Ultra Racers Extreme is an upcoming kart racing game by MarioPhineas76 (tbc) as it features MP's favorite characters and people as it is also the sequel to Project "MPFighters". The game will be released on the Wii U and Master Pro. The game will share elements from the Mario Kart series and will be released in Summer 2014. The characters featured in the game are from video games, anime/manga, movies, internet series, and in real life like Project "MPFighters". Each character also has a Special Move whenever a special item is gained when a Item Container is touched. The game is also Rated E10.

Playable Characters


Image Name Series Description
NsmbMario Mario Super Mario Mario is an Italian plumber and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom as he had aventures throughout Mushroom World and the Universe where he saved Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Mario is a balanced character and is great for beginners.
File:Sonic4 render.png Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic is the fastest thing alive who hails from Green Hill Zone and had many adventures in the past. Sonic has the best speed in the game and is a great character to choose for drifters.
DipperGFArt Dipper Pines Gravity Falls Dipper Pines is an intelligent and clever adventurer who explores the mysteries and conspiracies that lie in the city of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Dipper has great acceleration and decent handling.
OriginsRayman1 Rayman Rayman Rayman is a...thingimajig and has been on many adventures with his pal Globox. Rayman has excellent handling and great speed.
Pac-Man Pac-Man Pac-Man Pac-Man is the hero of Pac-World and has a huge appitite. Pac-Man has great acceleration and not the best handling.
AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd Angry Video Game Nerd The Angry Video Game Nerd is a game reviewer who plays crappy games for a life. AVGN has great handling.
NC Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic The Nostalgia Critic is a movie reviewer who reviews crappy movies from the past. The Nostalgia Critic has great speed and drift.
IanH Ian Hecox Smosh Ian Hecox is one of the main characters of the Smosh franchise. Ian likes to do all sorts of crazy stuff with his freind Anthony. Ian has great drift and okay speed.
AnthonyP Anthony Padilla Smosh Anthony Padilla is one of the main characters of the Smosh franchise and also does crazy stuff with his friend Ian as they went on many adventures with each other. Anthony has better drift than Ian! Oh also he has good acceleration and alright speed too.
Haruhi Haruhi Suzumiya The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya is an energetic female who attends North High. Haruhi is usually interested in Espers, Time Travelers, and aliens which is why she created and is leader of the SOS Brigade. Haruhi has decent handling and speed, but her speed is great.
Mordecai character Mordecai Regular Show Mordecai is a 23 year old Blue Jay who works at The Park and does nothing all day, but slack off, play video games, and eat tacos. Mordecai has one of the best handling in the game and his acceleration is quite well.
SkywardSwordLinkArt Link The Legend of Zelda Link is an adventerous hero as he traveled to the dangerous Surface and save Zelda from being used to ressurect the Demon King known as Demise. Link has great speed and acceleration and same goes with his drifting. Link's appearance in this game is his Skyward Sword appearance.
ALF ALF ALF ALF (Alien Life Form or by his real name Gordon Shumway) ALF is an alien who crash landed on Earth after his planet Melmac was destroyed due to a nuclear war. ALF doesn't have good handling and speed, but he does have good drift.
EricForman Eric Foreman That 70s Show Eric Foreman is a skinny and un-athletic teenager who lives in the 70s and hangs out with his friends Hyde, Kelso, and Fez and usually hang out in Eric's Basement and do weed. Eric has good speed, and his acceleration is fair too.
PewDiePie PewDiePie PewDiePie PewDiePie is a Swedish famous Youtuber who posts Let's Plays of himself playing many games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Happy Wheels, Slender, Facade, and more. PewDie has excellent acceleration and decent speed.
104px-KWii Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby is the Pink puffball hero of Dreamland and has a huge appetite (like Pac-Man). Kirby has amazing handling and good acceleration too.
Edd Edd Eddsworld TBA
Phineas Flynn Phineas Phineas and Ferb Phineas in an intelligent child and is the step brother of Ferb as them two have build many inventions to escape Summer boredom. Phineas has great drift and handling.
UberHaxorNova Nova UberHaxorNova UberHaxorNova (or called Nova) is a famous Youtuber who does Let's Plays. Games Nova have played are The Amazing Spiderman, Minecraft, Happy Wheels, and more. Nova's acceleration is great and his drift is fairly decent.
Korra-Waterbending Korra The Legend of Korra TBA
IzumiKonata Konata Izumi Lucky Star Konata Izumi is a gamer and major otaku. Konata often likes to play Online RPG games and read manga and watch anime. Konata has excellent handling, but her speed isn't so great.
Homer-simpson 235 Homer Simpson The Simpsons Homer Simpson is the husband of Marge Simpson and father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson. Homer also works at the Springfield Nuclear Plant as he usually sleeps on the job and hangs out with his friends, Lenny and Carl. Homer has decent acceleration, but poor speed and handling.
FrywithBlaster Fry Futurama Fry is a Human who has been frozen for a thousand ever since New Years 1999 and since then Fry has been living in the year 3000 as he also works for Planet Express. Fry has fast accelerationa and great handling as well.
025Pikachu Pikachu Pokémon Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon. Pikachu has neat acceleration and same goes with his drifting.
1ATFinnStand Finn Adventure Time Finn is the last Human in Ooo and an adventurer who also goes to adventures with his dog Jake. Finn has excellent drift and good handling.
Ike Ike Fire Emblem TBA
TomNook3D Tom Nook Animal Crossing Tom Nook is the shopkeeper of his own store. Tom Nook has great drifting and handling, but heas decent speed.
Megaman Megaman Megaman TBA
199px-Mom samus Samus Metroid Samus is a Bounty Hunter who was raised by an intelligent bird species named the Chozo. Samus has been through many adventures in the past to defeat Space Pirates and defend the universe. Samus has excellent acceleration, but her drifting is poor.
IrresponsibleDad Irresponsible Dad Happy Wheels Irresponsible Dad is an irresponsible dad who usually rides a bike with his homosexual Justin Bieber listening son in the back named Timmy. Irresponsible Dad has not the best drift, but his speed and acceleration is great.
RainbowDash Rainbow Dash My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus who loves to compete and soar through the skies. Rainbow Dash has incredible speed (like Sonic) and fast acceleration as well.
Spike oh hey te sonic-d4owxpd Spike My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Spike is a baby dragon and Twilight Sparkle's "number one assistant". Spike has amazing handling and drift, and he also has good acceleration.
Kh-sora-model Sora Kingdom Hearts TBA
110px-DKposes Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is a strong ape who has been on many adventures in the past with his pal Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong has poor handling and acceleration, but he has alright drifting and his acceleration is good.


Image Name Series Description How to unlock
Luigiart2 Luigi Super Mario Luigi is Mario's brother and sidekick as he went on many adventures with him in the past. Luigi is a balanced character like Mario, but has better acceleration than him. Play as Mario 5 times.
100px-Spp-peach5 Princess Peach Super Mario Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and is Mario's girlfriend. Peach has been captures countless times by Bowser, but Mario was always there to save her. Peach has great handling and so is her speed, but her acceleration is not the best. Beat Mushroom Cup on 100cc or 150cc.
9character 9 9 9 is a doll who was given life by his creator who was a scientist. 9's mission was to save the world from machines that have taken over Earth after a war between man and machine. 9 has great drift and his acceleration is decent, but his speed makes him a great speed character to choose. Clear 9 missions.
MabelGFArt Mabel Pines Gravity Falls Mabel Pines is the energetic twin sister of Dipper. Mabel has amazing speed and drift and her accleration is alright. Play as Dipper 15 times.
Ferb Fletcher Ferb Phineas and Ferb Ferb is the British stepbrother of Phineas and they together create many inventions in the Summer to escape Summer boredom. Ferb has swift handling and his drifting is great too. Clear Rocket Cup on 150cc as Phineas.
TwilightSparkle Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Twilight Sparkle is a Unicorn, Princess Celestia's number 1 student, and an expert at magic. Twilight has great acceleration and drift too. Clear 25 Missions.
NathanDrake Nathan Drake Uncharted Nathan Drake is an adventurer who has traveled the world to hunt for treasure. Nathan has great drift and his speed is great as well. Clear Hammer Cup on 150cc.
ZeldaSkyward Zelda The Legend of Zelda TBA Play at Faron Woods 15 times.
Quote Quote Cave Story TBA Clear any cup on 150cc.
Jakeeee Jake Adventure Time Jake is the dog of Finn and they have been on many adventures in the past as Jake can also shape shift. Jake has great drift and same goes for his speed. Play as Finn 17 times.
180px-Bender Bender Futurama TBA Play as Fry 23 times.
Bart Simpson Bart Simpson The Simpsons TBA Win 1st Place on 3 cups as Homer.
Wreck It Ralph Ralph Wreck-It Ralph Ralph is the villain of the arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr. and decides to not to be a villain anymore and to be a hero. Ralph has not the best acceleration, but his drifting is good. Play as Donkey Kong 42 times.
MUDKEEP Mudkeep Mudkeep in Stilioseland Mudkeep is the odd Mudkip toy who has traveled across the land of Stilioseland. Mudkeep has bad drifting, bad speed, and bad acceleration. Play the game 535 times.
JonTron JonTron JonTron TBA Race on any courses 9 times.
EgoraptorStaresintoyoursoul Egoraptor Egoraptor TBA Race as JonTron 29 times.

Character Cameos

These characters make cameos in some courses and can be seen.

Image Name Series Location
ToadBrigade Toad Brigade Super Mario Near by Peach's Castle in Mario Circuit.
170px-Silver02 Silver the Hedgehog Silver the Hedgehog Runs by the loop in Green Hill Zone.
SLENDERMAN Slenderman UNKNOWN Behind a tall tree in the Gravity Falls Forest course.
PacmanJunior Pac-Man Jr. Pac-Man Walking around Pac-Village.
Muscleman and Hi-Five Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost Regular Show Riding on a Golf Cart around The Park.
BuchaSS Bucha The Legend of Zelda Near The Great Tree in Faron Woods.
Bubblegum Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time Inside her castle in the Candy Kingdom course.
WonderBolts The Wonderbolts My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Flying around PonyVille.
MKXL Toadette Toadette Super Mario The resturant on Daisy Cruiser.
Shamu Shamu Sea World Performing on the Shamu Rocks! show.
JACQUES Jaques JonTron To be announced...

Ultra Moves



These items are can be accssed when a Item Container is touched by a racer.

Image Name Series Description
Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mushroom Super Mario When gained, the player will gain a extra boost of speed.
TripleMushroomsMKC Triple Mushroom Super Mario When gained, the player can have three times more the boost as a regular Mushroom has.
GreenShell Green Shell Super Mario When gained, the player can throw the Green Shell and it will go all over the area until another racer is hit.


Triple Green Shells Super Mario When gained, the Triple Green Shells does what a regular Green Shell does, but with three times more the shells.
RedShell Red Shell Super Mario When gained, the player can throw the Red Shell and can make it instantly hit the other racer infront or in the back.
TripleRedShells Triple Red Shell Super Mario When gained, the Red Shells does what a regular Red Shell does, but with three times more the shells.
S&SASR Speed Shoes Speed Shoes Sonic the Hedgehog When gained, the player will have an extra boost like the Mushroom, but the Speed Shoes are much faster.
Smiledip Smile Dip Gravity Falls When gained, the player will summon Aoshima which is a flying dolphin that shoots fists and it's fists also shoot out fists which shoots rainbows. Aoshima can attack other racers for a short amount of time.
SSBBHammer Hammer Super Smash Bros. When gained, the player can use the Hammer to attack other racers and can make them spin around for about 3-4 seconds.
GoldenHammer Golden Hammer Super Smash Bros. When gained, the player can use the Golden Hammer to attack othr racers and make then spin around in the air. The Golden Hammer is much stronger than a regular Hammer.
BananaPeel Banana Peel Mario Kart When gained, the player can throw the Banana Peel somewhere around the course and if anyone else passes through the peel then he/she will spin around.
MKwii TripleBanana Triple Banana Peel Mario Kart When gained, the Triple Banana Peel does the same thing as a Banana Peel does, but with three times more the peels.
NESZapper NES Zapper Nintendo/Angry Video Game Nerd When gained, the player can shoot 8-bit bullets at other racers.
BrawlSuperScope Super Scope Nintendo/Angry Video Game Nerd When gained, the player can shoot fast 16-bit bullets at other racers.
PokeballTopTrans Poké Ball Poké Ball When gained, the player will summon any Pokémon.
Lightning-mario-kart Lightning Bolt Mario Kart When gained, the player can make everyone else small for a limited amount of time and when they are small, they are slower too.
GoldenFist Rayman2 Golden Fist Rayman When gained, the player can throw the Golden Fist at any other racer and when a racer is striked by the Golden Fist then him/her will spin around.
S&SASR Manual Rocket Maual Rocket Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing When gained, the player can choose whichever racer to strike at and when the Rocket strikes the player then he/she will fly up in the air.
Holycrapthosenachoslookgood Nachos N/A When gained, the player will be invincible for a couple of seconds.
JetHW Jet Happy Wheels When gained, the Jet will attach on the racer's kart and then he/she will go at a a super fast pace and can plow through everyone's way until 3rd, 2nd, or1st place is reached. The Jet will run out whenever in 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place.
WindWakerBoomerang Boomerang The Legend of Zelda When gained, the player can throw the Boomerang at other racers and when they are struck then they will spin around, then the player can do this two more times.
TapatioBottle Tapatio Bottle Tapatio When gained, the player will have the ability to throw large fireballs at other racers and when strucken the other racers will spin around. The player only has this ability for 12 seconds.


* = 3 Sections

Mushroom Cup

Image Name Series Description Lap Count
MariocircuitMK7 Mario Circuit Super Mario Mario Circuit is a large course that sets in the Mushroom Kingdom. Many features are included in this course such as grassy fields, sand roads, pipes, Mushroom Trampolines, blossoming Peach Trees, and Peach's Castle. 3
GreenHillZone Sonic and SEGA Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedegehog Green Hill Zone is another large course and is where Sonic resides. Features in this course include ss fields, a sea, trees, and loops/spirals. 3
S1e1 mabel and norman in forest Gravity Falls Forest Gravity Falls Gravity Falls Forst is a large course and is where many creatures roam at. Features included here are trees, dirt trails, grassy trails, and Gnomes who can pass by once in a while. Slenderman also makes a small cameo behind a tall tree, but he is hard to find. 3
NorthHigh North High The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya North High is another large coure and is where Haruhi and the rest of the SOS Brigade currently go to. Features in the course are buldings, concrete trails, and trees. Students can come passing by and a racer is spun around whenever crashing into one. 3

Rocket Cup

Image Name Series Description Lap Count
MapleTreewayMK7 Maple Treeway Mario Kart Maple Treeway is a large course that takes place in a forst during the Autum season. Many features on this course are trees and some trunks can be ridden on, dirt trails, piles of leaves which some reveal items, and Wigglers who run around the course in one part. 3
RaymanandFriendsJibberishJungle Jibberish Jungle Rayman Jibberish Jungle is where Rayman and his friends reside at. Many Lums live there and Livids have taken over the place. 3
PacVillage Pac-Village Pac-Man Pac-Village is a medium course where Pac-Man and the rest of his relatives reside at. Pac-Village has many features such as trees, houses, concrete trails, grass trails, and hills. 3
Park view The Park Regular Show The Park is a large course and is where Mordecai and Rigby work at. Many features are seen on this course such as grassy fields, concrete trails. trees/bushes/flowers, people, stores, a lake, and the house where Mordecai and Rigby live in. 3

Hammer Cup

Image Name Series Description Lap Count
SpringfieldTheSimpsons Springfield The Simpsons Springfield is a large course and is where the Simpson family resides at. The course features many features such as houses, buildings, cars, trees/flowers/bushes, people, and even the Nuclear Power Plant Factory is raced inside. 3
SSFaronWoods Faron Woods The Legend of Zelda Faron Woods is a large course and is where Link first settled on his adventure in Skyward Sword. Faron Woods has many features included on it such as trees, ponds, rocks, plants/bushes, dangerous enemies, and where The Great Tree resides at. 3
CandyKingdom Candy Kingdom Adventure Time Candy Kingdom is a large course where Princess Bubblegum and all the Candy people reside at. The Candy Kingdom course has many candy-related features such as Candy trails, Candy houses, Candy buildings, Cotton Candy trees, Candy people, and the Candy Kingdom Castle is also raced inside. 3
NewNewYorkcityscape New New York Futurama New New York is New York in 1000 years. The course is also pretty large and many features included in this are buildings, houses, people, and flying cars. 3

Shell Cup


Name Series Description Lap Count
CookieCountry Cookie Country Kirby Cookie Country is a large grassland with many flowers, trees, and plants. Enemies can be seen lurking around the course. 3
Danville Danville Phineas and Ferb Danville is a large course and is where Phineas and Ferb reside at. Many features are included on this course such as houses, buildings, residents, stores, and trees/bushes/flowers. 3
Ponyville PonyVille My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic PonyVille is large course and major city in Equestria and is where the Mane Six and Spike currently reside at. Many features are included on this course such as houses, buidlings, ponies/unicorns/pegasi, and trees. 3
JungleJapes Jungle Japes Donkey Kong Jungle Japes is a large jungle where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong reside at. Some Kremlings can be and are obstacles. Other obstacles are frogs, mud puddles, Tikis, and rocks. 3

Banana Cup

Image Name Series Description Lap Count
Labyrinth Labyrinth Cave Story The Labyrinth is the trash heap of The Island and is a maze where many enemies lurk around. 3*
DaisyCruiserIcon-MKDD Daisy Cruiser Mario Kart Daisy Cruiser is a large course that sets in Daisy's Cruiser. Many features are in this course such as the main deck, through the resturants, pool area, and back deck. 3
TraverseTown Traverse Town Kingdom Hearts TBA 4
Sienne Sienee Fire Emblem TBA 3

Boomerang Cup

Image Name Series Description Lap Count
DisneylandMap Disneyland Disney Disneyland is a large course and is a theme park. Many features are in this course such as Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Mickey's Toontown, and more. 3*
Seaworld2012map Sea World Sea World Sea World is a large course and another theme park. The course includes many features such as concrete trails, trails covered with shells, stores, and people. 3*
Knottsmap Knott's Berry Farm Knott's Berry Farm Knotts Berry Farm is a large course and has many features such as Rollercoatsers, buildings, other rides, games, trees, bushes, concrete trails, and people. 3*
RagingWaters Raging Waters Raging Waters Raging Waters is a large course as it has many features such as concrete trails, slides, pools, stores, people, and more. 3*

Cola Cup

Image Name Series Description Lap Count
SugarRushMap Sugar Rush Wreck-It Ralph/Sugar Rush Sugar Rush is a large course that is made out of Candy. The course has many features such as Candy trails, a Chocolate mountain, and much more. 3*
Iram Atlantis of the Sands Uncharted TBA 3
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