Poke-Luigi 3

aka I need to come up with a better username

  • I live in your closet
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is master procrastinator
  • I am an attack helicopter


Poke-Luigi 3
AGE 13
BIRTHDAY 22nd June 2004
NATIONALITY Spanish and Australian
Videogames, drawing, animals, food, people who actually accept and respect me, dank memes, hot girls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
School, homework, exams, mean people, my math teacher
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Hi there! I'm Poke-Luigi 3, and I like videogames, more specifically the Super Mario, Pokémon and Kirby series. I'm 14 years old and I have ADHD. I'm not very popular on here, because I was on a crazy long hiatus before, and also because I don't go on chat because I'm pretty shy. Either way, I hope you enjoy your stay in my little slice of heaven!

About me

So, here's a little bit of information about myself!

  • As stated before, I'm 14.
  • I have ADHD, so don't anger me... or else.
  • Despite having a short temper, I'm a friendly and nice guy once you get to know me! ^v^ I'm pretty shy, though.
  • I'm Spanish and Australian (I live in Spain, but my mum is Australian and I have double nationality.)
  • My videogame consoles are:
    • Nintendo DS: My first console. It was my bloody childhood.
    • Wii: I remember playing some good games with this console. I loved the Super Mario Galaxy games.
    • Nintendo 3DS: Probably the console in which I have the most games, but it's still not my favourite. My friend code is: 0233 - 3991 - 9118. Send me a message with your friend code in my talk page if you're interested in adding me.
    • Nintendo Switch: My newest console, which I got for Christmas last year. I have very few games, but I'll most definetly get more in the future. I... don't know my friend code (I'll add it when I can).

My pages

Here's a list of my pages. Please, take a look!


  • Quest for Planet Veenic: My own take on an original game which I made a while ago. I was gonna make this a series, but I eventually lost interest in it. :P
  • Mario Party: Ultimate Fun: My attempt at a Mario Party game. It's a good article imo, but I'm thinking of making another Mario Party game in the future which is more story oriented, and revolves around Ztars.


  • Adventures on Planet 33: A crossover RPG game which I'm currently working on, inspired by Umbrella Games. This page will be HUGE when it's completed, and thus it will take a LONG time to complete. I will eventually, though. ;)
  • New Super Mario Bros. Platinum: A BAD attempt at a NSMB game that I created a long time ago. I'm not working on it for now, but I might remake it in the future.

Future projects

Avatar History

Here's a list of all of my profile pictures in chronological order. I don't change it very often, but since a lot of users do this, why not do it myself?



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