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Paleotendoverse is a non-canon recreation of an alternate universe of the (New) Fantendoverse, which is practically a new and improved version of the now destroyed Neotendoverse (thanks Reten, you little bench). Part of the universe was destroyed by a catalyst event caused by Creten, which practically caused most of the characters from there, who did not escape in time, to share the same fate.

This universe, while still sharing the dark tone and nature of its original universe, is less darker than it overall, probably because it "absorbs" less darkness from the Neotendoverse. As stated before, part of the universe was wiped out completely and accidentally by Punten, after he found some sort of superweapon and used it to destroy some part of the universe. Most of the inhabitants there were gone for good, but some were still out there and rumored to have escaped prior.

The main protector of what is left of the universe is Sareena Halos, some sort of angel like character that has a striking resemblance to another charater, though her color scheme and the type of clothing she wears is different. Oh, and she also has angel wings as well. Other characters include Creten, Reeses, Bad Dog and many others.


Character Description
Sareena Halos Sareena Halos is some sort of angel humanoid character who is the protector of what is even left of the Paleotendoverse. Sareena has two wings she can use to soar through the sky with ease unless they are broken, which in that case, her flight is limited. She is also seen carrying (and playing occasionally) a harp and a golden spear of energy.
Cretin Creten is a Beorn known for his nefarious doings across the universe, shown as he is on multiple "wanted" signs, though he believes the people are being deceived and he is innocent. Despite and whether these claims being true or not, they are still chasing after him. He formerly lived peacefully in this universe's Zeon, which, like other Zeons, have been destroyed before, and after that, he was left immensely devastated that he lost his close friends that he thought did not manage to escape the planet.
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