Hello! Thanks for checking out my profile, I'm Emerald Splash, current owner and only member of Button Studios. I'm on here rather often and I'm currently working on 3 projects.

I'm interested in lots of things. I love almost all Nintendo games, but I'm a particularly avid fan of the Mario Series, Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon, Splatoon and stuff. I do enjoy some anime as well, like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which is what my username is referencing, Dragonballand some assorted others I can't name off of the top of my head.

These are some things I use to do things. If you want to chat or play a game or something, you can message me on my Discord.

I came up with the original idea and had a large hand in the creation of Smash Galaxy: Star Bright, Star Fight, which was the most viewed on the wiki for a short time, something I'm quite proud of. While that's currently my only main project, I do have some others, but they're quite old and are far from done.

Discord: Lonk#6857
You could just leave a message here, I don't check it often though.

Current Projects

These are some thingamajigs I'm working on, tidbits about unpublished projects and stuff.

  • Wario and Waluigi: Wanted and Wicked (Almost complete)

Buddy Chum Pal Friends

(Are you my friend? Put yourself here, I guess.

  • NoOneCanJustDeflectTheEmeraldSplash (tbc)

This bit's empty right now. Come back later, or never. I'm not picky.

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