, 2016 (UTC)


So I'm confused about the continuity of your stuff.  Is the Lie (among other things you have written as part of the New Fantendoverse) still there?  If that is the case, can I use the Lie?  He's a placeholder boss in Fatality until I have permission to use him (or if I can't use him, I'll replace him with a different foe).

💕 the crimson rose! 💕

The new crossover game!

Follow the new page call "Warhammer Vs. Cartoon Network Universe "

Hey someplace you liked, and what happen the new Street Fighter V²?

What? Shadow Inferno (talk) 07:22, July 22, 2016 (UTC)

Robot Master

I'm finally getting to the Mega Man thing after being a lazy ass. Since I'll draw every RM, I'd like to ask something really quick: Those things on Quake Man's elbows are flames, right? Not orange crystals? I don't want my eyes to deceive me, and get your art fucked up. Api 17:38, August 18, 2016 (UTC)

See you later ~nikkikikizelonss

Re: Seam

Hey there! Regarding the usage of Seam, would it be possible to get an idea for what sort of game you'll be including him in? I understand if you want to keep that secret and would rather not spoil too much about the idea, I'm just curious as to why he would be included. I also want to ask whether you're planning to have this game be canon to the New Fantendoverse or not. Usually my characters are restricted to non-canon spinoffs such as F-Strikers, as I don't really want to include anything of mine in that universe.

To sum it up: as long as the game isn't canon to the New Fantendoverse and you keep him relatively in-character, I'd say you should be able to use him. I'll look forward to seeing this game idea when it shows up!

ParasolKirbyKSSU.gif Dylorean ~Talk~ ParasolKirbyKSSU.gif

Re: x3 Seam

I did notice that you edited the talk page of a few other users. I have to say your game idea does sound rather interesting. Seeing as it's not necessarily canon to the Fantendoverse, you're free to use Seam in that project. I eagerly await to see what ideas you come up with!

I also noticed the artwork you made of Seam on his page. I'm assuming it would be used for the game idea that you're making, so I'd just thought I would let you know that I think it looks pretty good!

ParasolKirbyKSSU.gif Dylorean ~Talk~ ParasolKirbyKSSU.gif

Re: Koloro

sorry i didnt see that earlier haha, yeah you can use koloro Drackula (talk) 15:59, October 9, 2016 (UTC)


Okay, I realise you have the creative licence over some of the art I used on New Super Smash Brothers (2017 video game)/Card Mode. Can I keep this art, or should I discard it?

Hi! I'm KirbiMiroir! (talk) 20:36, November 5, 2016 (UTC)

"Page is a piece of shit, creator should be ashamed, it's only being used for a category war" Really dude? That's a little immature no? Stating the creator should be ashamed? I'm not saying I disagree with you, but you're already marking the dude's page for deletion.  - mirai moon 03:54, November 22, 2016 (UTC)


hey dude, so i just wanted to let you know that i am planning to make a platinum remake like you are doing with Omega Platinum, the thing is i was planning it for a while before you made your game and it had similar ideas (larger Pokedex, sinnohian forms, expanded story), so i just wanted to let you know that the ideas im implementing in my own remake is not trying to rip you off or plagiarize anything in your own remake.

really hope you don't mind, it's probably stupid and i shouldn't even message you about it, but i figured i should explain before i make the page and people accuse me of ripping you off

Leavanny Dream.png
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream.png

Back off

Nobody asked you. This has nothing to do with you and you aren't an admin on this wiki, so I'm gonna ask that you stay out of things that don't concern you. Your blanket threats don't faze me an iota. Trust me, if she abuses her rights on me again, there will be consequences. Shogun12 (talk) 17:12, December 5, 2016 (UTC)

I can't see why you keep bothering me with this. Did I not tell you to back off? Your input is not required. Shogun12 (talk) 17:17, December 5, 2016 (UTC)

Lol. You're funny, kid. I like your gimmick. Shogun12 (talk) 17:24, December 5, 2016 (UTC)

Hey dudeo. I noticed you haven't been around in a while. What's up? You okay? Mirai Moon  21:27, January 16, 2017 (UTC)

Evil Larry (talk) 00:21, February 15, 2017 (UTC)


I read the whole message, I have talked to Exo on her behavior before and I will point out her extremes to her later whenever I see it fit. This is a problem that I don't know the origins to, but you're right on the fact that it should be stopped in general.  I agree that people act pointlessly aggressive towards you often, including myself at times, and that this stigma should be put to some sort of halt.  The same for Ice, Phazon and Agent really, although I will say that I understand most of the anger held by this community at hand because these users have all (besides Phazon) either attacked the community or damaged it at some point or caused extreme drama.  I think some of the actions you provoked in the past were definitely wrong and your attitude has always been a point of concern, but through your message I understand it and hope that I can improve your feelings about our administration team and the community as a whole by addressing these issues as soon as possible.

It seems that we have a problem with ganging up on certain users for something that's already been pointed out before, and this includes a fair portion of the administration team.  We should not be encouraging stigma like that.  It's awful and it ends up making users like Ice and Agent more aggressive, more hasty, and generally just more angry.  Speaking of that, I think now that it's highly unfair that many users who have done this ganging up activity before have basically gotten away scot-free and without any real mention or notice.  I would like to applaud you for being brave and standing up to send me that message.  I will disagree on the Ice/Indigo thing however, they merely came on to insult each other as a joke and joke-insults are common around the community.  I blame Indigo however for potentially starting some drama however, by making a weird comment that ominously hinted at the chaos that followed.

As I used to view you as a real close friend and would like to repair the relationship instead of further damaging it, I will not make any more attempts to harass you or otherwise (and hopefully vice versa).

💀 ♪♫♬ now's the time to let it rip, to let it fuckin' loose · we're gathered here to maim and kill, 'cause this is what we choose ♪♫♬ 💀

Athena didn't talk to me yet but I saw your message anyway.

First thing: The coated comment. I meant that in a way of saying that it was just thick and immensely covered in ultra space gunk, captializing it to emphasize just how coated the islands should be. When you questioned me, how was I supposed to know that the fact it was all captialized was what you were confused about?

Second: You just dismissed me entirely after that. It really just seems like you were dismissing me for not getting the intent of your comment; I cannot see it as any other way. You could have reclarified what you meant but you just went into dismissal mode.

Third: Transpeople DO NOT LIKE BEING CALLED BY THEIR OLD NAMES. I captialized this because trans people really do not like this. It's transphobic if you do it on purpose and while I have called lillie the wrong name before, i have always corrected myself and apologized. You brought up before in chat how you we believe transgenderism was a mental illness- how was I supposed to know you have since changed your stance on it? I'm glad you changed the name in your comment since but you really need to stop assuming I know everything about your intents and your stances. I'm only able to go off what you said in the past and you did say that at one point. I apologize for calling you transphobic now.

Edit: Actually, it turns out you didn't change the name. Still, if you truly aren't transphobic you should probably edit the name yourself next time. Yes, it can be kind of a pain to keep up with the new names and pronouns but trans people are usually pretty forgiving if you do it by accident. You just have to make the effort though.

Four: If you truly want to stop people calling you out on stuff, you have to be clear about what you mean. Maybe don't dismiss people right away if they don't get what you mean. Listen to criticism or at least explain your reasoning for things. The best way to gain respect is to listen and act on the things you listen to.

I hope I didn't come off mean but I don't wanna hate you. I don't wanna call you transphobic if I know you aren't. I wanna learn how to be a better person to you, but I cannot do that if you keep dismissing me.


Read through your points and thanks for understanding Exo, I had gone back to check the page last night but it'd had already been changed by Lillie. Regarding what was said in chat, I don't have the clearest memory, I do know the sort of conversation you're talking about but all I can recall from it was that Transgenderism shouldn't be called a mental illness since that would imply there was something wrong with the person and that while it is of the mind it doesn't really fit any of the same categories as mental-anythings since like I said just prior it's not a negative. I also remember that that conversation just went off on a tangent about how all Mental Illness isn't even that commonly used anymore and (I think) we ended up talking about the suffixed word becoming more neutral over time.
If I said something different on chat which would imply that I was being transphobic, I apologize since I wasn't trying to. You know as well as anyone that I don't agree with a lot of the politics you guys hold but Transphobia is not one of them.
Shadow Inferno (talk) 01:36, May 1, 2017 (UTC)


hey it's nova. my absence is a bit to do with schoolwork but it's mainly lack of internet access. my wifi's capped bc my 6 year old brother doesn't know how to stop watching youtube lmao so i'll probably be back to normal at around tuesday? depends on whenever the internet bill gets paid. also sorry for the lateness, i literally could not access anything.

NovaPen (talk) 09:46, May 10, 2017 (UTC)


There is a badge track for the one with the lowercase g and not for the uppercase one, so I took that to mean the lowercase was the official form of the category. Will discuss on chat before making any further edits based on this. ~AgentMuffin:)

Why did you edit and mess up my Shadow Stone game? :(Big Tank Brah 12:03, June 9, 2017 (UTC)Rekt4life

nah actually

i was joking pal, though i would most definitely appreciate it :>

Leavanny Dream.png
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream.png

yeah the eyepatch is no longer part of his character: i removed it because i figured it'd be stupid to have another eyepatch'd beorn (mynis existed far longer than ivan anyways :p)

Leavanny Dream.png
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream.png

I changed the region name on the page Pokemon Peace and Pokemon War.

check it out, please. i tried to make the name have the name style that Alola has.

No Matter How Long It Takes To Get To You

Fancy trying my art request again? If so, leave the art on my talk page and hope for the best. To improve, I suggest you make his hair spikes more prominent and not have the goggles covering his eyes.

Hi! I'm KirbiMiroir! (talk) 17:22, July 2, 2017 (UTC)

Just a notice

Face Off! Notice

Hey, I just noticed that you added some characters to my Face Off page. For future reference, please leave requests through the comments, it's the easiest way to keep them all in order. I thought I already included that in the rules, but I guess I didn't.
I had to remove a couple of your characters, either because they had no linked page or didn't fit within the rules (too many in consecutive series), but I kept as many as I could. If you want to switch one of your scheduled characters with a different one, leave a comment on the page and I will change it.
Thanks for participating, can't wait to get to your characters!
This is the Hero, signing off (talk) 07:17, July 11, 2017 (UTC)

page restore request

can you please restore the following pages for me:

Wazzupguys (talk) 21:36, July 13, 2017 (UTC)

Net Neutrality

Three years ago, we fought net neutrality.

Now it's time we do that again. Spread the word, fellas!

Go here:

Spread the word to all the people that you know! Make a post about it on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, whatever you use to communicate with the world around you: this is an important issue and deserves to be known.

This can shut down the whole Fandom Company. Please help to stop it!

Spread it to all of the people on the wiki so they know about it, and can fight for it!

Yumms567 (talk) 22:16, July 13, 2017 (UTC)yumms567

genesis content

Here you go! Any potential ideas you have to add to this just send on my talk page.

💀 ♪♫♬ now's the time to let it rip, to let it fuckin' loose · we're gathered here to maim and kill, 'cause this is what we choose ♪♫♬ 💀


I deleted the Rebeorn Fantendoverse page and blog due to some concerns that haven't been addressed with it; how do we know if the series outside of the core wont clash with the core story even though they're invariably connected, and how do we exactly handle the transitioning into the newer universe? What would be the actual meat of the story, too? I want those to be addressed before I put up the pages.

Once they're up, I'm going to sign out of the project because I got deeply uncomfortable talking to Exo about it and it's the main reason why I'm backing out, so I avoid any storms there are between us

💀 ♪♫♬ now's the time to let it rip, to let it fuckin' loose · we're gathered here to maim and kill, 'cause this is what we choose ♪♫♬ 💀

dropping out

The Rebeorn Fantendoverse is a fun project and all but I'd like to drop out because of my inability to focus on it and the amount of stress that I usually have to deal with on my own because of it (usually during the time you're asleep). Perhaps you can find a new leader in place of myself? I'm not invested in the project very much anymore and everything else I'm working has slowed down because of the project. Please let me drop out -- thank you

💀 ♪♫♬ now's the time to let it rip, to let it fuckin' loose · we're gathered here to maim and kill, 'cause this is what we choose ♪♫♬ 💀


You can go ahead and add their Hiddenverse stories on their Medieverse page as well

Crispycol (talk) 08:57, September 28, 2017 (UTC)


hey, hate to bother ya but can you do me a favor? can you make a logo for me?

the game is called Pokémon Spiral Version.

Leavanny Dream.png
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream.png
  1. Do you want the Pokemon Logo to remain Yellow? yeah
  2. Do you have a preferred font or font shape for the word "Spiral"? not really no
  3. What colour would you like the word "Spiral" in? some kind of green/pink gradient? idk man
  4. What additional effects (Glow, Gradients, Fade, etc.) would you like on the entire logo? maybe make "spiral" glow a bit?
  5. Is Ciriesta immortal? indeed
Leavanny Dream.png
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream.png

PERFECT! thank you!! :D

Leavanny Dream.png
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream.png

Fantendo Chat

Hi, Shadow. Since I sign up on Dark Studio, I want to ask that what time are you active so I can have a chat with you on Fantendo Chat.

It's for some feedback on few of my games. Kyledude788 (talk) 07:09, November 5, 2017 (UTC)

Where do you live? Kyledude788 (talk) 08:38, November 5, 2017 (UTC)

Suggestions to improve the List of Generation VIII Pokémon page?

What should I do to improve the page? Should I just put the Pokémon list on Pokémon Past and Future's main page? Sorry to bother you, but I genuinely would like your feedback on this, since you marked the list page as needing to be rewritten. Oiraw (talk) 15:21, November 7, 2017 (UTC)

Help with Pokémon Past and Future Pokémon list, plot, new mechanics, etc.

Thank you for your suggestions for my Pokémon list! Since I plan to add Pokédex entries to my new Pokémon's pages, I was wondering if I should still put dex entries on the list. What do you think?

I would also appreciate if you could help with my games' plot. I have a plot planned (involving a different evil team for each version a la Ruby and Sapphire) but I need help making a storyline that's unique and not cookiecutter.

One last thing-do you have any ideas for new gameplay mechanics? I would like to add features that emphasize my game's time theme and the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks for your time, patience, and assistance! Oiraw (talk) 16:06, November 7, 2017 (UTC)

Hanzo (Ninjutsu Arts)

Hi, Shadow. I need some help. Do you have any ideas for ninjutsu arts? I can't think any thing to add. Kyledude788 (talk) 23:44, November 18, 2017 (UTC)

Weekly Challenge on Darkight

I would like to enter Okami 3 into the Weekly Challenge.

Re:Check-Up and Aid

I'm feeling fine, thank you. I don't have any issue but, I'm still editing my game, Hanzo: The Ultimate Ninja. I'm pretty stuck on the Chapters.

RE: Check Up And Aid

Yeah, I'm all good. My tablet broke so I was very inactive for a bit, but now I have got a new phone so I should be able be more active. Thanks for checking The Silent Ninja (Contact Me) 20:31, November 25, 2017 (UTC)

To answer your questions- I would enjoy a metroidvania, in 2D

Re:Couple of Polling Questions

1. Hack 'n' Slash, RPG 2. 3D

My made up Legend of Zelda films

My made up Legend of Zelda films they're meant to be PG-13 rated if they were real, I don't why they have to be under the "Rated PG Films" category if they are PG-13

No problem, though as I said on Amitt's talk page, PG-13 is a valid category and I will be restoring it. --SonicWiki (Talk)



Nah, I don't mind. Go ahead ;)

Crispycol (talk) 13:58, January 2, 2018 (UTC)

Hiatus Template

Hi, Shadow. I'm kinda very busy on my winter semester and it's very difficult. And I have a lot of games and it gives me a headache to do any of the games and the activites outside of Fantendo. I want to ask if there is a template saying that the game is hiatus, so I can focus on one game. Thank you Kyledude788 (talk) 00:33, January 24, 2018 (UTC)

logo request

hey buddy boi, could you possibly make a logo for me? it’s for a story called Last Resort, my only request is for you to mix it between a blood-like and island-like aesthetic? other than that go wild my man

thanks, if ya can!!

Leavanny Dream.png
Sorry to
BUG you.
166Ledian Dream.png


sounds out of the blue, but could you make a lance ability star for my kirby fan game which will include said ability? if you cant, then thats fine. Shadowdab.pngdabbing is an old meme Shadowdab.png

Special thanks from Official-NCM

I here by thanking you for an update Pokémon X and Y transcript, I hope you really appreciate for part of Nintendo Cinematic Multiverse. --Official-NCM (talk) 09:20, February 14, 2018 (UTC)

Unten Tri-Annual Meeting

Well, I know that it sucks to kind of have the rug pulled under you like that. However, I don't know what you were trying to do before you put the page up, and if Quartz was a part of that, maybe you could have discussed it with me or pablo before hand. Trying to create a coherent continuity with several different characters is tough and it's even harder if two parties don't communicate with each other. Which is why I suggest if you're going to use my characters, you should probably actually pitch the idea to me, and then I can tell you what you need to be aware of so you can write it without breaking continuity.

All it needs is some rewriting. Unten needs to go to Quartz if she's important to this story, and that interaction needs to reflect their more distant relationship at this point. It might be best if you explain to me what you want this story to be about, because I might keep pointing out stuff like that. They're my characters, I know things about them.


I don't know what your problem with me lately is... can I do anything to try and at least be friends with you again? You seemed hurt about the Hyper Mode thing and the Unten Tri-Annual Meeting but I don't want to assume anything. Can you at least tell me what's wrong?



I would like to use my time right now to deliver a full apology (or whatever this is) to you.

You may wonder this at first: "Why is Athena apologizing?" Well, it's because I simply fear that I had an impact on your more-recent temper - you're not as jolly as you were from mid-2017 right down to the end of the year and I know we didn't always see each other eye-to-eye on things. Regardless of what caused your mood to (seemingly?) down-spiral, I really apologize that things aren't all that well-going for you right now. You were a really close friend to me and you made the last stretch of 2017 for me into something more than just "bearable". Helena (tbc) and Dreb (tbc) were (and still are) always there to support me, but you did something really different. Atop of supporting me, you worked to make me into a stronger, healthier person and always saw to it that I wouldn't slack on pulling through with these changes. With your help, I found the motivation I needed to finish the first half of the 450k byte+ Shadows of Mallory story and work on redefining Zaxinian lore and characters. I found room to improve older characters of mine; I found just as much room to retweak older projects of mine so they'd be more along today's standards. And for all of this motivation (which you gave me the most of), I'm still extremely grateful for all the help you've given me. But in the end, I feel that I never treated you as well as you would have wanted me to... which made me doubt if I should have ever been given your help to begin with.

On the Discord group chat I shared with you and Dreb in the past, I was... kind of aggressive at points when looking back, and almost downright rude at other times. Whenever I didn't want to fall through with something, I ended up not taking it all that well - mostly if it was something I didn't really want to do but something you wanted me to try doing, anyway. As I expected following my initial leaving of the group chat, I didn't use most of the new lore we made, and that makes me feel really guilty because there was a lot of good stuff going for it even if I personally think right now that it wasn't the ideal direction for the Zaxinian Lifts to be taken in. I still want to use the majority of the new characters for actual Zaxinian Lifts material as a tribute to your help (even if they wouldn't have fulfilled their initial purposes), but if you want to take any of them back (like Sissile and Lucius, if you remember them), you definitely can. If not, I'd be happy to make use of them somehow, or I can just (hesitantly) delete them permanently if that's what makes you the most comfortable. Whatever happens to them is really your choice because they're still largely your characters; I never built upon them myself. Anyway, even if I didn't go in the direction for Phase 2 you wanted me to, I'm still going to try and make lighter moments in the Lifts (I already did a few times!) and work on developing characters like Mallory and whoever else so that they break new ground and surprise everybody in my current audience. If you never worked with me, I don't think I'd be working nearly as hard at character dynamics, and that's another thing I really appreciated you for.

Thank you for all your contributions to the Zaxinian Lifts, it was a pleasure to work with you even if things sort of fell apart. I still use and develop Bitetach, Gobstop, all the other little planets you made, the new Ginger, and etc., and still make a lot of changes to the Zaxinian Lifts for coherency and consistency and just common sense. I kept a lot of the world-building changes because you always excelled with that and it's what I was the absolute happiest with... being able to envision the Zaxinian Lifts and describe it to other people is always something I've wanted to do, and you helped make that possible. Moreever, it's been highly pleasant to think about what new ways I could take characters in without "losing the plot" to 'em, I've been working on changing how characters like Black Eyes and Zodiez and Arikan and Scotch grow and change in the ZL. Like I said in the previous paragraph, I really appreciated that you helped me work with character dynamics and multiple different personality traits in order to increase the range of the characters' emotions and personalities. Perhaps I didn't change various characters of mine to suit the character direction we had going on in the Discord channel, but I've been working to make characters have more of a rhyme and reason to their existence and forming bonds that wouldn't really be thought of for a place as zany and wild as the Lifts. Again, thank you for your help; you are by-far the most hands-on person I've met and worked with for the ZL.

I know it probably sounds frustrating that I didn't end up using most of the lore ideas we came up with to the table, but to be frank... the Zaxinian Lifts was always tough to develop lore for, and things come and go in development just as they do in real video games and whatnot. In the end, the direction I had going with the Zaxinian Lifts just didn't work with what we had planned... and I didn't want to change what I started it all with because I ultimately feel that the Zaxinian Lifts would lose its primary message. For me, that message is that The Zaxinian Lifts are a huge family full of people with varying views and differences that brawl often with other family members, but people like Silver Zin try to keep this family unified so they can overcome and defeat any obstacle in their way, no matter how extraordinarily difficult the task may be. It's just like how I want Earth to be handled... I want us to all come together and fix this globe's rising issues in spite of the immense challenges in our way. Even as both human civilization and the Zaxinian Lifts family grow and change, they get faced up with more and more obstacles, and to do that, everyone needs to work together. In what we had for Phase 2 (and subsequently 3), we did focus on family, but hardships seemed to not really be a focus in the intentionally dystopian ZL and as such I thought the elements we both came up with didn't fit. Hence all of the changes I made to Phase 2 lately... but what really mattered to me is that you helped at all. You gave me new ideas and helped spawn motivation for me; enough motivation to the point where I was able to clearly define the Lifts' message on the spot!

I'm just going to end this message here... if you ever felt rejected, hated on, or despised by me in any way, I deeply apologize because I never meant to come off that way at all. In truth, you made me much happier; I just kind of joke around with you on chat sometimes because I don't think we're anywhere as close to best buds as we were before. I want to end this whole apology with something that I really hope doesn't upset you: I'm really saddened with all the work of yours that you ended up deleting. Since March or April 2017, you always had a knack for writing huge, expansive and lovely written articles that are highly detailed and full of character, and they were just straight-up incredible to me. It made me sad to see a LOT of your effort go to waste like that, especially with how tightly you wrote up that stuff. Reluctant Attorney was a great game, for example, and you made a hella lot of work for that, but it ultimately went down the drain. It's such a pity to see all of that stuff go down the drain because it's evident you worked really hard at that material, with one of your presentations from last year being my favorite overall in 2017... I'm glad you're still making projects though, everything you've shown for your latest company (it's called Paperback, right?) is super solid and fun to read. Your art, logos, maps and etc. all look just fantastic too. I hope you can talk things out with Helena/Pab/whatever in regards to writing Fantendoverse lore; you always wrote some really fun-looking projects that only needed a bit of working out with them. Hope that's motivational; I'm still a big follower of your stuff and it's great.

And even if you don't look at me this way anymore, I don't think you could have made this sister happier with how she works on her projects.

Well, have a good day / night / whenever you read this if you do

💀 ♪♫♬ now's the time to let it rip, to let it fuckin' loose · we're gathered here to maim and kill, 'cause this is what we choose ♪♫♬ 💀

(P.S. if some parts of this message don't make sense i wrote this when i was super tired)

Wii Sports Resort X

Hello. I saw you edited the page Wii Sports Resort X. The comment said, "No edit summary was given." The link to the real page on Wii X Wiki is here: Maximzub (talk) 23:33, March 13, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, dude you ok? We haven't talked for a while and I just wanted to make sure you were good after the incident.

AvatarTLH.pngThis message was sponsored by Stardust WorksAvatarTLH.png 07:02, April 14, 2018 (UTC)

I know your not going on chat, I just wanted to make sure you were alright

AvatarTLH.pngThis message was sponsored by Stardust WorksAvatarTLH.png 07:17, April 14, 2018 (UTC)


I can definitely work with something like that, thank you!

💀 ♪♫♬ now's the time to let it rip, to let it fuckin' loose · we're gathered here to maim and kill, 'cause this is what we choose ♪♫♬ 💀

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