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About me

Hi there! I am Peanutjon. I like Mario games, and don't really play any other Nintendo games, so don't blame me if I make a really bad Kirby game or something. Please go here.


To become a friend, go to my talk page. Also, go here.

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My 5 Fav Pokemon

I don't know why I'm making this; I don't play Pokemon, but. . .

  1. Pichu = Cute and powerful. I LOVE it.
  2. Squirtle = Same as Pichu, but less powerful.
  3. Cyndaquill = Very powerful, but cowardly and has to wait awhile before using it's attack, flamethrower, when you first find it.
  4. Pikachu = Powerful, but not that cute. Very funny, though.
  5. Charmander (those are the Baby Charizards, rite?) = Very small and powerful. Also funny-looking.