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About me

I am the creator of transforming, short-tempered robot called Meta-Form, the smart Cubey, the bulldozing King Cube KiloBot, the cynical Vale, the mischievous Slanito, and the devastating Exateno.

I had a rough time with my parents in the past, but that was the past and we get along better ever since I moved away to a small mansion. I'm an intermediate drawer, and have full of ideas. If you want to ask me for ideas or wanting help, ask me via Discord (Samtendo09#2100) or my Talk Page.

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King Dedede X Exa-Sectonia, the OTP of Official Kirby X Kirby OC

My Art Gallery

User:Samtendo09/Art Gallery

For Fun

User:Samtendo09/Pokémon Shindan Maker Results

User:Samtendo09/Pokémon + Paper Mario

User:Samtendo09/Gear Games' Boss Threat Level (The first one, Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality, is done with permission granted by .snickedge)


Wanna play with me online with 3DS games? Now you can, you just need to enter my friend code and there we go. You can also talk to me in other websites available.

3DS Friend Code

  • Friend Code: 4227-5506-0488
  • Games Available: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, Mario Kart 7, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Moon
  • People in my Friend List: Star Warrior Terra.

Other Contacts

  • YouTube: TheCommenterSam
  • Steam: DemoWario
  • DeviantArt: WarioWules09

Gear Games Villain Tourney

Inspired by Athena's Zaxinian Lifts Tourney.

User:Samtendo09/Samtendo's Villains Tourney


Kirby: Heroes of Pop Star Trilogy

It will include three different antagonists in this trilogy but Exateno does appear in all these games, from a final boss, secret boss or the main antagonist.

  • Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!: Gives aspect of 3D actions. Introduces Giant Size and Exateno, one of the most powerful foes (if not the most powerful for me, but you decide) Kirby had ever faced.
  • Kirby's Story-Break: The story a book. Returns into 2.5D action, but have even more emphasis on beat-em-up style and always have four players (not enough will have CPU to fill the rest), giving it an arcade-like impression. The bosses are mixed up Final Bosses created by a vampire puppeteer, whose final boss fight with his own darkness and the light of the so-called Guardian Stone.
  • ??? (No idea for now, but probably Exateno returns,for real instead of being a secret boss but have a clash with another Kirby villain, canon or fanon, as a basic idea)
  • Kirby Fighters Evolution: Not part of the trilogy but a retail version of Kirby Fighters. Might take place during either Huge Trouble or Story-Break.

Character Workshop

  • Toaderry is a Toad inspired by a heroic Blue Toad who helped Mario, Luigi and Peach during an adventure, and aspire to become a heroic Toad. He is a bit overconfident, but often know how to deal with foes, and can trust those who respected him quickly. Although his overconfidence can bring him into trouble sometimes.
  • Piontos is Guramina's second-in-command. As mentioned, he is both strong and smart and knows a lot about technology. Guramina respects him very much, because at least "he knows what not to put in an arena" and "always go for the smarter solution". This green Pianta knows about cowardice... and it is abandoning your allies even if the situation can be dealt. He is a bit rotten since he was born, but progressed to become smarter.
  • Hexina: A vampire-witch who uses her magic for her own amusement, although can be impressed by people who managed to went thorough her magic tricks. Can be very affectionate to her allies who treated her with respect. Heavily inspired from the Witch costume from Poker's Sleepover Adventures.

Workshop Gallery

Other Ideas

Other, Not-Too Important Stuffs

Team Emerald (1)

  • Monkie the Furret (was Mankey and then was Igglybuff) 162Furret.gif
  • Ice Age the Regice Regice.gif
  • Drill the Rhydon 112Rhydon.gif
  • Pwine the Togetic (was Swinub) 176Togetic.gif
  • Mania the Primeape 057Primeape.gif
  • Earth the Groudon 383Groudon.gif


Out of Context Weirdness

I only include if it concerns me, any of my characters or about characters that I liked.

  • AgentMuffin: "MeGa eXa"
  • MeGa eXal: "new Kirby character"
  • WesternSkies: "MeGa eXa-Sectonia"
  • MeGa eXal: "Mega Exa-Sectonia" (A few seconds after West's post.)

Win Quotes (for fun)

User:Samtendo09/Gear Games Win Quotes

My Guestbook

Yo! My mascot character was here!

My Favorite Pokemon

This does not include Gen 7 Pokemon until release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. All Pokemon who got Mega Evolution had Mega Evolved, except for Latios and Latias to avoid confusion. Can you find them all?

(Click on the image and click full image to see them all and for better view.)

Samtendo's Favorite Pokemon Team.png

Gear Games Cast

Not included are those not having an image, or those with poor quality image. Exa-Sectonia, Gigantin and Exateno are made much smaller in comparison for the sake of not making the image itself too big.

Gear Games Cast.png

Standalone Needing Evolution Tier List

This is just an opinion of mine, so take it as an advice and not an official guide.

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