gonna be taking an extended break from the site. haven't truly been comfortable here since a situation that happened not too long ago! if i don't come back? that means i moved on. which is a good thing, btw

i'm gone. i'm fucking gone goodbye forever

if you need to reach me, my twitter's at @santumerino and my discord's Santum#3559

also, please do not dm me about this :)

i am not fuckign kidding if you dm me about fantendo i WILL block you instantly

i have my reasons, and i'd only share them with the type of person that knows about them already. if you have to ask, that isn't you.

feel free to make educated guesses though :)

look. i'm tired of wasting my time and energy on a site as vile as this one. it doesn't take a genius to guess what the "situation that happened not too long ago" is (and it certainly won't once i go into more detail in a bit).

i was planning to make a blog about this, but there's been enough "drama" blogs (that's weird, isn't it? to call anything that threathens the status quo "drama"?) so i'm writing it here only for the people who care enough to stalk my userpage.

there is no way you can come across this on accident. you're here either from the wiki activity (which means you made a conscious decision to look at this) or from clicking a link to my profile (if you did this through the discord, you also made a conscious decision to look at this. if you searched my page directly, stop).

if you're reading this, you care, and if you don't, leave now.

in one sentence; i am sickened and disappointed not just in how the situation was handled, but the aftermath (or rather, lack thereof).

NOTHING'S CHANGED. someone was banned (with a very vague ban reason, might i add. good job defending someone who traumatized a child :)) and then... nothing. a rule was added, which people took as a joke anyways ("no sex!!! no sex!!!!!! gexy time!!!!!!!!"), and that's it.

i'm disgusted by the mod team's shameful lack of action, and the community's pathetic response to what little change happened (that is, to try and get it over with without actually pushing the mod team to improve the situation, and then forget about it once the slightest effort was put in).

there was only a single mod that actually tried to take action (not the performative kind) and materially improve the site. i won't mention you explicitly, but you know who you are. thank you for everything you've done for the site and i wish you a bright future.

how do i know for sure that there was only a single mod that actually cared about this?

when jay made a few sexually-charged jokes towards me, which made me deeply uncomfortable, he was almost instantly warned for "sexual harrasement". i know for a fact this was discussed within the mod team. the mod team warned someone for "sexual harrasement" over a few jokes.

meanwhile, this person has a history of child predatory behaviour. they would encourage younger members to talk about their kinks. they made sexual jokes and displays at them. they wrote NSFW stories featuring the characters made by their teenaged friends. and they were the one primarily cultivating this environment. (there are all excerpts from a blog that goes in more detail)

this person had to ask to be banned (you did the responsible thing, btw. this tells me you've changed. thank you.) and once that happened, the ban reason





you want to know why someone who did something comparatively minor committed "sexual harrasement" but someone else who did something objectively worse simply "requested ban"?

gee, i wonder.

it couldn't be...

...nah. it would be ridiculous of me to suggest that.

now, listen to me closely.

banning this person was pointless.

i'll say it again.

Banning this person was pointless.

once more for the people in the back.


why was it pointless? because this is where it ended. this person was banned (again, after asking to be banned), and then... nothing. this is called performative action. this makes you look like you did something to improve the underlying problems on the site, while not actually doing anything. good job. you must think you're so smart.

the problem is that an individual in the community was able to traumatize a child by cultivating and helping perpetuate a hypersexual environment in a chatzy. there are many solutions to prevent this from happening in the future, all of them difficult, but all of them worth pursuing.

instead, after arguing against the community ("besides, is the shame not enough punishment". this is an actual quote by a currently-active moderator from the first time this was brought up.), defending the person with predatory tendencies, they demoted them (after they asked to be punished in this way) and later banned them (again, after they asked for it), with an extremely vague ban reason.

you're protecting them, mods.

you're protecting a (former) child predator, mods.

they didn't just "request the ban", mods.

here. i'll help you write a better reason.

"Inappropriate/sexual behavior: reported sexual harassment towards anonymous fantendo users"

how hard was that?

i didn't even have to get creative! i just had to say it like it is!

here. i'll give you the tour.

"Inappropiate/sexual behavior:" this is what they did. they engaged in inappropiate, sexual behavior.

"reported sexual harassment" the sexual harassment has been "reported" through the blog made by...

"towards anonymous fantendo users" ...an user who remained anonymous when the blog was published.

this is what this person did. to refuse to mention this and instead merely say they "requested ban", you're putting vulnerable people in the community in harm's way. how? like this:

we only know this person has changed through how they're acting publicly. they condemned their previous actions, and requested a punishment.

...this is how they're acting publicly. do you know for sure they've changed? you may believe they did. i believe so too. but do you know for sure?

if they didn't change, only acting in this way publicly, not explicitly mentioning their actions in the ban reason is being complicit not only in what they did (you're already this), but also in what they might do.

you may think "yeah, but this is unlikely. they've clearly changed." sure. again, i also believe they're not currently acting in a predatory way towards minors.

but do you know FOR SURE? or is this just a hunch?

the original blog refers to events in 2016 and 2017.

that's 4-3 years ago.

they were between 18 and 20 years old.

that's certainly old enough to know better, despite their claims to the contrary.

they may have changed in those 3 years, or they might've gotten better at hiding their actions.

why risk it?

maybe the day the mod team (and to an extent, the community through their desire to move on and forget about this) stops protecting sexual harrassers, fantendo will finally be a safe place for the young people that participate in it daily.

but for now, all i'm left wondering is "why are they doing this? do they not care about the vulnerable people in the community they manage, when the person who hurt them is in their little posse? do they want to keep this place unsafe for (god forbid) a reason of their own?"

...well, i was wondering that. by me leaving, you can tell which answer i'm sticking with.

...if you're expecting me to go on a tangent about the good things about fantendo, you're absolutely deluded.

fantendo has no redeeming qualities in its current state, and will continue to be a cesspool until the mods do something, anything, to make the site safer.

i know this won't happen, however. they've already defended one child predator. they're complicit in their actions. who says they won't do it again?

there's only two morally correct actions they could take from here:

they could either reflect on themselves, think about why what they did was disgusting, and pledge to make the site safer WHILE ALSO TAKING ACTUAL, REAL ACTIONS TO ENSURE THIS INSTEAD OF JUST SAYING IT...

...or they could step down and let a new set of moderators take over. preferably not ones that you're friendly-friends with, but ones voted by the community.

the first one won't happen. the events regarding this person were brought up twice, on separate occasions, and the mods were just as dismissive and objectively harmful both times.

the second one isn't realistic. in a quite creepy way, the members of the mod team will refuse to do this despite

A) them knowing exactly what they're doing

and B) being objectively way too old to be moderating a nintendo fanfic site (sonicwiki and valkyriepyra are 21 years old, at least 2 other mods are 19) which, while not a problem in and of itself, is particularly disturbing in the context of them being in a position of power (creating a dramatic power imbalance in both age and community influence), especially when they use said power imbalance to protect someone who actively encouraged and enabled teens and pre-teens to act in a hypersexualized manner.

i can already picture them in their discord server: "wow look at this guy lol good riddance :)"

i know what you do in there :)

good riddance to you too :)

tl;dr: the mod team has protected a former child predator by refusing to punish them (remember, they had to ask to be punished. the mods did nothing. zilch. nada.), and continues to do so (by keeping their ban reason as "requested ban" and not taking any actual actions to prevent this type of behaviour in the future).

this is so vile i simply cannot in good conscience remain on the site.

why was banning someone who has a history of child predatory behaviour even up for debate in the first place?

there's only 2 morally correct routes they can take from here. both are detailed above. i suggest that, even if you don't want to read anything else, you read that bit.

ps: this is not an invitation to defend yourselves, or ask me any questions about this. as i stated before, try to talk to me about this in dms and i will block you regardless of who you are.

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